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I have the bloggy blahs

Sorry I haven't really posted lately. I haven't been feeling myself. Not fun being sick this time of the year, but I guess this is the time sickness likes to come out. Yuck.

Go Big Red!!!

Oh man, that was an awesome game! And I don't think football games are awesome very often. But this was fantastic. The Colorado/Nebraska game today started off horribly! 14-0 with CU leading. It was awful. Then we came back 17-14. By the 4th quarter (I think...I forget to pay attention to the clock), we were down 31-30 with just a few minutes on the clock. Our kicker comes in (I also don't pay attention to names much) and kicks a FIFTY-SEVEN yard field goal! What? I didn't think he could do it (sorry, man), but wow. It was great. Then #93 (Suh??), who is a BIG fella, intercepted the ball from CU, basically blocked for HIMSELF (knocking down the quarterback, I believe), and scored a touchdown! I was yelling so much, I'm surprised Moose didn't start to cry. It was amazing. Then with the clock winding down, we hold them, and at the last second (literally), we had ANOTHER interception. Wow! What a season! And now...where will we head for a bowl game? Congratulations

What I'm Thankful For...

Lord, Recently You have been forcing me to look outside myself at my blessings. I know that to some people this blog is silly and it may even look pointless. But, Father, I know you have blessed me with such amazing women who bless me with their time, their comments, and even gifts. I know the gifts are secondary, but are appreciated nonetheless. Lord, I know that this blog was put into my life for a reason; I know these gURLfriends are really true. Thank you, so much for my family. I can't say that enough, even if I told You every second of each day. Big A is the most wonderful husband, and he follows you as closely as he can. I love that most about him. And Moose is a precious little guy. He loves me so much, so much that I don't deserve. He's amazingly smart (aren't all Your children?) and beautiful and just so sweet. I can't ask for a better son. Thank you so much for my entire family, those gone, those present, and those to come. Lord, You have blessed me wi

what's for Thanksgiving?

Tonight some friends are having a Thanksgiving dinner. We've been doing this for maybe the past 2 years, so I'm very excited. I'm going to make the pumpkin crisp again - it's so yummy. However, I'm not feeling the best today so I'm hoping that I'll feel better in time to bake & eat. Shoot, I just remembered that I needed to buy the french onion things for green bean casserole...darn it. Back to the store. BUT on Saturday I'm making chocolate cheesecake. What are YOU making for Thanksgiving celebrations??

Signing Time

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on here or not, but I've been trying to teach Moose some signs. I think it will make communicating with him easier (and I'm holding out for him to learn the sign for Mom because he says it so rarely). So far he has mastered "more," "thank you," and "please." I didn't teach him more but diligently took it from there. Some days it seems like he's not learning anything. Then I kind of remember that he's not going to learn it instantly; he'll learn it when he's ready. He may even never imitate it before he does it himself. I've been watching these "Signing Time" videos with him that we borrowed from the library. Our doctor recommended them, and I really like them. Moose likes to sit and watch them with me, too. A few days ago, I asked him if he wanted milk, and showed the signs for "want" and "milk." And he totally knows "milk." So awesome. Th


My best friend, my husband, tried to surprise me today. It really broke me down to tears and completely added to my humbling. He wanted to take me out to dinner and a movie. Not just any movie, but Twilight . I know, we can't necessarily afford this luxury but he worked close to 90 hours the past 2 weeks so he worked his tail off. And he wanted to treat me . Unfortunately, our plans fell through. The baby-sitter was going to help his sister move. Then we thought we could all go out to eat. Our favorite place, the Boondocks, closed (any of my real-life, in the flesh friends....did you know that????). We drove out there and it was closed. Boo! The only restaurants open were fast-food...not in the mood. So we rented The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (which was pretty good except Carmen looked awful through most of the movie) and bought frozen pizza (yeah, I know...not any better than fast food). But when he told me his first initial plans, I cried. Why is he so good to me?

