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spring is in the air!

Oh the weather here has been gorgeous today (I believe it hit in the 80s). We all had shorts on, no coats, no hats. I didn't wear sandals because my wardrobe is lacking in the sandals department, but that's ok. We played at the park, in our back yard. Big A did yard work. All in all it was a busy and wonderful day. All this to say that spring is in the air. I've also seen spring in the blogosphere. Many are holding spring-type giveaways and probably the largest one I've seen is: To celebrate their new communities on the BlogFrog , the SITSgirls , Today’s Creative Blog , Skip to My Lou , and Tip Junkie are hosting a Spring Fling! They will be hosting a giveaway every hour on all 4 ofthe blogs on April 13th from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm (CST). Which will total over $6,000 worth of products given away in one day! How amazing is that? So head on over to SITS or Tip Junkie or Skip to My Lou or Today's Creative Blog (or all 4) for more details. And good luck!

Enell Sports Bra Review

Enell apparel use the science of superior support and comfort to give well-endowed women a great sports bra. They have two different kinds of sports bras: high-impact and low-to-medium impact (Lite). The Enell Sports Bra (high-impact) is for activities such as: skiing, soccer, softball, running, aerobics, volleyball, basketball, stair climbing, mounting biking, horseback riding, and tennis or racquetball. The Lite Bra is for activities such as: golf, yoga, hiking, pilates, cycling, walking, inline skating, weight training, cross-country skiing, and the active casual lifestyle. Enell sent me a Sports Bra in pink (hope). For every pink (hope) bra purchased, Enell contributes 10% to FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) to help improve the lives of individuals and families effected by the risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. When I opened my Enell sports bra, I was surprised at how large it is. The pamphlet sent with the bra says that "wide shoulder straps and h


I hate the dentist. I have poor teeth and they insist on telling me why every time (like I don't know that my parents have bad teeth, my grandparents all have fake teeth, my parents never pushed us to brush and yet fed us pop and sugary crap, and I didn't take care of them until maybe 6 years ago). I've had some really mean dentists and some really nice ones throughout the years - but they both makes me nervous. I usually cry at the office (and when I think about going to the office). Yesterday I was doing ok. They were just doing x-rays and a consult. I did cry twice...but not overly so. The hygenist/nurse, Katie, was SO nice. We talked about our kids and why grandparents have to give said kids ice cream/pop/sugary crap. She made me feel at ease. I told her when I was nervous (like when they put those poky stick things in your mouth to scrape at your teeth and gums). She was patient and just very kind. Her husband was the dentist, Dr. G. kind of a dorky looking

down & out

I had never had chills until this morning from approximately 1-4am. Moose kept waking up, hollering out (his heater was up too high). I couldn't pull myself out of bed, I was so darn cold. I had to wake up Big A and push him out of bed to check on our son. Then around 6, I realized I was HOT. Too hot (I mean, I know I'm hot but phew this was too much LOL). I again pushed Big A out of bed to get me the thermometer (seriously, I couldn't have gotten up myself). 100.6 - I don't even remember the last time I was sick OR ran a fever. I just don't get fevers. I don't remember being this sick since long before Moose was born. I was achy and every muscle hurt like I had just gone through the first few days of two-a-day volleyball training. Aerobics wasn't THAT hard last night, for pete's sake! I wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and sleep. Big A made me get up to take a cool bath (well, it was supposed to be cool but when I stuck my foot in it was too cold

Baby's First Phone Call Winners!

