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I'm reading a book (review to come) about "should social media be used in church." It's an interesting question. I've been plagued (convicted) by several things said in this book. One in particular is about boasting. Facebook is used really to promote ourselves. We share our pictures, can share where we are, create events, write status updates, comment on pictures. It's all about us. This self-promoting is really boasting by another name. Boasting. I'm not pleased to admit this is another one of my sins. I boast. I boast about running (which God has gracefully pulled me off of that pedestal a lot through this injury), my kids, my marriage. I just am still contemplating how to share news without it being boasting. Sometimes Facebook is a great mediator to say "this was so cool" or "God did _______ in our life." Just a thought for the weekend. A lot of fun coming up on the blog: Haiti trip (which means no posts mid-July) but even be

autism update: kindergarten

As summer rolls along, I've been asked several times, "how did school go for Moose?" I'm awed that others would be curious, but maybe that's a normal question for everyone to ask after kindergarten. But I know, as always, there's special connotation for Moose. We didn't know how a highly structured world of school (beyond more unstructured preschool) would go for Moose. Anyway, so I thought I would share how I think school went. AWESOME! Academically, he did really well. Spelling words was easy peasy around our house; I think he missed one word on his tests all year (backwards b or something like that). Words are his thing. Math went OK. I've been impressed this summer as we've done some worksheets how many addition and subtraction problems he can do without his hands. That seemed to be a problem for him when he couldn't use his fingers. Estimation is not his forte; it's just not concrete. He wants to count things. Guessing anything i

A-Z about me

A. Attached or Single?  Attached. We've been together since 2004, married since 2006. B. Best Friend?  My pals Kim and Rachel. I've known them the longest and we live the closest and remain the closest. C. Cake or pie?  Right now, neither. Trying to lay off the sugar for awhile. D. Day of choice?  Sundays - church, fellowship, and naps. E. Essential Item?  Right now, my boot cast. Praying it's helping my foot heal. F. Favorite color?  Yellow. It's such a happy color. I even just bought these Crocs in yellow. image from where I bought my shoes G. Gummy bears or worms?  worms. I like to segment them. H. Home town?  small town, NE I. Favorite Indulgence?  superhero movies that I won't let my kids watch until they reach the appropriate age for PG-13 movies. J. January or July?  July - so many birthdays. Moose on the 1st, Squirt on the 10th, Big A on the 24th, my BIL Nate on the 4th, my FIL on the 1st, my grandfather-in-law on the 6th. - new collection, new sizes, same cute styles! (review + discout link)

I've blogged about the awesome outfits you can get from before. Well, I'm here to show you another great few pieces of workout clothes that will make you feel fit and fashionable. I had the opportunity to try the Heartbreaker Capri and On the Flip Side top from the Coral Crush collection from The color coral is all the rage this summer - along with neons (which you can find in the new collections, Cosmic Love and California Dreams ). As you can see, I didn't pick a coral color but mostly because this On the Flip Side shirt looked SO comfy. And I was right. IT's a super comfortable, reversible top. I think it's cute enough, I wear it with jean shorts. The only qualm I have with the Heartbreaker Capris is that they are a little lower waisted than I like, but if I wear a long enough shirt, it doesn't bother me. I have only wore the whole outfit once to work out...but that's because with my new black ugly foot accessory,

The Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill (book review)

I love my kids. I love God. How do I glorify God in my mothering? I become a passionate mom. Susan Merrill uses the book of Nehemiah to describe how to become a passionate mom in her book The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today's World . If you're unfamiliar with the book of Nehemiah, let me give you the jist of it. Nehemiah was the cupbearer to the king of Babylon. Friends of his came and told him how back home in Jerusalem (where Nehemiah had never lived, being born during the exile, but where he considered - like most Jews of the day - to be his home) the wall that protected the city and the Temple (which had been rebuilt by Ezra) was not rebuilt. Nehemiah saw this as a huge problem because it protected God's temple, where the Jewish nation worshiped God and really how they had a relationship with Him. Nehemiah took time to ponder his next step before he brought this problem before the king. The king (through God's mercy and grace) granted Nehemiah the materials