God's provision and then some

I cannot tell you how blessed I am. Really. It's unfathomable . And I know that there has been so much drama in the blogosphere lately, but I really (somehow) have kept out of it (except for a very minor piece about that anonymous comment...anyway). I feel so blessed by the friends I have made. And sometimes it's very sad to me, too, because I feel like these women I've met online are more my "real" friends than the ones I have met in flesh & blood. But I need to give a shout out to some ladies that have made me feel super super blessed. Stephanie @ Live.Love.Eat. About a week ago, Steph had a message at the top of her blog, saying if anyone had a kid with the same name that she had a birthday banner she'd give them. And my son happens to have the same name, so I emailed her and asked about it. And she's so sweet, I should expect it next week. I'm so excited and that's just so self-less. And her blog's really cute, too! Stacey @ Fu

Dear Twilight movie

Thanks so much for the snippets into this fiction world Stephenie Meyers has created for all of us. The trailers have left much anticipation thrust upon the Twilighters, from tweens and teens to moms and even those fans who won't admit to being fans. However, your timing sucks. Not only do I have a one-year-old who cries whenever I leave him, but my pocketbook is virtually empty. Now, I could deal with leaving Moose with someone capable of handling his separation anxious tears. But I cannot fathom going into the red to purchase tickets to see your sparkling, dazzling self. So, in lieu of this travesty, I am preparing myself to endure a weekend of energized bloggers (and Facebook friends) who have been awed by your viewing pleasure. And, who am I kidding, this is going to go on for weeks. All I ask is that you kindly remind viewers to not spoil it for me (haha, just kidding, I've read the books) by telling me what's different between the book and movie. I anxiously await yo

help! Need a gift for my husband

What do you get a husband for Christmas? A husband who really doesn't like the things you like: reading, crafts...reading. Hmmm... This has been my dilemma for a few weeks. I know I have, what, 35 days until Christmas. HOWEVER, my family is celebrating in 2 1/2 weeks since my older sister, my Friend, is coming home! Let me break off my chain of thought to tell you HOW EXCITED I am to see her. She is in the Air Force, she joined my junior year of high school, and I couldn't be more proud of her. She's been stationed in Florida, Texas, currently Hawai'i. She's been shipped off to Africa, Guam, and Iraq. She had to wait 7 months to meet her one and only nephew due to her engagement with Iraq. And she always answers her phone when I call, even if I forget the time difference and call wicked early (sorry, sis). She doesn't get to come home much, but when she does...literally, like, the whole world stops. We always have a big family dinner and it's usually a hol

more wedding pictures

I've been on this wedding picture kick for awhile. Sorry if you're sick of them, I just still don't trust my computer with pictures not already on there. So here are some of my favorites from our big day. Our beautiful rings. Inscribed in Big A's is "And the two shall become one." Big A started crying at our rehearsal. He cried here when we first saw one another. He cried when he walked our grandparents down the aisle. And he cried throughout the ceremony. It was extremely beautiful. I tell people that's why I wore gloves. My favorite picture of myself by the stained glass in my home church. I bought the candle for our unity candle. I then decorated it with small pearls and a sticker with the verse Colossians 3:14 on it, "Put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity." That candle sits over our love seat in the highest place of honor, I guess, in our home. It sits with our family pictures, reminding us that love will keep us united.

be in prayer

Today a friend, a neighbor from my hometown gave birth to Peyton. Peyton wasn't ready for this world, so God took her into His arms to carry her home. Please be in prayer for her family.

new award!

K is...Not Your Average Girl gave me this wonderful award. Requirements for accepting the award are that I must list five of my favorite addictions and then pass along the award to five other blogs. So here we go! 5 of my favorite addictions: 1. My husband & son 2. NBC on Thursday nights (Office, Kath & Kim, ER) 3. My blog 4. The Twilight series (although I've finished it) 5. mascara Now for Five Fabulous blogs that also receive this award. Re ady? 1. I Kicked Cancer's A$$ 2. My Kids, My Love, My Crazyness 3. Cupcakes & Sunshine 4. Little Momma & Co. 5. A Daily Dose of Toni


I took Moose to the doctor today to check on his sinus infection and to get him a flu shot. Here's what I learned: he has a pale nose inside like someone with a sinus infection, but they don't think he has an infection (still or again). His camo shoes do NOT work with the carpet in the place. He fell like 8 million times (and once hit his head on the corner of the office desk. There's something between a scratch and a gash on his head now...poor guy). I don't like flu shots (yeah, she told me I needed one, too. Me no likey shots). Moose is so brave (not even a whine with this shot). I LOVE our doctor and her nurses and her receptionist. So kind, always. My arm still hurts. Boo.

contest corner

Hello ladies (and gentlemen? I'm not sure if I have any men readers)... Please check out my contest corner (to the right) for your chance to win some very cool giveaways and contests. Most of these are just in time for this holiday season. I know shopping for relatives can be...well....a pain in the you-know-what. So why not take the shop out of shopping and just enter these contests. There's something for everyone. Now, although I'd really love to win each and every single prize for myself, I want to share with you. There's really nothing I love more than seeing someone I know has won something cool. So check it out!

just a tid-bit from me

I just wanted to stop by to tell you all that as depleted as our pocketbook/checkbook is, my heart is completely full. Tonight I just feel like the Grinch at the end of the movie where his heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I love my family so much.

