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ask for help

Last week, one of my sons realized that he had turned in the wrong thing on two assignments, resulting in him having three assignments in one day. He had not even tried to turn in the correct thing, ignoring the directions. So I had the fun of re-learning statistics math for several hours on a very beautiful afternoon. It was good time with him; definitely our best time doing math together (and there have been many bad times prior lol), but I was astonished at how upset he was to ask for help. I asked why he just turned in whatever ("crap" was my word of choice just to keep it real) and asked why he didn't ask for help if he didn't understand the assignment. "I am supposed to be independent!" he cried. I explained to him that he will always need to ask for help - always. I told him I have to ask for help. We talked to his dad about how he has to ask for help at work. The thing is, I get it. I HATE to ask for help. Vehemently hate it. It's an inte


The most formidable sin any of us will find lurking inside is all of our false identities. God urged the Israelites to not have any other god before him. This was no joke. Foreign gods ran rampant all around them. Yet they had the living God, who rescued them from Egypt and parted the Red Sea, dwelling among them in a pillar of fire and a cloud filling their tabernacle!!! One would think that their identities were surely set in stone - people of God. via wallpapercreations That's not what we see in the Scriptures, is it? We see them continually turning away from their Lord (my son would remind us that this is cycle of apostasy), pursuing a human king, worshipping idols, persecuting the Lord's prophets because they cannot see the sin in their own lives. As a Christian, I can often judge the Israelites on their wandering hearts. Then when I look at my own heart, I can see it there, too. I set my identity in Christ...but is it in Him alone? We are called to forsake all


  The other day I was doing a Sydney Cummings workout video on YouTube, when she said something that really struck me. She said that "location doesn't dictate your goals." She was talking about fitness, but I believe it applies to spiritual goals, too.   My goals for my children and myself haven't changed from before COVID-19. I still pray the same things:   -for my children to surrender to and love the Lord   -for my children to love others (starting with their siblings)   -for my children to kill the idols and sin in their lives   -for them to trust and obey (their parents and the Lord)   -for them to have security   My goals for myself haven't changed. I still pray the same things for myself:   -to focus on Christ   -to choose the pleasure of humility   -to take my thoughts captive and renew my mind   -to practice stillness and silence (much more difficult but maybe more important right now)   -to keep my tongue from evil   -to rest in Him   Wh