Thank you to all of you that entered my first giveaway for the Baby's First Phone Call. I used the random number generator to pick the winners. The first winner is: True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 3 Powered by RANDOM.ORG #3 was Helene from I'm Living Proof that God has a Sense of Humor The second winner is: True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 2 Powered by RANDOM.ORG #2 was Erin from My Little Miracles Congratulations Erin & Helene! I will email these ladies their gift certificates. If you want another chance to win a Baby's First Phone Call, Angie from Seven Clown Circus is having her own giveaway.

speech evaluation: step 3

Today we met with Tracey, the speech pathologist. She was very nice which has helped in this process a lot. She listened to Tristan tell her about the zoo (we visited yesterday)...or tried to understand when he was saying. I caught "penguins" and that was about it. Then she wanted him to sit down, look at these pictures in this book, and answer questions about them. i.e. These kids have jackets on, can you show me her jacket? Can you point to the animals? Can you count the bears? etc Fine and dandy but he got bored/the questions got harder. She said when the questions get harder, the kids try to flee when they're this age. I also think he just hates sitting still for so long unless it's a book he's familiar with. She had some toys for him to play with and had him do some things with. i.e. The bear is thirsty (wanting him to give the bear a "drink"). Can you put some of these blocks over here? And letting him play with a wind-up toy, wanting him to ask

ending tomorrow

Don't worry folks, it's not 2012 (yet). My giveaway with Baby's First Phone Call ends tomorrow at midnight. Enter for your chance to win a great baby shower gift for yourself or someone else.

Commandant of Confusion: Bibleman review

I had the opportunity to review " Combating the Commandant of Confusion : A Bibleman Live Adventure" through Book Sneeze . Now, I grew up in the age of the Power Rangers. At first glance, Bibleman seems comparable. Using action and fight-sequencing for good to triumph over evil. In this episode of Bibleman, a side kick named Chaos has teamed up with the Commandant of Confusion, a villain who likes to make up big words to make himself sound smart and superior. They are trying to steal the armor of God; during their mission, they find a secret weapon that reads "this device contains the most powerful weapon known to man, follow instructions closely to prevent severe harm." Well, the villains decide to use this weapon against Bibleman and his team. After a semi-cheesy fight scene, the villains capture Bibleman. Bibleman uses Scripture to get out of his chains...but can he stop the timer on the secret weapon before it self-destructs? My thoughts: Although my boys

speech evaluation: step 2

Today was Step 2 of the speech evaluation: audiologist. Joel came to check out the boy's ears. He was so good with him, even as cranky as Moose was (due to the time being so close to his nap). Let him push some buttons on his (probably very expensive) equipment. It's not often you see a man who is that comfortable with kids. He checked a few things that he explained but I have no clue about. I did catch on that his right ear is better than his left ear. Joel said that we should watch his left ear for infection (isn't that why we put tubes in, so we wouldn't have more infections?) but that there was only about a 5% chance of that happening. So good. Step 2 down. Step 3: speech pathologist comes on Monday. {See that picture at the top? It's from Heart & Soul Reflections ; you can find other free stock pictures to use on your blog via the link}

spring festival

*I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures; my new camera is still on its way* Last night was the spring festival in our new hometown. A really good friend of mine basically put the whole thing together and it was so much fun. Big A's boss had his lambs & baby chicks out there along with another guy's rabbits for a little petting zoo. There was even bottle feeding going on with the lambs. I got Moose to hold a rabbit (for about 2.5 seconds). I did not pick up a chick this time - I've held those chicks so much in the past few weeks (and they were much cuter 2 weeks ago.... did you realize how fast chickens grow? It's amazing). The boss's daughter, J, and Moose are good friends (Moose likes to hug her and sneak in kisses haha it's adorable). She led him around, showing him the animals. There were about 15 vendors (which is a lot in a town this size) from Tupperware to Pampered Chef, Mary Kay to some thing I'd never heard of (but were cute). My fri


Sorry to those 24 fans, I don't watch the show. Today I AM 24!!! Yes, ladies and gents, it is my birthday . Apparently some very cool people share a birthday (or birthday week) with me. Sarah of In Light of the Truth (today is her birthday) Erin of Home with the Boys (this week is her birthday) Francesca of Mayhem & Moxie (her birthday was last Friday...close enough) Go on, go wish them a happy birthday! Erin is hosting a gaggle of giveaways this week in honor of her day of birth. Francesca is also hosting a giveaway today that is a "sweet" way to celebrate. Now, I'm playing along with the ladies at Mayhem & Moxie to share with you my biggest birthday success! It wasn't very long ago. In fact, it was last July. My Squirt was just that...a little tiny newborn baby squirt. My Moose was a newly 2-year-old. And my best husband ever (in fact, my only husband ever) was about to turn 25 himself. I hadn't taken advantage the year before of the go