Twilight Fans....check it out

Sunshine & Lemonade is giving away SO many cool things (trust me, I wouldn't tell you about it if I didn't want an extra entry...ha) associated with Twilight. This ultimate fan package includes: 1. The Twilight movie companion - personalized and signed by our favorite Twilight fanatic ! 2. Godiva special Twilight edition chocolate bar 3. Entertainment Weekly issue with Edward on the cover 4. 2009 Twilight wall calendar 5. Barnes & Nobles Gift Card (for those of us who borrowed copies to read from the library) 6. Twilight bookmark 7. Last, but certainly not least, Twilight poster featuring Edward & Bella You have until Friday, November 21st at midnight to enter. I've entered so good luck. :) __________________________________________________ __________________ A Daily Dose of Toni has been hosting a Twilight Extravaganza counting down until November 21, when the movie hits theaters. Today is Day 9 and it's a good day. Twilighter619 has designed 3 neckl

pink & white

So many of you commented on my husband's attire for our wedding. I've always been a pink girl! No doubt about that, although I don't have a giant tendency to be girlie (although, I do like to dress up sometimes). So there was no doubt when I chose our colors. I wanted pink. Not just pink, either. Fuchsia - bright pink! When I told Big A this, he was very supportive. Not a peep out of him. But he did have one request: he wanted to be the ONLY guy wearing pink. So our groomsmen wore silver ties and vests over black shirts. Big A wore a white tuxedo with a pink vest and tie with a pink flower. His white shoes? Custom made for our wedding! His feet are kind of large (size 17). So that's funny. To kick off the weekend, I thought I'd share a picture of my beautiful husband in his white and pink attire. Have a good weekend! (And if you're lucky, soon I'll share the lost hotel room story).

Promote Blog Peace!

A Daily Dose of Toni has been made aware of the catiness happening in the blogosphere. Now, I must not read the right blogs all the time but I do know of two of my bloggy buddies who have had to either privatize their blog or make a new blog that hides their identity in order to escape from the nastiness occuring in this online world. I personally understand why they did that (and I still love reading their blogs), but I cannot understand how people have been so rude and uncouth that they have had to do so. It's really sad and sickening. So today, I'm standing up for blog peace. Here's the repost from Toni: "I was listening to Jen from Posh Point of View today on her show over at The Classy Closet and she said something that really stuck with me. She said "World peace, everybody" When I heard that I thought what a phrase, of course most of us know that it's the 'beauty queen' phrase but when you think about it why not apply it to blog land

giveaway with a heart

Everyone is having great giveaways this holiday season, but I haven't seen any with this kind of heart. This giveaway is hosted by Jen at Cheaper than Therapy . Here's what she has to say about the contest: "My friend Kristen at La Dolce Vita has one of my favorite Etsy shops around! She makes hand-stamped jewelry that is amazing, and also donates portions of her proceeds to a different charity each month. December's featured charity will be Toys for Tots . The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a shiny new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy youngsters that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and community leaders. Kristen's new beautiful necklace, offered in the December promotion, has a hammered disc stamped with "Wish" and an added sterling star charm. It's gorgeous!" It's really easy to enter and to get extra entries, so you should probably head on over there before

just in time for Christmas

Inside Out is holding a contest just in time for Christmas. What could you win? "Mo Smells Red," this super cute book that "teaching kids about colors with the surprise bonus of real scents thrown in." How great? Entertainment PLUS education! You can't beat that. For your chance to win, enter here by November 19th. Good luck. Even if you don't want to enter the contest, go check out this blog. She was very sweet and gave me a very nice comment the other day. It's always worth it to meet new bloggy friends.

wedding cake

To off-set my grumpy mood, I thought I would share pictures from my wedding. These shots are the funniest ones. Let me set the mood for you: at this point of our reception, I had been threatening Big A about mean things I would do if he even touched a sliver of cake to anywhere BUT my mouth. Our beautiful cake! I'm playing nice at this point I thought, "wow, these will be really boring" ...I went for it! So funny ! Big A dropped his piece on my dress (don't worry, it didn't ruin my dress. We did find some frosting later...haha) but do you know the saddest part? That was all the cake we ate that night. We didn't really taste our wedding cake until the next day, and we only had a little. We did have a small cake that we froze to eat on our one year anniversary (it was SO good!).

