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Five days a week, Moose is gone from 8am until 3pm. With the supper rush and bedtime routine, I really don't see much of him during the week. This being the first full week of school, we're still adjusting. I expected this to be hard on me. I expected this to be hard on Squirt. I expected this to be hard on Moose. The only one left unscathed would be Big A (because he's at work all day, so it doesn't affect his day-to-day). I didn't expect it to hit me so hard yesterday. Squirt had been asking for a few days to go pick up "Bubba" around noon. That was normal for us during the summer when he went to summer school three times a week. It's just very quiet, very open, and lonely without both of my boys here. Not that I don't love spending one-on-one time with Squirt, but I feel like he's missing out on his brother. They play together virtually from sun up until sun down. Their lives revolve around one another. They play, they fight, they gigg

preschool #2

My baby. Going to preschool. Oh, my! How did this happen? I know it seems that I wonder at their growing up too much. But it has flown by. I feel I've missed moments. But I've been here for them. And I thank the Lord for that. So another milestone. Breakfast to celebrate. Piston cup eggs in toast. A little burnt (but they didn't mind). French toast made of the cutouts (yum!). More pictures. Memories captured forever. Little Squirt wants to be a superhero when he grows up. I think he's already pretty super! Big brother thinks so, too... at least sometimes. Daddy went to work, so Moose was my photographer for this son-mommy picture. He's got a good eye for it. Although, Squirt wasn't as tentative as he looks in this picture. Oh Superman! Can't go a day without being super. He did not wear this at school, but he did wear this to school. How could a mother say no to that face?? Run, little boy,


Today, I'm so happy. I woke up happy. I went to church happy. I came home from church happy. My afternoon was happy. The evening left me happy. It's past my bedtime and I'm still happy. I think our happiness matters to God. I think He'd like for us to be happy. I don't, however, think that's His ultimate goal. Sometimes in suffering, He pulls us closer to Him. Sometimes in suffering, He reveals Himself. Sometimes in suffering, we can't help but see Him. We live in a fallen world and are a fallen people. I think we forget that sometimes - I know I do. I forget my own depravity. I think it's familiar. We often can't see what's right in front of our faces. We are an egotistical people, naturally narcissistic. We want to be happy. And sometimes our happiness stands in the way of God's plan. We put our plans to action despite what God wants. Or, we try to. We veer from His course because this or that will make us happy. Our happiness is


Wow! Where did the summer go? Apparently it's back to school time. Thursday was the first day of school here. Moose was very excited to go to Mrs. T's class. I don't know if he truly understood what kindergarten meant versus preschool, but he was excited. I made him eggs and had leftover rolls. They don't have a morning snack and we normally do, so I didn't want him to be hungry. I took some shots - who doesn't? I made a sign but when I blur out his name & where he wants to work when he grows up (same place Big A does), it's not so cute. So trying to protect our privacy a little since this is a public blog, I'll just put up the other pictures. Contrary to what it looks like, he's not giving a stangle hold to his brother in the first; that's how he puts his arm around Squirt. :) where did 5 years go? Big A started off to work and came home. He thought how often does his son go to kindergarten. I was so thankful for him being th

boy camping trip

A week ago, Big A took the boys camping. We'd been talking about this trip for awhile. I knew the boys would have fun and so would Daddy.  I think Daddy was a little skeptical. it turns out, I'm right (duh).  Our friends Nick and his son, J, came out with the boys. Well, Nick really set it up. I'm so glad it all worked out. They fished, ate hot dogs, made s'mores. Slept in a cabin. I think they had such fun. And I love these next few beautiful shots Big A got with our little point-and-shoot. Let me just gush here for a moment. AH! I have beautiful babies.  Lord, thank you that they take after their daddy. This also provided time for the mommies to hang out (and the littlest of the two families, T). We watched Bride Wars and had supper. Then I made a solo Wal-mart trip (big fun, I go crazy around here). Thanks Daddies for a wonderful evening. Hope you do it again soon!

anniversary numero six

Six years. Holy buckets! How does six years slip by? 2006 We said 'I do' a half a dozen years ago. It's been a rollercoaster made so much better with God in the driver's seat cuddling next to you in the backseat. 2007 Thanks for putting up with me (you know you do!) and loving me at my worst (and fattest! ha) and my best (and thinnest). 2008 I know that "submit" is a scary word in the world, but I know that submitting to you is something I gladly do when you have my best interest at heart. 2009 2010 I know we're a team, a family. I wouldn't have it any other way. 2011  I love you, Big A! 2012

derma e® (review)

I love face products - moisturizers, make-up, cleansers, scrubs. I love it all. Unfortunately, I rarely use much of it (other than a simple cleanser) because it eats away at my pocket book. So I jumped at the opportunity to try a sampler from  derma e®. Here's some information from derma e ®:   derma e® Does…   •  Use only the finest natural ingredients available. •  Use proprietary scientifically proven ingredients. •  Use organic ingredients when they are available, meet our quality requirements and appropriate for a formula. •  Use ingredients that are anti-aging, firming, and optimize the health of the skin. •  Produce formulations that offer the ideal active ingredient concentration for maximum effectiveness and safety. •  Use a gentle but effective preservative system that is paraben free. •  Provide full disclosure on all product labels. •  Back all products with a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction. •  Provide consumer education and straight, honest answe