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weight control/exercise/body issues

Big A worked at a fundraiser last night until 11. After he came home, we got into a fight. Basically (like most times) I just overreacted and got mad. Anyway, after we discussed that stuff, we got to talking about working out. Right now after work, A works out at the JCC high school with his friend Caveman. Good time to spend with Caveman for him. However, when I work out, I have to work out with Moose. Which means when he wants and for how long he wants. I'm not going to keep walking or dancing or whatever when he's bawling his eyes out. Makes exercise more stressful than it already is. I just don't feel like I'm ever going to lose weight. According to the scale as of yesterday, I GAINED more 4-5 pounds. I don't understand how that is when I've cut down my snacking drastically, cut down all of my portions at mealtime, and actually fit into my least a pair of jeans I own. It's very hard for me not to be a pessimist. But I don't s

Birthday/Easter Sunday

Saturday night Big A & I went out to celebrate. Officially it was for my birthday (I am now the big double deuce). For me, our night was in celebration of another milestone - fitting back into my jeans! Not my pre-pregnancy jeans (they are a little bigger), but it's a stepping stone. It was kind of counter-productive to eat out (and have prime rib and a baked potato) when I just fit into my jeans, but I felt so good! It has been almost 9 months since I wore a pair of jeans. Sunday morning my sister accompanied us to church. A good friend of ours gave the sermon. I have to say it was probably one of the best sermons I've ever heard. The Scripture was John 19-20. I'll admit, I've never read John. I get through the Gospel until Luke and then I just always thought, it's the same story just told a little differently. Anyway, I was really thinking about how Joseph and Nicademus must have felt. Taking Christ down from the cross. I can't imagine how awfu


Alright, folks, the time has come. For the past 4 or so months, people have been asking if Moose is teething. He finally is! I noticed his tongue had a small scab on the end, so I was trying to see it (he wasn't letting me, of course). Then I rubbed my finger along his gums and, behold! a tooth is trying to come in. It's the front bottom left tooth. It's just barely poking through, but I'm so excited! It explains his little cold (which I was fearing was another ear never know it may still be one) and his grumpiness all week. Since Sunday he has been slobbering worse than a St. Bernard, too. Poor guy has a little cough, too, but I hope that this tooth isn't accompanied by ear infection. We'll just have to wait and see.

nothing out of the ordinary

Life has been pretty calm lately, minus a mother-in-law episode. Just for everyone's information, I do cook supper, most every night! Anyway, Moose has been crawling when he wants where he wants. He is also trying to pull himself up to stand, but his short attention span has not allowed him to succeed. I think in a week or so, we're going to start to give him more adult-like food: green beans or I don't know what else. He doesn't like mashed potatoes, I know that. This part of baby eating is kind of confusing for me. He has no teeth to chew with. I don't know how much real food to give him before feeding him a jar of food. How much bottle do you give after that? If any veteran mothers read this, I welcome advice. I know eventually Moose will turn into a kid that eats three meals a day and 2-3 snacks between. For now, I just don't know how to get to that point. He eats every 2 hours. Has a jar & bottle for breakfast, a bottle, a bottle (depending

he's officially mobile

Moose did it. He crawled. It was really amazing to watch. Mrs. Spiderlegs was over hanging out when he first did it. Then to kind of show he could really do it, I had just gotten done eating and put my plate down. I banged my fork on my plate, and he got across the floor on hands and knees. It's a little wobbly but just really cool! Good job, big boy!

not-so-spring break

As I write this, 3 robins are playing outside the window. A good sign of spring, for sure, but when will this coldness stop? I'm ready to go for walks outside. I'm ready to play at the park! Saturday was a nice tease & we took advantage of it, playing at a park in F-town. Yes, although no one noticed (which is fine, I'm joking), I was out of town for the past week. Big A had to work in F-town, so Moose & I tagged along, staying in the spare house of the guy he was cutting trees for. Yeah, who has a spare house? Needless to say, he's a doctor who comes from a rich family. It was really nice to get away with no computer. I didn't need my phone except to call my mom and Big A, either. Really, for Moose & I it was a new day in a new house, but that's all. We still just hung out. But this house was out in the country by a field & a sort of pond. So there were geese galore and ducks and deer. One day there were 11 deer outside. Moose & I scared som