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Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler (book review)

I've been an avid listener of the Risen Motherhood podcast for about three years, since it's beginnings or pretty close to it (maybe I was behind but motherhood affects my memory so forgive me for having bad timelines). Anyway, I love every second of the podcast, from the jingle to Emily and Laura's laughs and honesty. It's just everything I would want a podcast to be - quick, thoughtful, and about Jesus. When they said the Risen Motherhood book was coming out, I jumped at the chance to be on the launch team. Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler are my BFFs that I've never met. I can relate to each of them very well in terms of motherhood, writing (although they obviously are more serious about theirs than I), and trying to be a mom/wife/friend/person who follows Jesus and looks at life through the gospel lens. image via Risen Motherhood launch team I received an advanced e-book copy of the book. It was very exciting to have the material but I learned one thing -