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Random Meme

Relationships Are you close to your siblings?: Yes Who is your best friend?: other than Big A, not sure Would you ever date your friend's ex?: I dated a friend's ex in high school - did not end up well. Favorites Celine Dion song?: It's All Coming Back to Me Now Michael Jackson song?: The Way You Make Me Feel Patrick Swayze movie?: Dirty Dancing or Fatherhood Madonna song?: Material Girl (my parents had a tape and I used to rewind it over and over to listen to this song) Tom Cruise movie?: Cocktail (by far!) Have You Ever been to a drive in movie?: yes, every year since I was really little except the last few (a tornado shut it down) stepped on a nail or thumb tack?: nope swallowed chewing gum?: guilty...I still do it. tried out for the theater?: I did one-act in high school. 4 years with a leading part! been a cheerleader or football player?: no, I was the school mascot one year so I lettered in cheerleading What is something yo

who else is excited?

My husband's company gives them gift cards for every hour they saved on the job (got a job done faster than it was supposed to be done). Now, he calls me to tell me that even though he saved them X amount of hours, he'll only get "paid" for x amount of hours (about 1/4 of the total hours). All because he started at the wrong time (he explained it in better detail but both kids were crying). So we were expecting to get X amount (which we were counting on to help make ends meet) and now we only get x. Not that I'm not thankful for any extra money, even in gift card form, but it just makes me mad that here we were expecting this all along and then BAM, oh you don't get it. And he worked hard to save hours so that we could count on this extra income. I just don't understand why it wasn't explained to him so that we weren't counting on it. Big A said maybe they just assumed, but you all know what assuming does. It also doesn't help that the starter

Christmas Recap

Snowed in. That's how we spent our Christmas. And it was LOVELY! I really enjoyed waking up and just knowing that our little foursome would spend the day together. We started out, of course, opening gifts. Moose got a Cars racetrack. It spews quotes from the movie: "Speed. I am speed." "You're one gutsy racer." The kid knows all the words...apparently he woke up yesterday saying, "speed, I am speed." Moose thought since Squirt couldn't care less about his toys, he would break them in for his brother. Later, Squirt started to roll over and over and over to get to this toy. He even gets his fingers on it and manages to push buttons. If I get a chance, I'll post video sometime. Squirt is really getting the hang of rattles, just throwin' them around, hitting himself in the face a lot. He got wrist rattles in his stocking; I'm not sure he likes them (or can hear them, they are awfully quiet). But it's the thought that counts! Big

Christmas pictures

Welcome to Christmas with the S Club. Enjoy these pictures via Facebook. Video of the day's events to come.

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the S Club! Praying you all find the Reason for the Season...

mail time!

I brought in the mail the other day and after opening the cards, my envelopes were confiscated. By Moose. For whatever reason, he has now decided to overtake my mail. I account it to our recent trek to the post office to mail Christmas cards (that I let him put in the slot I thought it would be extra fun if he had somewhere to put his "mail" so I made him a mailbox. Here he is playing with it:

Catching Fire

I just finished "Catching Fire," the sequel to "The Hunger Games." I'm mad. I have to wait until MAYBE September for the next installment??? Are you kidding me! It doesn't even have a name yet! I'm going to have to re-read the first two books just to remember what happened by that time. That's all.

when mom's out of the room

something to think about this season

- don't drive fast in parking lots! People have their children out there - watch out for those wee ones. - if you cut someone off in the store, please PLEASE apologize (even if you work there). - put your cart in a cart corral. It's probably no more than a few stalls down. You'll make the cart boy's day (and mine because I'll be able to pull into the stall without worrying about hitting the cart with my van). - if you work customer service, I know it's hard work (my mom worked it many years), but please muster up a smile and a Merry Christmas or at least "have a nice day." Same thing if you're a work associate or manager or cashier. The smile at the very least; it's not much of a burden. - be patient. Kids act out. Some of us have tight budgets and have to match ad prices. Merry Christmas and safe traveling.