Monday Meanderings

Join my friend Sarah at In the Light of the Truth in her Monday Meanderings (go wish her a happy birthday tomorrow, too) Bible Study Still working on The Chronicles of Narnia with the boys. Memory Verse Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize . 1 Corinthians 9:24 Husband Encouragement I'm not sure. I think I just need to work on a positive attitude. I was a grump this weekend. Train Them Up * Encourage Isaac in sitting up on his own and crawling. Ok the encouragement on crawling comes off sometimes as teasing (here come get this piece of food you can't have anyway...or this toy I know you want but you can't play with because it's hazardous)...but he crawls now. * Be patient with Tristan as he's getting better with asking questions and answering them. * Try to tell or show Tristan the difference between "wet" and "poop" * Start on this cute butterfly chandeli

random weekend stuff

Why can't you look up a question on Google and have it come up "yes" or "no"? All I want to know is if the Health Care Bill passed or not. Yes or no. I don't want to scour 5 pages of articles to find out which is true or false. Thanks. Was kind of offended earlier today when it came up in conversation with some friends that we don't have health insurance. One friend said "I bet you're hoping they pass the health care reform then" half jokingly. I don't think that's funny because no, I'm hoping it doesn't pass. Do we use government assistance? Yes. Do we abuse it? No. Is this reform going to help us? Don't see how. ***** I asked Big A the other day before my jog if the top I had on made me look fat. He paused and then said, "you look like you're trying to lose weight." Um....thanks? ***** I found this great book I want called "Run Like a Mother" which lead me to finding this great website u

the cool mom

I have wanted to be the cool mom since...before I had kids. My house growing up was warm and cozy but not one that everyone hung out at. I wanted that house. So I'm thinking if I could win this: or this: I will achieve my goal. Because who would not want to come hang out and play in this? I could even rent it out for birthday parties! Then I could be the cool mom who gets a paycheck. Do you want to be the cool mom or cool aunt or cool dad or cool grandpa (whatever you are)? Then here's your chance: WIN a Bounce House at Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House during her Outdoor Oasis Event! WIN another Bounce House at J. Leigh Designz during her Outdoor Oasis Event. Good luck (but I hope I win bc how cool would this be for our July birthday parties?)!


Since around Christmas, I've been talking about my workouts and getting in shape, losing weight, etc. It's time I spilled the beans and told you all what I'm really up to. The whole reason why I exercise (or try to) up to an hour or more per day (minus my lovely Sundays when I rest). I am going to run a marathon. 26.2 miles. I am only telling you all for motivation. You are my encouragers, my supporters, my friends. I will admit that I am scared to death of each one of those miles, but I know that I can do it (with much help from the Lord). I am not a runner, by any definition of the word, but I am determined to have this little slice of something all for myself. It's the Omaha marathon on September 26, 2010. So be cheering for me as I train and continue to stretch myself to my limits (and beyond). I will keep you up to date.

House: Private Lives

Here is an interesting take on the avid blogger in us all. Thankfully, most of us have a screen that we use to deem material appropriate vs. inappropriate. What screens do you use? Do you share everything?

book exchange!

