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on running injured

Running has become pretty vital to my life. It's where I clear my head (and lungs), where I can let go of stress, where I can listen to my music (not that I don't LOVE The Despicable Me 2 soundtrack but c'mon, I can only take minions singing for so long) or audiobook. However, running has been difficult these past 2 years because the majority of my running has been inside. On the dreadmill. I also mostly run on the two same treadmills: one facing a street and one facing the same street but most of my view is obscured by a block of cement or other building material. I've been asked regularly how my foot is doing (if you recall, I hurt it last March). It's doing ok. I'm training for a half marathon (because I got to for free, not that I'm insane to train while still slightly injured). I've been able to complete 8 miles on the treadmill but only up to 3.25 outside on the road. The surface makes all the difference. I'm not really sure if I'll b

Son of God gift package GIVEAWAY (TWO WINNERS)

" Son of Man " from producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett opens in theaters this weekend (I may even get a date night out of this!!)! If you haven't seen "The Bible" miniseries that was on tv awhile back, you must see this movie version of it (which includes my cable-less self). This is the first major studio film about Jesus' ministry and teaching in over half a century! It's about time. Downey and Burnett are a powerhouse couple bringing light to a dark world. image via Pinterest via Grace Hill Media I am thrilled to be able to bring a great gift package giveaway to you, my readers. This is a double giveaway - TWO WINNERS ! What will you win? Thanks for asking! Diogo Morgado stars as Jesus in the film. Each package, honoring this film's release, will include: one (1) copy of the Son of Man soundtrack, one (1) copy of the Son of Man companion novel, and one (1) 1,000 piece puzzle. I've shared the actual trailer for the movie o

Grace UnPlugged DVD winner!

Congratulations to Tammy Woodall ! She won a DVD copy of Grace UnPlugged ! Stick around the S Club for more reviews, daily life events, and giveaways. Disclaimer: Winner has been notified via Google+ and has 48 hours to claim her prize.

The Sentinels of Andersonville by Tracy Groot (book review)

I love history. Not that I am anywhere near a buff, but I enjoy reading about history. Being an English major, I especially like either real accounts of history or historical fiction. I took a Civil War literature class in college and really loved the material I read. We lived in Richmond, VA for a few months and I enjoyed the (few - very few) Civil War historical sites we visited...namely, Hollywood Cemetery (like the Arlington Cemetery of the CSA). image via Amazon " The Sentinels of Andersonville " by Tracy Groot was just up my alley. Historical fiction about the prison for Union soldiers near Americus, GA during the Civil War. I hadn't really known much about Andersonville Prison prior to reading this book, to be honest. I knew there were atrocious conditions at many prisons during the Civil War and in "Gone with the Wind" a prison is mentioned that Ashley goes to. However, Andersonville Prison is infamous. My dad and I discussed it toward the end o

The Monuments Men WINNER

Thanks to everyone who entered The Monuments Men giveaway. I notified the original winner but did not hear in return (he had over 48 hours to redeem his prize) so our new winner is martin . Please don't forget to enter to win my Grace UnPlugged DVD giveaway ! (this giveaway is closed now) Disclaimer: Winner has been notified and has 48 hours (from 2/21) to claim his prize.

Grandma Max

Today we say good-bye to tinsel on Christmas trees to piercing blue eyes to your love of family We say good-bye with love with missing you I love you Grandma Max

the only thing that matters

Tonight we watched an Andy Stanley DVD series portion from his Big Church DVD series. It's not about the church being big but more being a big deal. I've been thinking of the afterlife a lot (my great-grandma passed away last weekend), so it meant a lot to me to hear this sentiment. In the church, we talk a lot about stuff. Where we sit. What we sing. How we dress. We also talk a lot about theological stuff. End of times. Gospel discrepancies. Baptism - sprinkle or dip. Communion - single serve or community cup. On and on. We talk a lot. None of it's bad to talk about. But when it overshadows the most important thing, it's bad. Here is that most important thing: Jesus Christ died for our sins (yours and mine). He was buried. He was raised. He appeared.  I pray that with my grandma's passing, everyone at the funeral will hear the gospel message and so decide to have that relationship with Christ, our Savior. So when they pass, they will be home with

Grace UnPlugged movie release (GIVEAWAY!)

