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Cave Tools Hook Rack (review)

I've been enjoying my Cave Tools BBQ brush and vegetable basket for awhile now! The BBQ brush has been in use for 2 years almost; I think that's a pretty good lifetime for a grill tool. I decided to try out their hook rack . I was hoping to find an unconventional use for the hook rack - maybe hang my daughter's princess dresses on it. I couldn't find a reasonable place to hang it in our house for that purpose. But I also found the hooks to be too close together to use for costume purposes. So I'm still looking for better ideas for that instead of shoving her dresses into a plastic storage container drawer (who needs wrinkled princess dresses?! haha). I also thought about putting it into our kids' bathroom for their towels but the 5 hooks are a little close together to allow towels to dry out (in my opinion). I went ahead and am using the hook rack for its natural purpose - to hang up my grill tools. My husband did not use the screwdriver that came with

"Coach Wooden's Forgotten Teams" by Pat Williams (book review)

Full disclosure: Before reading "Coach Wooden's Forgotten Teams" by Pat Williams , I know I'd heard the name "Coach Wooden" but I couldn't have told you where or what he coached. If you are as uninformed as myself, let me inform you: John Wooden coached men's basketball at UCLA from 1948 to 1975, winning 10 NCAA championships in the last 12 years of his career. Starting his last year coaching for the Bruins, he started summer basketball camps. He wasn't just a name for the camps but the integral part that makes them stand out still to the men and women who coached and attended. That's what "Coach Wooden's Forgotten Teams" is about - the impact he made on thousands of lives through these camps.  image via I have learned a few things from reading about Coach Wooden and his camps. 1) I never had a coach like him. I played sports for about 14 years and have had good and bad coaches. Some even cared about me as a pe