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Sacred Questions by Kellye Fabian (book review)

Since my surrender to Christ in 2014, I have changed in many ways - I don't talk the way I used to (I try really hard to not use bad words and to be thoughtful in my speech), I don't spend time with the kinds of people I used to (who weren't good influences), I don't see life the way I used to (for myself). In other ways, I KNOW I have changed but it's hard to see - I'm still impatient, get angry, and am selfish...but I have grown MORE patient, LESS irritable and offendable, and LESS selfish. Some days it's so hard to see. In those times that it's so difficult to see the change, the growth, the sanctification, I question myself. I question my salvation. As Christians we are promised a re-birth, to become a new creation. So how should we feel when we can't see the change? We can question ourselves, our salvation or faith, or even God. Instead we should ask questions. "Sacred Questions" by Kellye Fabian allows room for such questions. In th

favorite sports movie (Creed II movie trailer)

The Blind Side, A League of Their Own, Miracle, The Sandlot, The Cutting Edge, Cool Running, Remember the Titans, The Replacements, Field of Dreams, The Rookie, Rookie of the Year, Cinderella Man, Facing the Giants, Coach Carter....oh I could go on and on. But what's my favorite sports movie?  “A team isn’t a bunch of kids out to win. A team is something you belong to, something you feel, something you have to earn.” Gordon Bombay,  The Mighty Ducks  (1992) A bunch of ragtag kids slapping around a hockey puck....then this limo drives onto the ice. They go from basically hating one another to becoming a kind of family. The Mighty Ducks was probably the first movie I obsessed over. I knew all the names and jersey numbers of the players. I LOVED Guy Germaine - Number 00. I remember writing in my diary about this movie.  OK that's a little embarrassing. BUT I still love this movie - and D2 and D3. I've enjoyed watching it several times (on VHS, no doubt). I've enjo

The Winter War by Priscilla Shirer (A Prince Warriors sequel/book review)

My nine-year-old son has started to read The Prince Warriors trilogy by Priscilla Shirer. He's working his way through the second in the series. I loved when he came to me while reading the first series, saying, "Mom, there's a Bible verse in here!" He sure couldn't say that when reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." I love the faith infused in this Prince Warriors series. It's been fun to hear him tell his friends and older brother about this series (and it's worth 9 AR points!). So I had to read "The Winter War" by Priscilla Shrier, the first in the sequel series to The Prince Warriors. Image via "The Winter War" is basically an allegorical story, much like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings series. There is a Christ figure (Ruwech), a God-the-Father figure (the Source), and even the Holy Spirit (The Sparks). There's an enemy (Ponèros) and his henchmen (Thayne and Lava Forgers). It took me a l