Christmas crafts

With Christmas days away, we here at the S Club decided to make ornaments for the grandparents. I really was in to this as I don't get to do many crafts with Moose (or myself, for that matter). Moose coloring Christmas trees for Grandma Pam & Grandpa Alan, Grandma Fonda & Grandpa Randy, Great-Grandma Janice & Great-Grandpa MelVern, Great-Grandma Marilyn, and Great-Great Grandma Maxine. (that's my in-laws, my parents, my GIL, my grandma, and her mom) Tonight, I got into the spirit with Crayola Air-Dry clay. I was just going to print ornaments off the computer and get an ink pad to have Squirt put his footprint in the ornaments. Ink pads were almost $7 at Wal-mart and this Air-Dry clay was about $5. So...yeah. Let me just say that it was a mess! But it was a lot of fun. I worked the clay into two smaller and two bigger ovals to put the boys' hands in to. It was slick so it was kind of hard, but the boys did really well with us pushing their little fingers and p

just trying to help

Do you ever try to sympathize or help someone with a problem or something and they seem to blow off your advice or make it seem like you can't possibly know what they're going through? I get frustrated by this. I know my situation isn't EXACTLY like yours or yours (or yours). God made us walk differing paths. But didn't He also give us compassion and empathy? Today, this season, this coming year, always - if someone tries to give you advice or help you with something (whether it be improving your blog, living healthier, parenting, your walk with Jesus, your marriage), please take it into consideration. Even if they are on a different journey than you or they don't have something you have (or have something you don't have). Because I believe we are all here to make footprints in other lives, to help out one another. Don't underestimate the wisdom people have acquired in their lives. Speaking for myself, I have often felt when I've given advice that fri

butt crack

Today, while bouncing a few balls back and forth with Moose, he kept leaning over. His pants today were too big (weird, right?) so his diaper kept scooting down his backside. I was calling him "butt crack" as in "hey butt crack, nice catch." He start to repeat "wak wack." So I showed him where his butt crack was (and maybe I mooned him to better explain). Big A comes home and I wanted to show him Moose's new word(s). To be funny, I told Moose to find Big A's butt crack. Mind you, Big A is trotting around our kitchen in his underwear. Moose goes right up to him and reaches for his butt crack...but he mixed up which side of the body it was on. Oops. Big A says maybe he shouldn't leave our children at home with me anymore.

Online Recipe Community - Share Recipes -

Online Recipe Community - Share Recipes - I think this will be a good way to write down my recipes (other than in my notebook that gets scribbled on). And a great way to find new cool things to bake, cook, etc. I know I have a few foodies who read this so I thought I would share this with you (*cough* Cheryl, Kathy *cough*). :) Enjoy!

update on sickies 2

Moose napped from 5 until 8 when I laid him in his crib. Then around 10 or 11 he woke up, just angry. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and he just repeated whatever I asked him. I thought he wanted a bath but when I put him in there, he just screamed. I asked if he pooped and he just screamed "poopie" but nothing when I looked in his diaper or set him on the potty. He just was angry. I hollered for Big A. He sat there perplexed for awhile until he realized the kid was probably hungry. Moose ate about 5 crackers and drank about 1/2 a sippy of juice. I was holding him in a towel after his "bath." He peed on me. I was thankful for the towel and that he'd peed. I was afraid he was dehydrated. Big A went back to bed. I tried laying Moose in with us, laying in his chair with him, laying him in his crib. We went to the living room and watched the Late Late Show (whose beginning was disappointing, Craig!). Moose colored, laid with me, played a bit. I keep remi

update on sickies

Moose seems to be feeling better. I still can't get him to eat anything or hardly drink anything. Big A is still puking and other stuff. Squirt is driving me insane. I'm tired. EDIT: I got a little bit of a nap with Squirt while the other 2 slept on the couch. Moose ate a few crackers I guess; I don't know how much liquid he took down. Diaper was dry when I changed him just a moment ago. Sure hope I can get him to eat and drink tomorrow. I definitely don't need a dehydrated kid. I think Squirt must not be feeling himself either; he took 5 naps today instead of 4 and they were longer than normal, too. But he hasn't thrown up or anything; just cranky. That's pretty normal for him anyway. I don't know how everyone is going to sleep tonight. Moose has been asleep since about 6:30 (and he was only up for a moment so really has been asleep since about 5, I think). I hate that he's sick. I know I can't prevent it, but I wish I could. And there's nothi


