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Unglued Devotional: 60 Days of Imperfect Progress by Lysa TerKeurst (book review)

I have struggled my entire life with my emotions - I cry over the littlest things (earning me the most awful nickname of "cry baby" growing up - yeah that still stings a little), I yell over the littlest things. I can go from calm to off the wall in no time whatsoever. This has created problems in every facet of my life. Arguments with my parents and sisters got way out of hand (like the time my older sister punched me a few days prior to my wedding). Parenting and marriage have been fun with these emotional outbursts...ask my dear husband and children. Thank God (literally, thank Him) that I have God because He has instilled it in me to be unhappy with these outbursts. He has created in me a desire to be emotionally stable - not unfeeling but not linked by DNA to TNT. So for the past 6 years, I have been trying - and failing - and trying - and failing - and trying - and failing (you get it) to be patient, kind, calm. I struggle with comparing myself to more patient fri

Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley (book review)

I have seen a few of Andy Stanley's DVD series - Guardrails and currently my small group is watching iMarriage. Both are very insightful but he brings humor in to the series which helps people better understand the material, I think. When I had the opportunity to read Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley I was excited. Next Generation Leaders has some really good insight into how to become a capable leader, some of which may seem counterintuitive. Stanley says to not do too much but to focus on where your capabilities and talents lie. That seems wrong when you're starting in a career because you want to be willing to do everything. But I understand what he means - you want to hone your skills rather than wasting time on things that aren't your thing. Stanley also talks about having courage and that fear does not mean you are an incapable leader. You just have to have the courage to take risks that scare you sometimes; not foolishly but risks demand you to take a cha

string art

My friend Jaesi turned me on to string art - told me she thought I could do it. Although she has done some amazing pieces of art, I'm trying my hand at it. I even signed up for a craft show in late March. It's a lot of fun! So I wanted to share some of my pieces with you. Nebraska - I made this one for my sister & BIL who are in England for 3 years with the USAF. Power Jay love these hearts for Valentine's Day or any day! K-State - I was even allowed to make this one in the house :) I can't wait to try more superheroes! pigskin horse being loved in Idaho right now beautiful cross! I'll post more when I have them finished.


No, it's not Thanksgiving November but I'm thankful regardless. In the midst of this emotionally hard week, I'm thankful. Don't worry, there's nothing big going on, just a kid who comes home daily from kindergarten grumpy. I feel like all of his happy hours are getting used up at school and I'm left with grumpy. *sigh* But I love him when he's grumpy and when he's happy. And I love his brother when he's weird (both referring to Squirt). *sigh* It's just not easy when there are tears numerous times on the way home (we live less than a mile from the school). Tears over silly things: tv (UGH), not being able to go to someone's house (sorry kiddo, I cannot invite us to someone else's house!!), and sometimes sillier things. But I'm thankful he's doing well in school. He no longer has a para with him at recess or lunch. He's also moved into the classroom for reading groups. I cannot tell you how much of an answered prayer thos


Lately I have been... ...trying to stay off the computer (some days are more successful than others). ...borrowing 40 (literally, I think) CDs from the library. ...making string art  ...if you're interested in one, let me know. I have some pretty cool ideas. ...signing up for my first craft fair (selling crafts versus Usborne books). ...finishing listening to Roots. Highly recommended! ...keeping house. I really like the schedule I'm using now - simple and effective (mostly). ...running. 14 miles tomorrow. So far this training is going so well! ...learning about God's holiness and how opposed our natures are to that. Reading Ezekiel. ...trying to stay warm. It's very cold the past few days. Such a contrast from almost 70 Monday. ...praying more. About a lot of things. Need prayer? I'm more than happy to do so! ...teaching children's church to kindergartners. Not every weekend. ...reading "Wild Things" and learning about how my b