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Miley Cyrus

I was going to post about graduation but I have nothing significant to say so I thought I would post on something that is just all over the news and internet: Miley Cyrus and her Vanity Fair pictures. I don't think they are that bad...could be totally worse! Sure, they don't do justice for her squeaky clean image, but they are far from porn. I don't know whether her parents were there or not. It does not seem like a call they would make (basing it on their past decisions...look where she is now. If this was her normal image, she wouldn't be as popular as she is now) but maybe it was a lapse in judgment. Maybe it was edited to look more racy than it was shot (you can do so much with Photoshop!). I'm glad that her Jonas Brothers friend (the oldest one) is sticking up for her...but that may be about the bra pictures (the ones where her bra was showing). I think what people (parents particularly) need to understand is that if it was her decision, if her parents wer

Super Chick

Big A bought the relatively new SuperChick cd (the latest one). I was like, oh great, because I like them but didn't think I'd like all of them. I was wrong. I love the entire cd! I wish I would have had them around in high school. #3 on their CD Beauty from Pain 1.1 is amazing. It's called Bowling Ball & basically says, girl you don't need that stupid guy. He won't change, move on. You're worth too much. I burnt the CD for my little sister (Pookie), needless to say.

alone time

I spent an afternoon at a choir & band concert yesterday. By myself. It was nice to be alone & not have to worry about little wiggly bodies trying to crawl all over. Next time I do a lone adventure, I think it'll have to be something a little more "me" or at least more exciting! I also felt weird there. I tried talking to friends and I just felt like I was butting in on private conversations. I guess it really is time to move on.... (p.s. I'm not moving on from friends...I still love them just the same. Our lives are just moving in different directions. I always try to keep in touch with people even when I leave). Still waiting on jobs. If anyone knows how to do freelance copy editing from home...let me know.

Lincoln adventures

After a not exciting Friday, A & I decided that we needed to get rid of some clothes: mine, his, Moose's. This morning, our dryer was also heating up...probably close to catching fire ( cool, right? ). So we also decided we needed a new washer/dryer set. This was the start of our adventure. We bought totes at NC Wal-mart yesterday. I went through Moose's baby clothes & put a lot into a "we don't need this many clothes" pile. I went through my own closet & put some into a "I fit into this in high school, I will never wear this again" pile. Big A also got rid of some clothes. We went through boxes & totes in our basement and made piles of "we don't need this, don't want this, won't use this, and have too many of these (purses)" pile. We loaded all of that into our truck (after loading it all into 2 totes, a box, and some carry-on items). We loaded Tristan & his toys and food into the truck & headed for Lincoln.

student loans

A week ago (or so) I got this big huge envelope from PSC telling me I needed student loan exit counseling. I finally got around to it today ( Laura I used you as a reference, hope you don't mind...sorry ). I was just wondering why there isn't an option for repayment like this: " I'm not going to repay this loan. My husband is ." They ask for your employer, but I really wanted to put "I married a sugar daddy ( not a rich one, but one nonetheless )." And I'm annoyed SO badly with my neighbors. There are seriously over 10 people living next door at the moment (I'm serious and it's a 2 bedroom apartment). This means there are at least 3 cars parked outside their apartment at any given time (they have even more cars but park on the street). It would not bother me so much but not ONE of them can park straight, so usually there is a car slanted behind my car. Thanks, I don't go anywhere (ok, I know I don't a lot but c'mon, som

officially a stay-at-home mom

I think tonight officially makes me a stay-at-home mom. Let me explain. I now (ok, not just now, it just came to blows tonight) came to term with the guilty feeling of not contributing monetarily to our household. No, my husband does not ( mean to ) make me feel this way. Basically we just had a fight where it came out that I'm feeling burnt out (more than just a little). I love staying at home with Moose, please don't misread this. I just need a break sometimes, and I haven't really gotten one lately (the past month or so). This isn't ( entirely ) A's fault. He's had to work on weekends (either for real work or fund raising for Warsaw), then there was the road rally, and Warsaw. I know it's been an abnormally busy month . It's just taken a toll on me. I know he would really love for me to be able to take some time off and go do something for myself. This brings me to my problem: money. I feel guilty when I buy ANYTHING ( honestly, I cal

the best ordinary day!

