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Road ID coupon

I purchased some of Big A's Christmas present from Road ID . I'd tell you but I'm afraid his first time reading my blog would be this post, so I won't share just yet. However, I will share a coupon that the guys at Road ID sent me just for you! ThanksRandi876982   This coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order . It can be used up to 20 times by December 26, 2010.   I encourage you, my readers, to use this code. Please leave a comment if you do so that if 20 of you  don't use it, I can pass it along to my Facebook or Twitter friends.    

giveaway extended

Today I was supposed to announce the winner of the Cradle Rock giveaway . However, I have ZERO entrants. I'm going to hope it's due to the holiday weekend? I will extend that giveaway until the end of the week (December 3). Also, don't forget to enter my Vital ID giveaway . It is open until December 8. yes, just a random picture of Squirt sitting on Moose.  It seems my comments have gone WAY down lately. I think it's probably due to all the reviews I've been doing this past month. They have slowed way down so I hope you all come back and comment soon. Look for a post later about something important that I haven't shared with you all yet.  I've had a lot on my mind lately so I apologize for the lack of interesting posts but I hope to get my groove back soon.

Vital IDs (review & giveaway)

Through Running Diva Mom, I discovered this cool website, Belly Charms . Although, as the name suggests, they do sell belly charms - there is a lot more going on with this business. They have flexible maternity belly button rings, mom bracelets, and other maternity jewelry. You can also buy various IDs from Vital IDs from Belly Charms.  I was able to review 2 of the Vital IDs: the Child Safety Vital ID Wristband and the Kids Safe Club - Safety ID Bracelet for Children (3-pack). I wanted the first to be for Moose and the latter for Squirt to try out. With Moose's speech delays, I worry about losing him at the grocery store or any bigger place. Beyond "what's your name?" he wouldn't be able to give the proper information in order to find me. And Squirt has a penicillin allergy so I'm afraid that if I lose him somewhere and he gets hurt, he would be given penicillin. I don't think his allergy is THAT bad, but I'd much prefer to take precautions. 

happy Thanksgiving

AND to my Great-Grandma Maxine!

New Year's Eve Goal

I am going to run a 1/2 marathon on my treadmill! I do not like running on my treadmill SO I decided that I need a goal. While running 7 miles last night on my 'mill, it came to me: run a 1/2 marathon on New Year's Eve on the treadmill. I'm actually really excited. It's quite the challenge! I plan to hook our VCR up so I can have a VHS movie play, then a DVD. It's not going to be a normal 1/2 where I try to run it as fast as possible. I plan to run it in 12-minute miles so it will take me much longer than my first 1/2, but I've given myself leeway on the treadmill. I don't need to go fast; I have no speed to prove. I just want this to be a challenge (and adding a time limit would be biting off more than I can chew). What are your goals for the end of the year? It's not quite time for New Year's Resolutions but it's coming up and the best way to prep is to start planning now!  Do you have problems on the treadmill too? Consider joining me o

Cradle Rock (review & giveaway)

Sponsored by Brash Music and Tree Top Records, partnered to create and produce “ Cradle Rock ”. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” greatest hits from Johnny Cash and chart topping singles from Kenny Chesney were the first three albums in a lullaby series. Soothing sounds from instruments such as the vibraphone, glockenspiel and mellotron are used to create lullabies based on famous, iconic artists and albums in the country, rock, and pop genres. Additional Cradle Rock albums in development include U2 ’s “The Joshua Sleep Tree,” Black Eyed Peas’ “Sleep-pea Hits” as well as lullaby albums inspired by Nickelback , Carrie Underwood and The Eagles . Being music fans around here, this series is right up our alley. Moose loved the Johnny Cash CD (once I started to sing along and he figured out what it was). Squirt loved all of them, dancing along in his cute little baby style. I'll be honest, I think we would have listened to them more when the boys were more babies - as

Christmas Printable Paper Dolls Set (review)