Last night, we tried to watch "The Ugly Truth" in bed. Around 11:00pm, I heard Moose start crying. Not really unusual for him to wake up sometimes. I walk to his room, expecting a foot stuck in the slats again or just a bad dream cry. It was not a pretty sight when I got in there. He was sick. All over the crib/floor sick. I scoop all 45 pounds of him and carry him to the bathroom. I lean him over the toilet. He's just crying. Wants to be picked up. We get him cleaned up in the tub and I take his temperature. 95.7. Weird. We take him into bed with us and about a half an hour later, he's at it again. He only gets our comforter so I toss that over the stairs to downstairs while Big A cleans the boy off in the tub. We do this for a few hours. I call our hospital and the nurse who held my leg while I birthed Moose said it sounds like a bug. So I send Big A out for liquids: Pedialyte, 7Up, or Gatorade. He brings back 2 cans of 7Up (which Moose has NEVER tasted before or


Before Squirt was a twinkle in my eye, my good bloggy friend, Stacey , sent me this beautiful mei tai (I don't know how to spell that sorry lol). It has been SO helpful with Squirt. He loves being carried inside, close to me. I got the crazy idea the other day to turn him around. This is what that looked like: I am not sure if you're supposed to carry them like this, but he seemed comfy. So we left him for awhile. Then the other day, we were baking up a storm and Squirt was inconsolable. So we decided Big A would carry him and he wanted to try the mei tai. So I put it on him (which is really really hard) and he wanted Squirt facing out. Yeah it didn't work too well (but again, he seemed awfully comfy). Isn't it funny, though? To see his little head poking out like that. Made us laugh.

oh Moose...

Today Big A went back to work so I took the boys to MOPS with me. It was a struggle to even get in the door because I had a meal for a mom who just had a little guy (who is adorable) and cookies for a cookie exchange, my boys, diaper bag, and the car seat of course. Some ladies held the door for me and then I was told I had to wait to check my boys in to the nursery. I waited like 10 minutes before other moms started just going ahead of me because I didn't know what I was doing because I'd never taken my kids there before. Finally after maybe 15 more minutes, someone helped me. I got the kids settled in, knowing full well that Moose wasn't going to stay there and knowing full well that Squirt would as long as someone held him. I told them this too. :) We had announcements and prayer and were just in line getting food when a lady came to get me for Moose. He was just screaming, inconsolable "mommy!" A girl I knew when I went to college was in the nursery so that w


I know kids love boxes...but this early? Moose {3 months old - Big A's boot box} Squirt {5 months old - Big A's box his boot box came in}

Christmas meme

I wasn't tagged at this but I saw it at J. Leigh Designz (wonderful blog BTW) and I love memes a lot. 1.) Have you started your Christmas shopping? Of course! I'm almost done, actually. I started on Black Friday. my closet is busting at its seams 2.) Tell me about one of your special traditions. We take the kids to see Santa. We get together with one of our families on Christmas Day to open gifts (this year it's the in-laws). We bake up a storm and take them to neighbors. We drive around to look at lights. We go to church, of course. I also like to get a new ornament for our tree (that we will someday have as they won't fit on our little tree we have now) to represent something about our family each year. So far we have a few from 2006 when we got married, Baby's first Christmas from 2007 for Moose, and I guess we skipped 2008 and now Baby's first Christmas from 2009 for Squirt. I really want to do the new jammies thing on Christmas Eve. I also want to re

help me!

Moose is ALWAYS on our computer. And he's done it this time. Everything looks like an x-ray. Does anyone with a Mac know how to fix this? Please? Also if you know how to get the icons on the bottom of the desktop screen to not pop up but just be there? And if you have any ideas on how to keep my 2-year-old OFF of my computer, I'd really appreciate that one. EDIT: Called Geek Squad. Moose pushed 4 buttons at once to achieve the negative look. Control, alt/option, command, and 8. Amazing. How did he push 4 at once?

custom invitations

The boys turn 1 and 3 in July. I would love nothing more than to throw 2 huge bashes for them. However, I will probably throw them one giant birthday bash. I haven't thought of a theme. I do have presents (thanks to Dee and Michelle and their wonderful giveaways I recently got blessed to win)...or will soon in the mail. Anyway! For their great party (and it will be great), I would love custom invitations (and not ones on crappy computer paper that I printed off although I did make cute Wonder Pets ones last year for Moose). One way I can get these sweet invites is by winning another giveaway. I don't know if my luck can carry over but I'm hoping (for my boys' sakes...of course). The Creative Party Place is hosting an invitation giveaway and if you want a chance, you should head on over to check it out. Use them for a birthday party, New Year's Eve party, Valentine's Day party, whatever!

