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my parents

Big A & I were watching one of those cheesy car chase shows on Spike TV the other day. I realized that I missed "Rescue 911." I loved that show in all of its 1990s cheesiness! Then it occurred to me that many of my fond memories of my parents were spent around the television. "Friends," "ER," "90210," "Rescue 911," "Wings," "Seinfeld," and I'm sure many many other hours of my childhood were spent huddled around the "boob tube" (as my grandmother lovingly referred to TVs). I even remember after hearing the news that my mom's dad passed away, my dad and I cried, then sat down and laughed through "Friends" (hey, we all cope in various ways; laugh to forget your tears). Of course, that wasn't all of my memories. I recall my dad being the assistant coach for my soccer league (one of the two seasons I went out). I remember watching my dad play slowpitch softball for his then-company

journal and/or blog

I have been keeping a journal for as long as I can remember. At times it has been called a diary but, considering I don't know the real difference, I don't mind if you call it journal. Most of the time, I'm writing to God because He knows everything anyway! I write about my dreams, my frustrations (a lot of these), my doubts, my hopes, my fears. I write about Big A and Moose, the Spiderlegs, the A-team, and other friends. Basically, what a blog about, too, but it seems my blog isn't as personal; probably because I know other people (whether one or ten) read it. Sometimes, I rant on my blog (like the car seat situation) and sometimes I write really angry posts (but those usually get deleted). I like the blog because it takes so much less time. But I do like the intimate part of actually writing down my feelings, especially when something is on my mind. It's therapeutic to write down what's going on & a lot of the times it really makes me feel better,

another rant

You've all heard me complain about my loud neighbors (who smoke inside & outside - leaving my apartment smelling of smoke....who yell at their kids/cuss at their kids - so everyone in our complex can hear....who gives me the stink eye just because I told her kid -several times - to stay off of my stroller so she wouldn't get hurt -since her mother was too busy on her cell phone) but let me just say this: I think it is an irresponsible parent who can't parent their children. Maybe that doesn't make sense, but I have yet to see this woman do anything other than yell. The oldest two girls take care of the 2-year-old. The boy takes care of himself. The mom bad-talks the other neighbor yet will let her kids play there. The youngest (and the boy, heard from the 2nd neighbor) will steal toys from your house if you're not careful...and deny it (fine the first time she walked out of here with a sippy cup, not fine the second time she deliberately tried to hide a


I thought I'd post pictures from the Strongman competition since I talked about it/bragged about my husband. Here's the Strongman walking with the Strongbaby to sign in. Here they are warming up...I mean, playing in the dirt. Yeah, Moose was a mess after. He just found dirt's a lot of fun. This press event isn't super heavy, but look how long that PVC pipe is! The key to Big A winning this one is his monstrous paws! The tire flip - sounds easier than it looks. It never fails each year, the 2nd to last flip leaves your tire like 1/3 of the way from the finish line. And check out my hubby's giant feet! Radio Interview. Newspaper Interview The day was a lot of fun. I made my MIL mad because I didn't make Moose go to her (he wanted me; he's a year old...I can't MAKE him do things like that). But it's always nice to watch Big A compete because he always gives 100% heart & soul to whatever he's doing. Check out: for mo

ER: the Final Season

While everyone else blogs about Gossip Girl, 90210, The OC, blah blah heart still belongs to ER. I love this show. I used to watch it every Thursday night with my mom. I did lose probably 4 seasons in there somewhere, but caught up last season. Plus, while I was pregnant, I caught up thanks to reruns on TNT! Tonight's episode was really sad. We found out who was in the ambulance that exploded at the end of last season. For those of you who have DVR & have yet to watch it, I won't ruin it for you. The commercials do tell you that someone dies so I can't ruin that part. I will say that I was kind of disappointed. Not by who died. No. But the writing. About halfway through the show, it seems like someone just stopped writing only to pick it up while in a completely different mood when finishing the episode. No one really cried real tears when so-and-so died. I understand these are supposed to be people who see death probably daily but are they really above c