I have been frequenting the local library looking for some interesting reads lately because, despite my large library of my own books, I haven't found anything calling my name to be read. Then my good friend, Angie of Seven Clown Circus fame, decided to host a bloggy book exchange. There are usually some good exchanges floating around the blogosphere, but I have never participated in any of them. And I, English literature geek that I am, was thrilled to participate in this one. I looked through my own library and chose some of my favorite books to send to my new friend, Rebekkah from Life with Kaishon . Then I awaited the arrival of her books for me. Here's what I got in the mail: I don't vlog very often because I think I look like a dork, but since my camera is floating with the fishes, I decided to let you have a peek at my living room. Excuse my stupid ending - I feel like such a dork taping myself. For those who can't see the video, here are the titles I rece

Baby's First Phone Call review and giveaway

Here it is. My first giveaway. Yeah, I'm just a tad excited! I am also really excited about the prize. Baby's First Phone Call is an automated call tree that you set up ahead of time, allowing you to notify friends and family with a single call without losing that valuable bonding time with your family (not to mention precious REST). How it works: You set up an account before baby's arrival! This is important because you probably won't have the time to set it up once baby makes his or her appearance. You enter in the names and phone numbers of those special people who you want to receive notification of the baby's arrival. After baby is born, you simply make ONE phone call and leave a personal voicemail message (of any length) with the details you want everyone to know: name, arrival time, height, weight, hospital room numbers, visiting hours, and if that little one has your dimples or your great-grandma's red, curly hair! Then the Baby's First P

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study Does reading the Chronicles of Narnia with my kids count if we're using a biblical guide to them alongside? Because that's what we're doing here. Memory Verse Husband Encouragement cooking dinner every night not throwing the kids at him as soon as he walks in the door writing him at least one little love note to stick in his pocket so he finds it at work Train Them Up the Chronicles of Narnia readings with them trying to keep my patience with them when they are crying for no reason (Squirt) and when I can't understand the words coming out of their mouths (Moose) not yelling at them (in my effort to keep it real here on the blog, I admit I do this. I always feel remorse and guilty but I know I'm not the only one & I am desperately trying) be consistent with time-outs and discipline Personal Goals Enjoy this nice weather I hear we're supposed to be having Running outside at least once this week to enjoy said weather Aerobics! MUST Do P

love weekends

First off, I apologize for the lack of pictures of my kids recently. Last weekend, Big A decided to see if the camera could swim. It couldn't. So I've been without a camera to capture the cuteness that is Squirt and Moose. I just hope this kid doesn't decide to crawl while we are without (I guess I do have a video camera which would work better but still). Today is an exciting day! Big A is FINALLY going to go to the Lincoln's Children's Museum with us! We LIVED in Lincoln and he never went with us (granted we only went once while living there but I think the boys - or at least Moose - and I have gone 2-3 times). It's going to be a wonderful-good day (can you tell I've been reading Beverly Lewis?). Too bad we won't have any camera to capture fun moments...but we'll just have to live in the moments today. So I hope you all have great weekends. Anyone else have big plans (and yes, a children's museum is big plans for us haha)?

full morning!

I love when we're busy. Not all the time, but some of the time. It sure beats hanging around the house reading or playing Wii all day (although those aren't bad uses of time either haha). This morning looked to be fairly quiet with the lady from the local ESU (the speech lady) coming this afternoon. With Squirt just moving around and Moose bugging me to play the Wii, it was pretty typical around the S Clubhouse. Big A called and asked if we wanted to come see some chicks. His boss has baby chicks (baby chickens?) in the store for sale (like Orschelin's Chick Days). I love baby animals, especially chicks. And these were way cuter than the ones at Orschelin's - they were all fluffy and yellow and beautiful. Moose raced between them and the sunflower seeds (for birds) sitting out. He likes to just pick them up and put 'em down (the seeds, not the animals). He even held a bird - so cute. I showed him the wings, so he kept saying "they have wings!" He tried g
Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on Moose's speech evaluation. I'm not very concerned about it - he's so young and he really does speak fairly well. I understand him (well...most of the time). The rest will come. But I think I preferred him being sick. Not necessarily the "sick" part but the quiet part. I think he's making up for lost whines today. And the baby has decided to join in cohorts with his brother. And they both took morning naps so no one has slept since before 11 in this house. This mama is exhausted.