I used to play with paper dolls when I was younger; I specifically remember playing with Aladdin paper dolls. I was also very into Barbie and all of her accessories and friends. I liked dressing each kind of doll in fun clothing (that I totally did not have), wishing to grow up to be just like Jasmine or Barbie! When I got the chance to review Christmas Printable Paper Dolls , I jumped at the chance, thinking maybe Moose would like to play with the doll. I was a little disappointed that our doll was a grown-up girl rather than a little boy, but then I thought maybe it would be more suitable for my older niece. Then I talked to her and she said that she didn't play with Barbies anymore, but did like designing! Luckily, my paper doll set came with 2 sets of clothes - one colored and one blank. Perfect for a budding designer. I printed off a set of the colored clothing just so I could perhaps relive my paper doll days. After cutting out the doll, her scarf, and a set of leggings,

Monday Meanderings (11/22/10)

Bible Study... I've been reading "A Year with God" at night but need to do more actual Bible reading. This book is good but not very deep. I'd like something deeper. Memory Verse... Ephesians 6:4 "Do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord." **taking this from Sarah last week - I really need to focus on this verse ** Husband Encouragement... *think of a good Christmas gift for him (so far reflective running gear & shoe ID) *encourage him to run when he's sitting on the fence over whether to work out or not at certain times *set up a meeting for us and a realtor so we can start looking at houses (done last Friday - flop. Need to look at not-so-cheap houses) Train Them Up... *Think of more crafts to do with Moose. Preferably 3 per week. SO excited about this Christmas Advent Activity Calendar I'm going to do for Moose. I also hope to come up with something for Squirt to do while

Camel Race Bible Trivia Questions for Christmas (review)

Long name but simple game! Camel Race Bible Trivia Questions Game is a printable board game that tests kids' knowledge of the Bible (in this case, the Christmas story). It's interactive instead of just shooting questions at them so they'll enjoy learning Bible stories. While my boys are actually too young to answer trivia questions of any kind (other than: what's your name? and do you want milk?), I played this game with my husband. Basically there are 9 spaces and whoever gets to the last one first, wins (which was not me, just so you know). You take turns, drawing trivia questions about the Christmas story of Jesus' birth. I thought this was a fun little activity if you have children in the right age range. Something you could play while the food was being prepped at Christmas. This particular game is for ages 6-9 years old, so it will be awhile before my boys can play the game. But at the price of $6.95 it's hard to pass up. You can find other triv

Boys in Motion: Moose

 For this week's Boys in Motion post, I wanted to share Moose with you. This kid is not one that is ALWAYS in motion, but when he is, watch out! He's a fireball just bursting at the seams with energy. Much of his day is spent playing with small cars or trains, so it seems his energy is stored up for outside play or athletics. He is our athlete - he's always loved footballs, basketballs, volleyballs  - all of them. Last week, he found a volleyball our niece left here .... and decided it would be best put to use as a soccer ball. In the third picture, he is actually trying to dribble it like a basketball - it was adorable and I wish I'd have caught it on video. But the thing about boys in motion is that sometimes the motion is gone as quickly as it came. Moose is my sweetheart - my mama's boy (although Squirt is in that stage, too). He loves his mama but I see the times a'changing as he clings more to his daddy. The good thing is that he will be able to do

Sweaty Bands (review)

When I'm running - or in the past when I played volleyball or softball - the last thing I wanted to worry about was my hair. Pony tails and braids are my choice (although less of the latter because I can't braid). However, sometimes I have layers cut in my hair (like now) when not all of my hair fits back into a pony tail holder. Then I have the dreaded flyaways! If I don't hold them back with clips or bobby pins then they get in my face BUT clips & pins don't stay. And more annoying than flyaways is trying to fix my hair while running or playing sports. I wish I had known in my 14 year softball career about Sweaty Bands ! There are loads of headbands and other bands to hold back your hair online and in stores. However, a lot of them are sports-only headbands. They aren't cute (and often times not functional). I may be sweating while working out but I prefer to at least look a little bit girly! Sweaty Bands are a great combination of cute and function. I

Sharonnville (review)

