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The Uncommon Marriage Adventure by Tony & Lauren Dungy (book review)

One of the smartest pieces of marital advice we got and now give is to find another couple to mentor you. Nothing fancy, but just tell you about their marriage - the ups AND downs. Help you navigate these waters that are tumultuous just as often as serene. We have a wonderful couple who has been this to us for the past several years. image via That, in affect, is what " The Uncommon Marriage Adventure " by Tony and Lauren Dungy is - in devotional form. This once a day devotional tells the ups and downs of the Dungy marriage and family life. Nothing new under the sun, necessarily, but great advice paired with biblical wisdom. I didn't get to read this through with my husband but combed through it myself. I didn't just learn from Lauren but from Tony's husband perspective. Sometimes I think I need marriage advice and counseling much more than my selfless husband. He has Day 64 down perfectly: "Be willing to step up and do a little more than

double dog dare

My friend Evi has been so challenging, convicting, and heart-wrenching in my life. I love her so much and wish I saw her more. And now she's challenging me to be more grateful through her blog, Gratitude Gal . It's fabulous; she has a wonderful writing style that makes me jealous. Her post today was about how she's had a rough week but found some highlights, like Michael Keaton's Golden Globe acceptance speech (watch from 2:13). Then she put a few dares on her blog for us/me. I'll answer one today. Dare Choice 1:  Write down three things that have deep meaning in your life.  When something goes wrong today (as it probably will), shift your thoughts back to your list. Dare Choice 1: #1: Redemption: I could have nothing else and only have redemption from Christ's sacrifice on the cross. That would be enough. When I leave this world, I am going to heaven with my Father. When I truly let this sink in....truly, then what else can I complain about? 

gratefulness found in the letting go

Months ago when we were debating on whether to have another kid or not, I had in my mind a few ideas about this pregnancy. Looking back, I was naive without reason to be naive. I've been through two other pregnancies that were about the same and yet I had hope that this one would be different. I thought I could run through this pregnancy. I'd forgotten about the several weeks/months of the beginning that were full of nausea and vomiting. I thought 'it's been five years, maybe it won't be the same.' I forgot that genetics don't really change in five years so I could have mentally prepared myself for this better. I thought I'd love it. I'd forgotten how I hate this part. Yet it's been a good challenge. I've gotten very self-reliant in the past 5 years. I can cook fairly decent meals (not as good as those of my supper club partners but I have a few tricks up my sleeve). I can keep a fairly decently clean house (no one's eating off the fl