How is it that an ordinary day can be perfect? We haven't done anything extraordinary (except chase a SIGNED check that was taken from my purse by the wind down the highway through town!) today. Breakfast (him: baby food, finger food, bottle; me: Slim Fast & a piece of gum) was normal. We took a nice long nap (him: in his crib; me: in my bed in our nice, clean spring-y sheets). It's just been wonderful . We took a trip to the bank to see Mrs. Spiderlegs (when the wind came up and we got to look like morons for awhile). We stopped by Sunmart to pick up Doritos for graduation (2/$4...not the best but the best you can get these days) and some Slim Fast (yes, I'm doing SlimFast.... I like the taste & it's helped me lose weight already; I'm hoping for 10-20 more pounds initially ). Lunch was the same as breakfast. And now he's just crawling around being cute. He's standing on his own better, pushing up on things to stand...omg way cute...kind o

a daunting feeling

I was sitting in class today, and this professor likes to bring his guitar and sing in class. He also happens to be my favorite professor. As he was singing old Civil War tunes, it dawned on me that I probably won't ever hear him sing again. I also only have 2 more times on campus before I graduate. As I filed out of class & walked across campus (after talking to my other favorite professor, the one actually accountable for helping me graduate this semester), I almost cried. I'm almost crying now as I write this....almost...there, now I'm crying. I know graduation is supposed to be happy and a celebration, but I didn't think I would feel like this. It's really scary to be graduating & really sad. Being a student AT Peru , not just anywhere, is what I've identified with. Occupation: student. How many times have I put that on forms in the past 4 years? In the past 17 years? I just realized that I will only sit in those desks in that classroom in that build


Since when is it cool to promote your promiscuity? I'm completely monogamous with my husband now but I'll be honest that in high school I was not that way. However, I never promoted that! Not in the least. It just makes me sad to hear songs about it (thank you Nelly Furtado) and see girls wearing shirts that say "slut patrol" or intramural teams called "va jay jays." Seriously! I don't think it's cool to be okay with not being monogamous. Isn't that something that people want anymore? I wish I had always been monogamous and waited. That's exactly what God intended: one man, one sex life together until death parts them. I know I screwed up in the past but I also know I'm clean & forgive through the salvation of Christ. I just wish that the world would see things through His eyes. That He cries every time a girl gives herself to a guy who isn't her husband. That He cries every time a boy gives himself to a girl who isn&

Tortured for Christ

I'm reading this book about the man who started The Voice of the Martyrs. Holy cow. It's just amazing. I swear that if a non-Christian read it, they would be in tears by the end of the first chapter. The ordeals that this man went through during 14 years in prison have not weakened his faith. Lord, I pray that I would have such bravery and courage and faith. I do pray that I never find myself in such an ordeal, but I know it's always possible. If you call me to that, I pray I also have the courage to step up and love the ones imprisoning me. How amazing and awful that people are still tortured and killed for Christ today. We think of this as a free world but in so many places it is not. Even in America, we aren't tortured but think back to high school. Christians are persecuted there and in college. Often they aren't "cool" and are laughed at and ridiculed, even hazed for being virgins, not drinking, not cursing. I hope they realize that deep down, those

finally, some results!

Last night I had a total meltdown about losing weight, exercising, and being on SlimFast (yes, I'm trying it). I went downstairs to weigh total weight loss so far: 12 pounds! In the past week: 7 pounds. I don't know how, honestly, but I'm just so happy! I'm not sure if I fit into any more old jeans, I'm going to try to give it another week. So far so good, looks like I'm a SlimFast fan!

I promise I'm not so angry

Sometimes don't you just want to be sarcastic? Laura says that's not me....she hasn't checked that with my parents. They would say I'm the most sarcastic person they know. I just have a lot on my mind lately. Like the need to be problem-free and the perfect housewife/mommy combo. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Hakuna matata

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to stay home this weekend! I get to take Moose to a football game by myself. He might sit still through it but if not, we'll just go home. Or we may just stay home anyway, that would be swell! We may try to go to church but will probably end up staying home then, too, because I can't get the little guy to sit still through church. This weekend is going to be great! I won't have to spend quality time with anyone! Jeez louise, I don't know if I could fit them in between my busy schedule of laundry, dishes, and diapers! Oh gosh, and I have to vacuum, too. Oh darn, that ironing will have to get done, too.