Aren't these adorable "pretties"? That's what Sharon, the owner and designer of Sharonnville , calls these adorable little decorations. Whatever they are called, they are fun! I have never had Christmas decor before and I love that these are the first holiday things I've put up. I even talked my husband into letting me leave them until Christmas (he doesn't like holiday stuff too soon before Thanksgiving); I just told him "look, they're Husker colors." I love how detailed these pieces are. The little beads and things (for lack of the right term) are put in so well. Moose has messed with the pretties a few times and no pieces have come off! Now that tells me quality! The toppers on the pretty trees are really cute, just a wonderful finishing touch. Moose likes the jingle bell on the silver one; I can't decide if I like the joy or star best - good thing I don't have to decide! They are just a simple, beautiful decoration. And they l

WW: moose

Moose,  I remember the day we got your moose in the mail. Auntie Amber sent it to you from Hawaii where she was stationed. He came with surfer shorts, a Surf's Up shirt, and his own surf board. He also came bearing a button to be pushed that played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He was almost bigger than you! He also came with pictures: at the beach and at Arby's (your auntie's favorite place to eat).  Now, 3 years later, you are MUCH bigger than your moose. He now wears overalls (he has shoes but they are long gone) over his Surfs Up shirt. His appendages now bear 2 more buttons: Jesus Loves Me and Take Me Out to the Ball Game.  Where has the time gone?? I will tell you that one thing hasn't changed: how much your Auntie Amber loves you. Although we won't get to see her for awhile, I hope you and Squirt know how much she loves you! Mama PS Happy belated Veteran's Day, Amber - wherever you are today! Be safe and know that we're praying for you and love

Story Time for Me (everyone's a winner!)

Sometimes, I just honestly don't have the time (or patience) to read a book to my kids. The baby likes to flip through pages but is not patient enough himself to listen to more than 5 words. Moose likes the same story over and over again - and my brain can only take "Are You My Mother?" twice a day. This makes Story Time for Me is perfect for my family. Story Time for Me s a unique literary website designed specifically for toddlers and children in early elementary school, allowing them to read and listen to enjoyable, online interactive picture books.  We also offer a one-of-a-kind animated personalized book (from their website). Check out this promotional video on YouTube: Story Time for Me has a really great offer for the S Club Readers! Two free books for your little ones. That's right, all of you are winners today! Most of the books claim to be for ages 4-8 years old, but Moose was automatically drawn to the story on the screen. If you children love

full marathon? part dos

I never thought I'd see the day where I was choosing to make a decision between running 13.1 miles and 26.2 miles. Both sound a bit extreme and possibly slightly insane. But here I sit with my decision. I would like to run a GOOD half marathon before deciding about a full. By a good half, I mean not dying at mile 10. I want to finish strong and feel that I trained my best. When I do decide about a full, I have thought through the training on that. I would do a 3-day schedule with some cross-training, too. Something like this (but not quite because I don't really want to do tempos); I also like the idea of doing 13 miles one long run, then taper the next long run. Back and forth so I can spend more time with my family. Because that's why I run, to be healthy for them (and me, of course). Also, I realize I've been writing a LOT of reviews lately. I'm going to try to tone them down to a few per week along with my regular posts about motherhood, running, life. I ju

Seeds Family Worship (WINNER)

Thank you to all 3 ladies who entered my giveaway (I told you it was low entry!)!!  Everyone who didn't enter missed out on a chance to win a great worship CD.  BUT our winner will not miss out;  congratulations to: Erin from Connected2Christ ! Disclaimer: I have sent the winner an email and they have 48 hours to email me back with an address.

Chipper Chat (review)

We were first introduced to the Chipper Chat through Moose's speech pathologist. She uses her Chipper Chat as a reward for Moose, letting him play with the color chips and magnetic wand after he says X amount of words. He loves to pick up the chips or use them to tell us "green and yellow make chartreuse." I contacted Super Duper Publications to see if they would allow us to review our very own Chipper Chat. We chose to check out the Social Skills Chipper Chat to help improve Moose's social skills. I was really excited to get this product; it's a great simple reward for Moose or mat time activity. After setting up the game board for him with the chips and magnets, I read him one of the Level A scenarios...and realized it was too advanced for him. Moose does not have the ability (yet) to answer many questions. To do the scenarios, we would have to do them repetitively until he learned how to answer the questions. However, each child is so different and I'

last day to enter (low entries)

Tomorrow I will be picking  a winner  for the Seeds Family Worship  Seeds of Faith CD .  Few have entered so  your chances of winning  aren't too bad!!