Have I mentioned Grace UnPlugged before (perhaps here about the book  and here about the movie soundtrack )?? Well it's being released on DVD so I am excited to be able to host a giveaway for the DVD for one of you! image via Grace Hill Media via Pinterest Here's the skinny on the movie: Grace's dad is a one-hit-wonder turned Christian. He leads their church's worship band and, Grace feels, holds her back. When opportunity rises for her to make it big, she runs away from home and takes that chance. Will she make it big? Will she find out if she believes in the God her parents believe in? Will she crash? image via Grace Hill Media via Pinterest While this sounds like it's based on the life of [insert many options of super stars who have crashed here], it's not really, but it hits close to home. As a parent, I pray I don't assume a faith in my children but really lead them to own it on their own. You don't get to heaven on another's sh

You're Going to Be Okay by Holley Gerth (book review)

If your life isn't perfect... If you've ever been disappointed... If you feel stressed or tired... This is for you. This is from the back cover of Holley Gerth's new book, " You're Going to Be Okay ." When I first picked up this book, it was by recommendation from another blogger friend. I wasn't sure it was for me.  image via Amazon To be honest, we're in a place of good right now. We haven't moved in over a year, there haven't been any big upheavals for awhile. It's a place of rest, I think, which can be mundane and boring but also a little less stressful, too. This is not to say there aren't stressful things in my life. I have two young boys whose ears are perpetually closed to my voice. There is an issue that my husband and I have been avoiding discussing (although it's come to discussion in the past few weeks but not a decision). But for the most part, it's been peaceful in the S Club.  However, I

our daily life (February 5)

My friend Sarah's sister-in-law Holly (I think that's how the relationship is...) has a neat link-up for pictures of our daily life. Just pictures, no words. So here's our daily life (partially) at the S Club: Snow Day #2. this is not from today but just too cute not to include! I know, no words...but it was way cute this morning when the Super Friends were arguing over who liked Wonder Woman. agile little guy standing on my weight box Happy Snow Day!

The Monuments Men (GIVEAWAY)

Have you heard of this movie coming out February 7 called "The Monuments Men"? It looks awesome and has an AMAZING cast - Matt Damon, George Clooney, John Goodman, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett - and many others - oh also Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey fans, this is Lord Grantham). Star struck right there. Usually with George Clooney films I'm a little wary - there's always a lot of cursing and explicit scenes. It's been rare that I've seen a film of least without regret. This film is PG-13 and follows the true story of men who shouldn't be at the front of a war (over-the-hill, out-of-shape nerds) that went to the front lines during WWII in order to rescue the world's artistic masterpieces from the Nazis. image via Grace Hill Media via Pinterest I know my husband would never have put his life on the line to preserve art. And that's OK but I'm so pleased these men thought it important to preserve artifacts that depicted civilizati

snow day conviction

We had a snow day today (and probably tomorrow). It started off good...then went south as the second child woke up and the bickering commenced. Then it swelled to a big yell-fest by yours truly until it crumbled into a heap of tears from the three of us. repentance acceptance forgiveness love The rest of our day has gone much smoother, like we needed to get that out of the way. But really the only thing that got out of our way was my attitude. I don't know why I act the ways I tell myself I won't act (wow, that sounds like some disciple I once read about...). I don't want to yell, yet I yell. I don't want to lose my patience, but I end up snapping. Ugh. Yet, I am reminded by a blog I found upon a friend's Facebook link that my attitude let satan in today . I let him admire me for my lost patience, my endurance not gained, my time wasted in stress. No more. Yelling does nothing for me and I hate when I do it. And through the power of the Holy Spirit in