left field

Have you ever had one of those moments that just hits you like a ton of bricks tossed at you from left field? Yesterday was one of those days... I made a doctor's appointment for Moose just so we could be sure he wasn't dehydrated. Our doctor confirmed that it's probably (is that a confirmation?) a stomach bug that's been going around. Apparently it lasts about 4 days (or 6 days if your name is Moose). She was watching him play... ...and here comes that ton of bricks... ...(forgive me because I can't recall her exact words) basically she told me that he's not speaking as clearly/well as she'd like for him to be. um...ok...we came in to diagnose a stomach bug. What? Moose does not speak like you or me. He does not speak in full, complete sentences (usually). He can say phrases: "daddy at work" "mama always comes back" "we're watching wii (or cars or whatever)" "mama milk please" For the most part, he just tells

Monday Meanderings (a day late)

My friend Sarah at In Light of the Truth hosts Monday Meanderings. I meant to do this yesterday but got busy, so here it is (a day late)... Bible Study I don't have a "study" going. I was going to go to the women's Bible study at my church on Thursday but felt AWFUL with a horrible headache (or migraine idk) and tummy ache. Hopefully, if nothing happens this week, I'll be there this week. Memory Verse Ecclesiastes 10:11 "He has made everything beautiful in its time." (I've been working on this one for a few weeks...I'm a little slow at memorization) Husband Encouragement I have been trying to encourage him in his workouts and thank him for helping me with the boys and housework. Train Them Up * I am going to read one of his little Bible lessons out of a book of Moose's daily. * I am going to pray before Isaac's meals with him (while slowly shoveling food in his mouth so he doesn't scream at me). * I am also going to try to ke

when will it end??

** Warning: Talking about Moose being sick. Just so you're forewarned, I'm not talking about a simple cough. ** It seems like this winter has just plagued us with colds and an ear infection. Even Big A got sick earlier this winter (and he only gets sick about once every 2 years). I'm hoping with spring, the end is in sight...but it's not yet. Poor Moose has been sick since Wednesday. He threw up while I was at aerobics. Friday and Saturday he had nasty diarrhea (I was the lucky pup who got to clean up those messes). I'm thankful we were home Friday because it was all up his back and the worst thing I've ever cleaned up (including right after we moved back from Virginia that whole puke mess). Saturday we were at Pizza Hut and he wasn't eating much. But I just figured he was distracted like he gets in new places at times. He also threw up the very littlest bit there. Thankfully the diarrhea wasn't as big of a mess, just smelled. Today at lunch he threw u

now if only I could get it to look like this in 3 days...


Feel Good Friday

The Girl Next Door Grows Up hosts this cute little bloggy segment (if you will) called Feel Good Fridays. I've decided to play along today. 5 things that made me really happy this week: 1. My parents & sister came to see us this weekend! It is there first visit to our new home and I've been missing them badly. 2. My new blog design. Isn't it cute? Go check out the other cute designs at I Love My Blog Makeover . I spent a long time deciding on this one. 3. Today I RAN for 35 minutes straight! Me. Running. And here's the things - it felt great! 4. Getting a sort of random email/Facebook message from a really good friend, Monica, who told me that I'm a good friend and role model. That girl is the best, seriously. She is one of those people who just lights up the room when she's around and her smile can make the worst day just vanish. Her favorite color happens to be yellow which is very fitting for such a bubbly person. 5. The "heat wave" goi


For the past few months, I've been working out really hard and trying to eat better (as "better" as you can get within our means, of course). Well, this week has not been the best. I chowed down on chips and ice cream a few days ago....then today for lunch we ordered pizza. I felt guilty about the ice cream & chips and worked extra hard the next day. Apparently that guilt warning wasn't enough because I'm fairly certain my body is rejecting this pizza. I feel awful (guilty and otherwise). I haven't felt like this in awhile. I did some yoga to soothe my guilt but it hasn't soothed my tummy any. Tip of the day: don't waste your workouts on crappy food. Reward your body for a job well done with a nice warm bath or shower and some yummy healthy food (like a salad) and lots of cold cold cold water.