I thought my husband forgot our anniversary. Today we have been together for 4 years. Really with a baby, it seems like much longer (in a good way). Last night at 11:30 when I climbed into bed, I whispered "happy almost anniversary," and then today before he left, I told him again. I can't remember if he said anything back (I'm sure he did, I just have a faulty memory). I have to leave for work here soon so I was checking out Writer's Workshop posts when... *ding dong* me (thinking): ugh...why do people ring the doorbell? don't they know Moose is sleeping??? I go to the door to find a lady with flowers in her hand. That's whole bouquet of beautiful Not only did he remember, but he sent flowers! And it's so cute, too. This isn't our wedding anniversary! Most guys have trouble remembering that, let alone our dating anniversary. Just another reason why my Big A is the best! For those of you who can'

Writer's Workshop

It's that time of the week again! Mama Kat's hosting her Writer's Workshop today so head on over there to check it out. This week I'm choosing more than one prompt because...well, they all sound good. #2: If I could take tomorrow off work I'd... Spend the whole day with Moose. We'd go for a walk in the morning, take a nap in the afternoon, and read all afternoon. It'd be nice to have only his nose (and rear) to wipe, only him to feed, and only him to scold (although he's pretty good about being good for his mom my). #3: Write a letter to someone you miss greatly Dear Mrs. Spiderlegs, I know you haven't been gone AND we've talked almost every day this week BUT I miss you.a.lot. It's crazy how many times you and Kurt come across my mind during the day. I always knew you were my best friend ever since I asked you to be my bridesma id LONG before the wedding. But it wasn't until you moved that I realized how big a par t in my li

watching the Biggest Loser...

And where it should be this big inspiration to me, it's not. It really just makes it seem impossible to lose more weight. They have 24/7 to work out - they've left their families, work, and everyday life so they don't have to worry about those responsibilities. Of course, I can't imagine how hard it is to leave their lives behind like that, but the reality is, I wouldn't want to be away from my family (nor do I weigh enough to go on the show anyway). But I'm frustrated. I did so good losing the weight I did, but I'm still not to pre-baby weight. I have plateaued with 10 extra baby pounds and AT LEAST 20 more extra pounds on top of that. I really would love to lose 30-50 more pounds, I just feel....hopeless. I was using Slim Fast but it's getting so expensive that I can't. Plus, my weight was leveling out anyway. I know I need to stop snacking, but I get hungry. And if I snack, it's just bad all around. I know I should drink water to escape tha


This is how I feel today! Just happy! I called VA yesterday to talk to Ms. A about maybe when we might hear if we got the 3rd interview. She basically told me that they just need to pick a date in order to make travel arrangements! Really??? I don't know if she knew that we hadn't been told yet. BUT a little birdie also confirmed the interview. So now we just have to wait for it to be official. I'm so excited. I get to be on a plane for my boys' first plane rides. We get to all go to a new state together. We get to see our best friends! We get to interview for what's turning out to be our dream job. And I did finally tell my mom. Just to clarify, I hadn't told her because I didn't want to tell her and then have our interview process be really long OR not get the job. But she asked if she got to keep Moose while we go to VA for the, no? I've never been away from him for a night, let alone a few nights in another state. No way. He'l

my wonderful wonderful boys

I am kidding you not - I have the smartest son in the world. Ok, ok...back off other mommies with the same claim. But I'm not lying. The kid is smart! When I tickle him with "tickle bugs," I make a pinch-like motion and say "Moose, what are these?" And then I say "tickle bugs!" in a higher-pitched voice. Well, now when I ask him, he'll start "tickling" himself and saying jibberish in a high-pitched voice/yell. It's SO CUTE! If my camera had sound, I'd put that on here. I started this when he was REAL young. When I change his diaper, I always sing the Jaws "da da, da da, da da, da" (you know what I'm talking about). As I'm doing this, I'm opening his diaper and when I get it open, I go "DADA" real loud (same high-pitched voice as tickle bugs). Now I can start doing the first part, and Moose will just say something like "AHHH" in the high-pitched voice. We're working on blowing kisse's another giveaway

You may ask why I enter (and post about) so many giveaways. Well, really it's so you can have a chance to win really cute stuff (right along with me). Today, along with yesterday's really cute giveaway purse at Angie's , I saw SITS is giving away this: No, the blanket...not the baby (although she's darling). You can use the blanket for your little one OR give it to someone else OR have your own lovey (ha). Anyway, it looks soft enough. Good luck.

camo purse!!

