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The Cranky Mom Fix by Becky Kopitzke (book review)

For 12 years now I've been a mom who struggles with my temper, my patience. God has grown me in many ways in this area and yet I haven't conquered this sin. Now, hear me, the emotions I feel (anger, annoyance, frustration, etc) are not sins, but my reactions to them are. I've read several books in the past to help my growth, and The Cranky Mom Fix by Becky Kopitzke is among my very favorites. The subtitle is exactly the thing I want in my life: "Get a Happier, More Peaceful Home by Slaying the 'Momster" in All of Us." I'll admit it - I'm a Momster. My kids have endured my grown up temper tantrums more than they ever deserved. Yes, they disobey and hit one another and such things that children do, but my reactions haven't been the most gentle (once in awhile, I'll get a Holy Spirit controlled victory where my actions show the fruit in my life!).  In The Cranky Mom Fix, Kopitzke breaks things up into sections. The first section is a