hairy situation

I have a problem. Whenever I go to the salon (barber, hairstylist, cosmetologist, what have you), my hair looks sweet (except when I visit a Cost Cutters but that's my fault for assuming that just because you have the degree that you're good at what you do). Then. I wash it or sleep on it. However it happens, my hair never looks sweet again until I again visit the salon (etc). I'm hoping that in my lovely small town, the hairstylist N will have some tips for me (and time for my questions). That only leaves me with one question: how should I have my hair cut? I have med/long wavy/straight hair. No bangs, no layers. Longer in front, shorter in back (but not much difference). I need a change. Not that I'm going to go all punk on you and dye it pink & white/blond (although doesn't this picture look awesome). I am hoping this summer the sun will bleach it to its normal color of BLOND (rather than blond/brunette). Leave your ideas (and URLs if you find a cut su

wisdom from the S Club

Believe it or not, I do not always need advice (or at least I don't always ask for it); sometimes we do things by trial. I wanted to share a few tips that we've learned with you so you can not ask for advice but still gain from our wisdom. 1. If you buy bulk vegetables (corn and green beans, to be precise), do NOT store them in the refrigerator in large containers for a few weeks. They may not mold, but oh wow, they will taste BITTER! It's not pleasant. Please don't try this one. 2. Here's a tip you can cash in! Do you have a hard time getting your kids to eat carrots (and possibly other veggies but this is what we used tonight)? Does that kid like Sesame Street (specifically Count von Count)? Well, then listen up (or read on): ask them how many carrots they can eat. After each one, say that number and laugh like the count (i.e. "one, one carrot. ah ah ah...two, two carrots ah ah ah, etc"). It worked like a charm with Moose tonight. I hope it works for y

Pampers giveaway

I know I'm not the only one who thinks diapers are expensive. And I know I'm not the only disposable diaper user (sorry cloth diaperers, bless your hearts, I just don't have it in me - or my wallet). So...that being the case, go on over to Piece of Me and check out her Pampers Cruisers giveaway. Pampers are my favorite brand and usually they are better priced. Yes, it's true, my children are currently clothed in Luvs but it wasn't by choice, I swear. MIL bought Squirt's and Luvs had a box of size 6s and the others didn't. Darn small town diaper choices. Anyway, go check it out. Now.

heat wave

phew! It's about 38 degrees here today. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we in Nebraska call a HEAT WAVE! Oh yeah! FINALLY took the boys on a walk!! I have been waiting since fall to do this. We went to the library where Squirt fell asleep in the stroller (sitting straight up -weirdo). Then we trekked to the post office where I spent at least 5 minutes (and it felt like 10) embarrassing myself trying to open the stupid thing (it's one of those combination locks - yeah, we kick it old school here) before I asked the post master for help. Then Moose had a little meltdown in the library which added to my frustration. I was so mad at him. Ugh. But now everyone is down for a nap (well, except me of course). I haven't been able to nap here well. Part of it is because our room is too bright and we have yet to put up curtains. We have curtains but no rods - and I hate HATE our curtains. They don't fit and are cheap. They are up in the boys' rooms but only so they will

feeling good

Last night after writing about my funk, I ran it away. Yes, not ran away from it, but ran it away. I put in "Day After Tomorrow" and ran ran ran (and walked some) until I'd reached 1.5 miles (Big A says that it was probably more since the treadmill is so old). It took me 23 minutes between jogging, walking, sprinting, and running. But it felt good. Moose woke us up at about 6 (sleeping in!), so I got up to work out. I did the Biggest Loser Cardio Max for 45 minutes (Level 2). Kicked my butt. But it felt good. Played some Wii Fit Plus for my kids. Didn't want to but I did it. And it felt good. Now I'm going to go feed the small one, put the big one down for a nap, and hopefully the little one follows. Then I will (hopefully) take a nap myself - oh it'll feel good! Hope you are all having a great day. Thanks for all of your encouragement.