Go here to enter at Angie's blog to win this: She made this cute little camo purse HERSELF. Do you hear me? Herself! How? I don't know but it's cute as...well, a purse. So I know you'd love to beat me at a giveaway so go enter. Now. __________________________________________________________________ Found another giveaway at SITS (aren't they amazing?). Go there and you could win this cute lil baby blanket! Even if you don't have a baby, you could give it to someone who does (or is going to) OR use it for your legs. It looks so soft!

happy birthday to me....

I'm finally going to participate in Mama Kat 's Writers Workshop (Thursday). I'm excited! I chose topic #2 Describe a childhood birthday. For my 5th birthday instead of (although my mom denies this) a birthday party like my older sister had and my younger sister would have later, I spent the night at a girls' house (she couldn't stay at my house because her mom and my dad went to school together and her mom claims my dad pinched her boob once. My dad wouldn't touch her mom - trust me!). That's all. No petting zoo like Wild C hild got. No Amigos class birthday party like Drama Queen got. Nope, that's all. Skip ahead to my 19th birthday (that's right...14 years later, my friends). I'm at college of course, and I wasn't expecting anything for my birthday. I come home late one night from Big A's dorm room and what do I find?? My friends had decorated my entire room for me! It wasn't a party, by any means, but no one had ever done anythin

baby's first parade

...well, sort of. Moose has been to parades before but this past Saturday was his first appearance in one. We had so much fun riding on the A-Team's float! The theme of the parade was Celebrity (or Hollywood...something like that). The float's theme was "Little Bo Peep feeds her sheep at [the A-team's feed store]". Peaches was Little Bo Peep (in her flower girl dress). Birdie was a sheep (there was another lamb but I didn't have my camera out to get her in the picture but she was adorable, too). Moose was Mr. Bo Peep (aka the farmer). Daddy & Moose at the parade (walking so Moose wouldn't become Grumpy). Moose and Mommy hanging out on the float (not my best looking day, for sure). Later Big A & I went to the Husker game (another win, thank you very much!). Before our friends' open house, Big A sent me a message in the cupcakes he made & I was to decorate. And finally, this is Moose sleeping next to Baby Beady - what a difference a little o

I know you love Target but...

Look at this CUTE shirt I found for Moose. Hil-arious. Big A has a strongman competition coming up this weekend (he's the 2-time defending champion). I made him a shirt 2 years ago to wear & he 's worn it both times. Last year I decorated a onesie for Moose, too. But of course, this year, he's WAY too big for that. So I thought "oh I'll buy him this shirt because it makes me laugh...out loud." But no, it won't be here until October. Thanks *goofy sad face*

why can't he just listen?

**Disclaimer: I love my husband with all of my heart. He is a GOOD husband and you can ask any one of my friends; they'll vouch for him. However, sometimes, he just won't listen.** When Moose first got a cold last year, my mom told me to do what she'd done to me and my sisters growing up (and something I still do when I get sick): put Vicks on our feet. Big A said he couldn't understand how that would help clear up congestion and/or a runny nose. So he refused to take part. Moose is sick again this year thanks to any number of factors. As I was dressing Moose for bed, I began to put Baby Vicks on his feet with socks. Big A insisted he just couldn't understand how that worked. I said there are numerous things that probably don't make sense but do work. But I put the socks and Vicks on. It won't work overnight and...who knows? Maybe it doesn't work at all. But at least he'll have SUPER SOFT feet in the morning. All I know is that it won't hurt


Big A is forever telling me to not say certain things on the road. Don't call me dear. Don't gasp or shout; I'll think there's a deer. Although these are paraphrased (and he claims he's never said the first one), these are the basis for this tale. We went to the Husker game last night. Scratch that - we worked at the Husker game last night. We helped his aunt (and her church) sell backrests as a fundraiser. Big A has done this most of last year & all of this year so far. He loves it. You sell backrests until kickoff, then you watch the game, and pick up the rests after. You're there 90 minutes before game time and for about an hour or so after the game. And you sometimes get leftover food (Runzas and hotdogs and popcorn - please fine out what a Runza is for those of you who aren't from's so yummy!). Anyway...we went to the game & a few of our friends helped pick up the chairs voluntarily after so (with that help plus our amazing