Bid - Blog - Hope

The bad part about Big A getting snow days is that his paycheck will reflect that. So today I won't be able to participate in Bid - Blog - Hope. So my part is going to be to spread to message today. Bid - Blog - Hope {the following was borrowed from Mama Kat's blog in order to spread the word} Through blogging we have learned that we can make authentic connections with people around the world. We read about one another's greatest accomplishments, we celebrate the highest highs and we grieve the lowest lows. This holiday season I have decided I want to help. I want to use this platform as a way to bring good to some not so good situations. And because we read and love and learn and cry and laugh with each other, we must be here to support and help one another as well. Recently one of our own, Anissa Mayhew, a witty mother of three, collapsed after suffering a massive stroke. Her family and friends are devastated. One minute her husband was talking to her about

do be da be da be day

I just can't get enough of this SNL skit. (this is for you Cheryl )

Merry SITSmas

Merry SITS mas ! Love, the S Club Big A, Randi, Moose, & Squirt "for unto us a child is born" Isaiah 9:6

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

at least here in Nebraska. It's cold! And white. Our first significant snowfall of the season. We are in a winter weather advisory. Another 1"-3" of snow tonight for a possible 2"-5" accumulation. Tomorrow sunny with another 1"-3" of snow after midnight. And on Tuesday 3"-6" with possibly more after dark. Highs for the next few days: 22, 26, 14, 19. Ouch (and that's not including the wind chill factor). Poor Big A, I hope he gets a snow day sometime this week! Winter is here, ladies and gentlemen, ready or not. I did take Moose out to play in the snow. His pants were too big (I know, weird) so whenever he bent over to get in the snow, his bum showed. So it's probably going to be chapped along with his face tomorrow. But he had fun. Stay warm and if you're in warm weather...lucky you!

we are impatiently...

awaiting the arrival of Big A! He's on the about 6 hours from now, he'll be home!! Moose vigilantly sitting by the door, waiting for his da-da-daeee! Welcome home cookies! Moose helped me put the sprinkles on (or POUR them, in this case).

Moose vs. Squirt

When Squirt was born, I thought he looked JUST like Moose. And they still have the same features but wow, they look so different. Here, I'll let you decide. These were both taken in November, one in 2007, the other in 2009. Since the date is on the second picture, I'll tell you that the first is Moose, the second is Squirt. Moose is in 6-9 month clothes, Squirt 3-6 (those pants are still 0-3 but are getting short). I think Moose had a good 5 pounds on Squirt. About the same height though. I will not lie, when Moose was this age, I NEVER thought he was chunky. Oh but wasn't he? And isn't it adorable?! Those cheeks. And oh, Squirt just melts my little mama heart with his sweetness. He's so darn cute. I just feel like Squirt is so different, and he is of course. But I was feeding Moose food by this time, haven't even tried cereal with Squirt. Moose was playing in his ExerSaucer, I've only put Squirt in it once. I need to get this kid moving! :) lol

shed a little tear

my bigger little man is almost all grown up. I felt his last baby tooth (2 year molar) poking out. Is it weird that that makes me cry? It seems like with Squirt around, Moose is growing up faster. I just remember all too well how he was at that age and it seems like it just happened. He came out a toothless guy with this gummy smile that made my heart melt (wasn't he a chunky monkey?) now he has all of these teeth, these beautiful pearly whites I sort of obsess over. He still makes my heart melt.
I'm trying really hard to be positive. Today is hard, though. The baby slept like crap, waking up a few times during the night because his pacifier fell out and then at 4am for a bottle. We slept another hour and then Moose thought it was time to wake up. After a half an hour of trying to get him to sleep more with us, I threw in the towel (or rather kicked off the blankets). Moose has been in timeout about 4 times this morning and it's only 9am. The tv has been on since we got up (and I don't see it being turned off any time I just put in Peter Pan for us to watch). A friend had said she'd come over for a play date with her youngest daughter, but sent me a Facebook message saying they won't be coming. If I'd known sooner, I would have taken the boys to the Childrens' Museum or somewhere to play...I just don't have the energy now. I think that's the worst part of Big A being gone is that I'm lonelier than normal. No one to talk with d