It's so frustrating working with doctors and nurses. Honestly, I could call 4 different doctors in one day & probably get 4 different varieties of advice. Moose has a runny nose & cough. Not a big deal except his coughing is keeping him from having quality naps and his runny nose makes it impossible to suck his thumb & sleep at night. I don't enjoy getting woke up at 2 or 3 am...neither does A. Last time Moose was sick, we went to a doctor out in Kearney. He said we could give him something like Mucinex (we got the off-brand) with an Expectorant. Well we ran out so I went to Pamida to get something similar but they had nothing that was JUST an expectorant; everything had that PLUS a nasal decongestant (the one thing I know they are recommending babies not have). So I called the hospital last night & they said I should check with my doctor. So I called the doctor this morning, waited a few hours, & they called back. Said to suck his nose with an aspi

oh Moose

No pictures, pictures! Little baby long gummy smile!

I was a Really Good Mom Before I had Kids

So I'm reading this book about reinventing modern motherhood. Here's the jist: moms are overworked (whether they stay at home or work out of the home), under-appreciated, stressed out, have unreal expectations for themselves & their husbands, and have crappy husbands. Although I COMPLETELY agree with some of the things in the book (like the guilt between staying at home or working and kind of losing myself), I don't think I have too high of expectations. Maybe that is because I have the superdad that this book talks about (that most women don't have). Adoes his fair share (sometimes more) of housework, he takes Moose off of my hands at nights and we share responsibilities on weekends (except this last weekend when he was totally in charge for the majority of it), and he gets up at night (and I usually don't). He says I tell him thank you and show my appreciation enough, but sometimes I don't think I do. I told him if I really showed him my appreciation,


Ahh...what optimism sleep brings. I talked to Big A about everything that was on my mind when he got home last night. He's not working next Saturday so he can go to my honor society induction ceremony. I told him he didn't have to...he said he did. :) We didn't go to church today because we were really tired (I stayed up until he got home at 2 or so) and we would have had to take 2 vehicles...more gas. We already had to take 2 vehicles to Peru yesterday. Not exactly how planned on both of us getting to Peru or what we wanted to do, but... I don't know what we're going to do today. Thought about renting a movie...hate to waste the money. Maybe if it gets nice enough, we'll go for a walk. Probably should after all the junk I've eaten the last few much for my weight loss.

1:45am thoughts

Seeing as this is the least read blog on the internet, I suppose I can vent a little. My wonderful, beautiful, doting husband is busier than I, the college student. If he's not working on a Saturday this month, he's doing Warsaw stuff (either at the event or fundraising). Warsaw will also take up a Sunday, as will the road rally. Normally, I don't mind when he works on weekends. We need the money, plain and simple. HOWEVER, when he says that he wishes he had more time with us and then chooses to do events (like Warsaw and the road rally) that keep him from us, I kind of get upset. Now, I'm not about to tell him what to do; he's a big boy and he's my husband. And I do not mind at all about Warsaw; it's quality time with other godly men. I love that he gets time like that. But, honestly, I do not give a rat's tail if he has done the road rally for the past 10 years or the past 50 years. That is one thing that he could have dropped off of his schedule in l


As much as I would love to finish my own scrapbook (or at least catch up as it's a continuing process), I'd REALLY like to make money by scrapbooking for someone else. I'm not sure how much to charge or how long it would take me, but it would be fun. Ideally, I'd like to make special occasion ones like a wedding or birthday party or baby or anniversary. Ones like my own would be too hard to do I think. I know I could sell them on ebay but the bad thing is, I would really like to go about this in this way: get the pictures, go through them with the person and talk about them a little. Then make pages and such WITH the pictures instead of making a layout and having them plug in pictures. I don't mind doing that, as I have for people, but sometimes there are more pictures than pages in that case. Plus, I also never know if people have actually put pictures into them. I know Sara is using hers for Sutton, but I don't know if Sarah has used hers. I can't remembe