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Fairy Dancing DVD (winner)

Congratulations to Psalm 127:3 , you were the only entrant for my Fairy Dancing DVD giveaway. I hope you enjoy it. Please email me (I left a comment on your blog but couldn't find the email address and I've lost it myself since I have switched emails) your address at sclubmama (at) gmail (dot) com.

birthday pictures!

My birthday was March 23 - thank you, Stacey, for being my only friend to wish me a happy one on  my birthday post. :)   Anyway, the day was laid back - last official day of spring break for Moose. We got to hang out with our friend M for a few hours. He and Squirt colored some birthday exchange for gummy worms.  After M went home, me and my boys headed to the park. Upon our return, there was this beautiful pot of flowers on our back doorstep. Thank you, Big A! I love that they aren't just a bouquet but will last awhile. Squirt: I 'mell your flowers!  I spent the afternoon baking apple bread (for my book party Saturday), a peach-blueberry pie, and lasagna. We had friends stop by to chat and I invited them to stay for supper. We all ate outside - this weather is so lovely! Then we came back in for some pie. I think it was delicious! On Saturday, I had my book party/open house. It was a great turnout! Very laid back. The books really so

WW: angry face

 Squirt made this angry face a week ago, or so, and it's just hilarious!  You say "show me angry" and he'll instantly go into this face. then he'll instantly go back to his happy, giggly self.  this is his surprised face! Surprise! I think this is the sad face. I love this kid! Crazy as he is!

B is for Blessing: St. Patrick's Day themed baby shower

On March 17, my friend RR and I decided to throw a baby shower for our friend KL. Since that's St. Patrick's Day, we had a theme: blessed.  B is for Blessing shamrock cake. Check your local libraries for cake pans that you can check out. Super cool fruit rainbow made by RR. Idea from Pinterest.  more rainbow additions: fruit salad, Starburst jelly beans, and golden Rolos. You can see the decor and one of our games: candy bar diaper game. shamrock idea via Pinterest Baby Jeopardy categories: Horse, Food, Date, and Pounds. Filler game. Everyone was to fill out a baby name for each letter of the alphabet. Favors: candles with a prayer for baby. And thank you notes. I've had these jars forever! They've been used for weddings, graduations, and baby showers galore. We borrowed the gumballs from the daddy-to-be's office and the rainbow printables I found via Pinterest (where else?). The shower was a success. It was

downward slope birthday

Yes, you read that right. I am now officially on the downward slope to 30. Today is my 26th birthday. My day started off listening to a talking little boy going to the bathroom. While that may gross some of you out, it just reminds me that I have a 4-year-old blessing who is healthy enough to take himself to the bathroom and a 2-year-old who is soundly sleeping. My husband went to work late so he could cuddle with me this morning and I've already had many birthday blessings passed on to me via Facebook. I can't wait to see how God builds on this day.

spring break

We're on spring break here in Kansas, ladies and gentlemen (do any gentlemen read this?). That means...absolutely nothing except 2 kids home 24/7. Monday we watched Baby K and that was just a hard day for everyone - his mama was busy at work, the mood here was as gray as the skies. Phew, definitely a Monday.  Tuesday we had a meet up for the ladies going to the Philippines. Since I knew both of them and they didn't know each other we had K and J meet up at our house. J brought her son M over to play. The boys played really well with each other! Last night, Big A & I played Don't Wake Daddy with the boys (anyone else have that game growing up?) and then Bezzerwizzer with one another (he beats me every time!).  Today the boys did some school worksheets about rainbows (we read a story about Noah's Ark to go along with it). Squirt is really impressing me - yesterday he did a matching worksheet by himself - drawing lines between matching bugs. Moose does really well si

Happily Ever After: Six Secrets to a Successful Marriage by Gary Chapman (book review)

I read The Five Love Languages back in college, early in our marriage. It helped me gain an insight to my husband and has helped me to fill his love tank for 5 1/2 years. Gary Chapman wrote that book to help couples learn about one another and how best to love one another. In Happily Ever After, he strives to help married couples go from a place of strife to a place of love - to not just have a marriage but a happy one. I enjoyed the first part of this book about conflict resolution. I come from a family that yells, Big A comes from a family that shuts down (this in the face of a disagreement). We both have had to work very hard to overcome this natural state when we disagree, but I will be the first to admit that I am the worse of the two. Arguing makes my blood boil and I can go from fine to really ticked off so quickly!! I've come a long way in 5 1/2 years, but there's still work to be done. I believe this book has helped me understand that I need to listen WAY more than

Multitude Monday

It's time for another Multitude Monday with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. Instead of listing mine by number, I'm going to pick and choose from my last week because there were a ton. I have quite the blessed life (thank you, Lord!). - my boys in matching outfits, down to the underwear - health - adrenaline rush of running "fast" - Moose introducing me as "my best friend, Mommy" - always carrying a small, 2yo boy: "you pick you up me?" (will you pick me up?) - my friend K's loyalty and kindness - Adorable school pictures! - HUGE moon - Moose, so desperate to watch tv, asking to watch Star Wars (my childhood favorite) - Moose, reading on the toilet, asking me, "will you turn my page?" he's reading Giggle, Giggle Quack, for those interested :) - Squirt getting the hang of potty training that's a solitare game and a tampon in his hand - flat irons! - the gift of Jesus Christ's shed blood on the cro

Fairy Dancing DVD (review)

Yes, you read the title correctly and, no, you don't have the wrong blog. As the mommy of two little guys, I usually decline offers to review DVDs that are marketed toward girls. However, a little boy I watch loves to dance. He loves the episode of Elmo's World when Elmo tap dances and he just plain loves to shake his booty (and is so cute when he does it). So when I had the offer to review "Fairy Dancing," I said sure, because he doesn't often get to watch what he wants to at our house (Moose makes most of those decisions and everyone else just follows along). The Fairies is an Australian show; the DVD case says it's a smash sensation. I would say the age would be geared toward 4-8. The two main gals in the show, Harmony and Rhapsody, are teenagers who are fairies. This episode takes the audience through one of their days when they are in a dancing mood. The girls do different types of dancing with some other friends: an elf, some younger fairies, and a few


Awhile back, I updated my status update to something like this: 'I need to stop looking at others' vacation pictures...' S, our missions coordinator at our church, commented about me taking a nice, warm Manila (which is in the Philippines). I shrugged it off, saying I'd have no one to watch my boys. My mom chimed in, saying she would try to watch them. Well...I looked more into the trip. I felt a stirring (a calling?), especially after talking to my friend J, who is also going on the trip (and had been the only girl signed up). Then my mom couldn't watch the boys. My MIL couldn't watch the boys. So I thought, 'never mind, it's just not my time.' Then our pastor preached one of his sermons on Daniel - no compromise, no excuses. It really hit me during the service that I was making excuses. My children aren't infants any more; they can survive without me. If Biggest Loser contestants' children can live without them for 3 mo

big boy bed

 A few weeks ago, Squirt decided to fall out of his crib. So it was time for the big boy bed. This was something new to us (having a kid fall out of his crib) because Moose would probably still be in a crib if we hadn't moved him out at almost 3. Anyway, this was our second attempt with Squirt - the first time had been abandoned because he kept jumping out of bed. He has done an excellent job of NOT jumping out of bed (although sometimes he does jump in bed...but gets in trouble for it). He's thrilled to be in a big boy bed...this mama is, too, but between the big boy bed and big boy underwear, where's the baby??? first night in the big boy bed the morning after - must have been a rough night!