I apologize...

...for being so crabby lately. Maybe you haven't noticed. I've noticed how poorly written and "designed" my posts have been lately. It doesn't help that my darn memory card is not cooperating with my computer (and I think my computer is going to crash any second now). If I happen to take a very long sabbatical from posting, you'll know my computer crashed. And it'll be a long time until we get a new computer so I guess my posting days may be numbered. ha. Then what would I do with my days? I wish I had something significant to post about. I'm just down in the dumps lately. I could barely act happy at our monthly MOPS meeting. I mean, I had fun, but my heart wasn't really there with me. I wish I had something to occupy my time so my thoughts could stray from our financial situation. But I don't so that's pretty much where my thoughts have dug themselves into for now. My outlook right now is about as bleak as it is outside today. I just wis

finger knitting

Christmas gifts this year are going to be crafty gifts. Cheap crafty gifts. I'll show pictures when my computer stops being stupid. Anyway, my older sister always claims to not want anything so she's almost the hardest person to shop for. I thought and thought about what to make her or get her until I came up with the thought that when she gets to Nebraska (from Hawaii) in early December, her tiny 100+ pound butt will be freezing off. So I've decided to knit her a scarf. Do I know how to knit? Nope. Do I have knitting needles? Nope. Hmmm...what to do, what to do. Finger knit her a scarf!!! I bought a skein of yarn and watched a You Tube video explaining how to finger knit. Very easy but sort of time consuming (well, no more than real knitting or crocheting). The hardest part is I didn't know how long it would take and Moose LOVES yarn so I had to do this during nap time. I tried at bedtime last night, but I messed up so I had to start over & was too tired to start o

My Babywearing Experience...sort of

I know this isn't EXACTLY baby-wearing, but I really wanted to join in the fun (and, in my defense, I didn't exactly know the benefits of slings and such...wish I had, but this "front pack" was useful, too). These pictures are of my husband "wearing" Moose when he was a month old during our vacation to Colorado. It was so endearing to see him holding Moose. The size difference was just precious to me. Enjoy. US Air Force Academy chapel Garden of the Gods US Olympic Training Center Buckskin Joe's (an "old" western town) Our Moose with his Moose taking a nap Tell about your babywearing experience & join the fun at Adventures in Babywearing .

football? with the baby? I guess not!

I took Moose to a football game at my old college. It was cold, but we were bundled so that was fine. He had on his coat & a hat & mittens - he looked like Randy from A Christmas Story. So funny. We really only went to the game to see some friends who were going to be there. Otherwise the team isn't too great and I don't know many players anymore, so it's not like I really follow them or anything. We get to the game and find my friends. We squeeze past everyone (oh and I'm already sweating from walking from far away carrying Moose) and sit down. The game had started (nap time ran a little late) and "our" team did something good (I didn't really get to see any of the game nor did I mind). Everyone cheers and claps. Moose starts BAWLING! Tears stream down his face and he wails into my chest. He continues this until very close to half time. No, I guess he did stop a few times and just sat there, staring at the time clock. He also managed to flirt with


Now, I know that I have the best kid in the WORLD (as I know each mom out there knows the exact same of their child/children), but this is insane, I think. My Moose LOVES to go to bed. I mean it, he LOVES to go to bed. Around bedtime (8:30 or tonight 7:30 because he got up early), he gets cranky & irritable. We ask him, "Do you want to go night-night?" Almost instantaneously his mood improves. He stands up, goes to either myself or Big A and starts waving and saying, "Buh-bye, buh-bye." I distinctly remember recall him a week ago, laying on the floor by the couch, sucking his thumb. I asked if he wanted to go to bed, he sat up, stuck his tongue out like a happy dog, and went straight to the stairs before I had a chance to stand up. It was SO fast. This is crazy, right? Don't most kids HATE going to bed? I mean, I am totally NOT COMPLAINING! I love this (well, I manage the 6:00 wake-up cry). I think he just knows he wants to be in his quiet room to sleep. Big

