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S Club Kart - Wee!

This year Moose has become obsessed with Mario Kart Wii. He talks about it, looks at pictures, thinks about it (constantly), draws the tracks. At school, at home. It's all over. His Mario clothing has never gotten so much wearing. When the kids had a 6 day break from school in October, Big A found something awesome: a go-kart track. We packed up as a family (so loved having Big A take a day off to spend with us), and headed about an hour away with a big surprise for the kids. The best part was Moose was able to race all by himself! We started off racing doubles: Me and Squirt vs. Big A & Moose. They won. Squirt insists when I'm "smarter" I'll beat Daddy. Wow, thanks for that confidence booster. And it was hilarious because he just kept saying how smart Big A was and that I needed to be smarter. Oh boys.  I think we all had so much fun watching Moose race. And he did awesome. I think he ran into the sides once at the very start


Well, I only had one entrant for Miss Kay Robertson's Christmas novella, "A Robertson Family Christmas." Which means either my audience 1) doesn't read this anymore, 2) doesn't like Duck Dynasty, or 3) doesn't read. Hmmm all are a little disconcerting. Anyway, the winner is actually my mom. It may look like I won but she just used my email address because she hates signing up for things like a Google account. I'll take her the book on Thanksgiving.

GIVEAWAY! A Robertson Family Christmas by Miss Kay Robertson (book review)

Moose was so sweet when he saw me reading "A Robertson Family Christmas" by Miss Kay Robertson. He thought Miss Kay had given me the book herself and so he wanted to write her a thank you note. So he did and I dug up her address and sent it to her. I hope she enjoys the sweetness of my boy (and Squirt saw Moose do this so he decided to write to Uncle Si - sent that one too; those post office people probably think I'm nuts). My kids also ask frequently to go to the Robertson's house/West Munroe/Louisiana. They think if we go, we'll go to their house. I tried to tell them we didn't know the Robertsons but they insist we do (because we watch the show). Sweet boys. I wasn't sure what to expect with Miss Kay's book. She's a little nutty on the show (love her dearly!). I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. It's a fiction piece (realistic fiction if you asked my son who is all into knowing specific genres) where a kid, Hunter, is picked to

trick or treat Star Wars style

ignore my pistol. It's a painted squirt gun  just thought this was the perfect Jedi pose Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn love the whiskers Halloween is always a fun time of the year. We don't go for the gruesome and ghoulish around here but the fun and exciting. A day to be someone else (not that our normal selves are bad but just...normal). This year we opted for a Star Wars theme (how long will I be able to keep the themes up?). I (with the assistance of friends) turned a few panels of brown curtains into Jedi cloaks. And a couple of sheets into a Princess Leia dress. Big A's cousin made me hair buns/hat. Even Big A got in on the fun and spray painted my pistol. My mom tried so hard to turn a bunny costume into Chewbacca but costumes don't dye well.  In the end it was fun. We ended up losing the costume contest to twin tornadoes. Next year!