A Year with God by R.P. Nettlehorst (review)

Having a daily Quiet Time with the Lord is something I strive for - and, unfortunately, something I don't always make time (or have time) for. I know I'm not the only one; it seems that today we all have so much going on and so many other things to read, watch, see, or do, that we have a hard time being still with the Lord. When I got the chance to read a year-long devotional through Book Sneeze, I jumped at the chance. It seems to have a distinct finish line - a year after I begin. I like goals and deadlines, if you will. I also like the format of this book. The devotionals are short and the Scripture is right there so you don't need to flip between a Bible and a book (I read this in bed so too many books gets too complicated). I love how this is Old Testament based, so the words from the Bible are actually words that were spoken by Him. God doesn't actually speak to us with words much (if ever) anymore but we are so blessed to have records of Him talking to His Peo (review)

When you're starting out your family, there is a lot to keep track of! Marriage certificate, SS cards, birth certificates, baby books, immunization records. On top of that, you have to update the baby books! Fill them with sweet memories and milestones. There are also life milestones you want to record but may not have a place for them - buying your first house, your first date, your engagement story, moving nightmares or changing job tales. There is a lot to remember and track when beginning. I have had the opportunity to try the website . This is one cool site, let me tell you (read more of their story here )! There are varying categories that you can record just about anything under, but the very first thing is to make profiles for your family members. From there you record birth days (and birth stories so you don't forget!) and other milestones. The relationships tab seems a little confusing until you delve into the other categories. Basically this is a pla

Boys In Motion

My friend Erin, who blogs at Home with the Boys , has a wonderful linky on Fridays: Boys in Motion. If there is one thing my boys are, they are always in motion. Every day we take a walk around our town square and at least one person comments on their energy. "Wish I could have half that energy," or "I wish I could bottle that energy," or "They sure have some energy, don't they?" And it's true, my boys are energetic and sometimes hard to keep up with! Thankfully, I have gained much more energy in the past year (with losing weight, comes energy...most days). Squirt is the more energetic of the two boys. He hardly sits down (although I think part of that comes with his age). When there is music going, he's dancing fiercely! There are no slow dances with this boy. He rocks as hard to our Seeds of Faith music as he does to our Walk the Line soundtrack. It's so fun to watch him dance to Twinkle Twinkle or Party in the USA. In the past fe

Operation Christmas Child

  Perhaps you have heard of Operation Christmas Child. Perhaps not.  If you haven't, please allow me to share some information with you. 8 MILLION CHILDREN received shoe boxes last year OVER 130 COUNTRIES have received shoe boxes since 1993 ONE MISSION: To demonstrate God's love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Incredible that so many lives have been impacted because of shoe boxes. Of course, these aren't just shoe boxes - they are prayerfully filled shoe boxes. How do you participate?   Get a shoe box (standard size). I have also seen plastic containers used, too. I like to wrap mine (wrap lid separately from the box). Choose your gender & age group: we chose a 2-4 year old boy  because we happen to have a son in that age group.  However, I would like to pack another box for a little girl  some time (not sure if it'll happen this

Custom Created (review)

  Custom Created is an adorable little Etsy shop. Beth makes ornaments, wreaths (not just Christmas ones), monogram letters, personalized name plaques, trees, bows, and MORE. It's honestly a shame this is an online store because I can just imagine it if there were a little Custom Created boutique. It would be my favorite hang-out spot (without my kids) where I could just feel at home. However, Beth manages to make you feel at home in her shop even when it is online (sort of like your favorite blogs). I received my package in the mail from Beth. When I opened it, she had it all wrapped up. I love the little touches like this when it comes to packages. The Thank you! little sticker around the tissue paper, the Santa baggie with the little red and green reversible bow. It just made me feel all Christmasy inside - a very personal and appreciated touch. After I got over the wrapping of my cute little package, I opened it to reveal this beautiful monogram ornament. An S of course,