bye bye thumber baby

*Note* I'd like to show you a picture of this, but my memory card is not working well with my computer lately. I need a new computer. But I added a picture of the earliest picture of Moose sucking his thumb.** Yesterday, Big A was home due to crappy weather. He decided that it was about time that Moose stopped sucking his thumb. He gets out the athletic tape and wraps Moose's right thumb (the only one he sucks on). At first the poor kid was just trying to get the tape off. Of course, he got it off about twice yesterday, so we re-wrapped it. He'd put it in his mouth and right away take it out with a look of disgust! He's tried biting it off, but I think mostly he's given up. As soon as that thumb is clear of tape, it's in his mouth, though. He did take a nap yesterday AND fall asleep without it last night. I went to check on him when I went to bed last night, and he was wrestling around in bed. He saw me and woke up, so I picked him up to rock a bit. He went to


I apologize for my lack of commenting and returning kind comments the past week or so. I've been slightly preoccupied (and by more than just the Twilight series, which has taken its toll on my "free" time). When it comes to waiting for things (like hearing if a certain employer is going to be our employer), I'm seriously impatient. My mind stays tuned on to that station and not much else. Luckily, I have Moose, Big A, and Breaking Dawn to ease my tension; otherwise I'd be REALLY impatient. It's just hard. I know, I know, they said one to two weeks and it's ONLY week two, but it's awfully close to the end of week two. It's just times like this that make me wonder things. Did I do something wrong? Did they find someone else? Do they just know know the start date? I hate being in the dark. It turns my feelings dark. I hope they can turn my frown upside down soon (not to be corny or anything). Alright, my family thinks it needs fed. UPDATE: Well, I em

Family Fun Fall Foliage

Here's some pictures of my boys & I playing in the leaves outside our apartment. Big A let the wind blow leaves towards Moose. Moose's reactions to things coming at his face are always of pure joy...I think. I taught him to say "wee" when he picks up leaves & tosses them in the wind. My beautiful boys!! Excuse Moose's weird hair-do (darn wind) Me and my Moose! Happy Wordful Wednesday. Join in the fun at Angie's Seven Clown Circus ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To comment briefly on the election results, all I have to say is God bless Barack Obama, God bless his staff & council. I pray this is the best for this country. I am saddened this morning as I watch and flip between news programs. No kidding, I have heard ONE person (Maya Angelou) talk about Obama's intelligence. Otherwise, I have only heard how historic this nomination is, how great of a stride this is for the

As Stephanie Tanner would say...

HOW RUDE! Sorry, this is going to be a small vent. I'm really irritated right now. I have my status set on Facebook to show that I'm voting for John McCain. I haven't been shy about this at all; you all know I'm his supporter. And if you really knew me, this should be no surprise to you. I'm old-fashioned and conservative. But a friend, who used to watch my son even, wrote on my wall "John McCain? What's your problem? He's bad for anyone who cares about education." I don't mind if people have a problem with who I vote for, but there is no reason to be rude about it. I have other issues on my mind that are of more importance than education (NOT saying this is not important; I have strong feelings about education, but I honestly don't think either candidate is going to drastically change the educational system for better or worse). I just wish people would be more considerate to one another considering this election. Issues really important

Halloween Part II

Image costume did NOT turn out. I look nothing like Woodstock except I'm in yellow. But I don't know how else we would've done it. Anyway, my boys looked adorable! And I'll leave you with a picture of my Moose petting my parents' cat, Elvis. I was worried because she's old & he's not always gentle with animals. BUT Moose surprised me and was really sweet to her, really only petting her back and being super nice when he grabbed her tail (just letting it slide out of his hands). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On another note, tomorrow is Election Day. Please, I beg of you, be informed before you head to the polls. Don't listen to just what the media says; look for CREDIBLE sources and check out all of the issues (Supreme Court justices, gun control, abortion, taxes, control over Wall Street, etc.). Father, I ask that you guide the voters tomorrow in their decisions at the voting pol

Twilight Update

Real quick update on my Twilight status. I finished Twilight (book 1) on Friday. Luckily, the library had 2 New Moon copies, and I will finish it tonight. Yeah, my husband says he's glad I'm enjoying myself but it's kind of crazy. Oh well. I'm just hoping the library has my reserved copy of the third book by tomorrow. Hopefully, the person who has it now is a fast reader, too. PS Did anyone else think the beginning of this book was a little...less....interesting than Twilight ? Maybe because the romance wasn't part of it. It took me awhile to connect to Jacob. I like him now.