Now, I know everyone wants the printer that Tiffany has up for grabs. However, I also would like to think that you all have found my little blog one that you'd come back to visit again. I can't believe the outpour of love from everyone. It's been like my own little blogger recognition few days. Thanks Tiffany!! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Today has been blah (other than in this online realm). It has rained all day - a gentle rain, but rain, nonetheless. The kids at daycare must have been feeling the blahs, too, because not one was on their best behavior. And then poor Moose couldn't nap there; it's too loud and he hasn't adjusted. He started to fall asleep while eating mac & cheese at lunch. He has NEVER fell asleep when there's food around; that's how tired he was. Now he's napping with his daddy. I felt so awful for him. Last night we had a phone interview with this home for boys and girls that

amazing how God brings people into your life

In the past, my blog has pushed some buttons (of my real-life friend(s) and probably others, too). So I've considered (a few times) of deleting it or letting it just sit. But holy moly, I'm so glad I never did. Let me tell you about this really sweet lady that is always saying the nicest things about me. AND not only does she talk about me (haha), she probably has the biggest heart in anyone I've ever met (loosely using that term, of course, but I do feel like I know her). Go to Tiffany's blog, The R Family Diaries . Read her past posts, her current posts, anything that catches your eye (I recommend the one to first time mothers , the one to Tampax , and the boot camp one). Also check out SITS and its sister site SITS recipes (buttons located on my sidebar). Need some help choosing? Check this out. This photo printer looks amazing. I'm not going to lie, I want it. BUT I decided I'd give you a chance to win it also. SO if you never have time to go somewhere

I found the books!

At daycare, they are locked in a cabinet so the kids don't rip them to shreds (sounds like that's been the previous problem). So the last 2 days, I've been tearing up those pages reading to the kids. Let me just say that I love to read. I don't care what I'm reading, but I love to read. Especially Dr. Seuss. The made up words and phrases. I can't get enough. The words just roll off your tongue in such a wonderful way. It makes reading so much fun. But I also love when kids can repeat words after me or point things out in a book. Mr. B has trouble talking, like I said before, but today he picked out an Insect book and he counted with me and repeated things like "lady bug" "fly" whatever was on the page. He's smart, I just think with so many other kids at home, he's been pushed to the side. And I don't think it's purposely but it's still sad. I have been reading to Moose since he was still in my womb. I like to read out loud

Daycare Day #2

Today I met 2 "new" kids (new to me, not to the daycare). Mr. Mav and Mr. N. Mr. Mav is a quiet kid, very articulate. Around 2. The big kids (Miss T - Mrs. H's 6 year old & Mr. N, also 6) were bullying him; trying to make him go outside or play in the back play room but he didn't want to. So he cried. Mr. N is 6 and a bully. He's a brat; I don't want Moose alone with him. He gets too rough with the little ones and just won't listen to me or Mrs. H. Oh well, I only have to see him 2 days a week since he goes to school. My back still hurts today. The heating pad and aspirin is NOT helping ( any ideas? ). Moose did ok today. But this morning we went to MOPS (which is a great organization and you should definitely check it out) for 2 hours. He cried the entire time I left him in their "daycare" place...or at least close to the entire time. I picked him up and he was just taking big sighs/breaths like he'd just been sobbing. Poor Moose. I do

Daycare Diaries

Alright, Mama Kat, move over...there's a new daycare provider in town... Ok yeah right . I am no where near as skilled a provider as she is nor do we live in the same area code, let alone town. But my first day went well. I fed Moose before we left so there was one less kid to feed. I filled out paperwork & tried to keep the 3-year-old, Miss J, from bossing or carrying the little ones. As kids filed in until about 8:30 or so, I just played and talked to Mrs. H, the owner. Moose did much better than anticipated. I thought he'd be insanely jealous, but he played well with others (mostly) and didn't cry much. Only once did he get jealous & that was in the morning when there weren't so many kids around. Here are the players: Mrs. H - owner, mother to Mr. M and Miss T Miss J - sassy 3-year-old who likes to be an adult but also wanted her mom Mr. B, Mr. T, and Miss A - sibs from a family of 10 kids. Mr. B is 4 and can barely talk, needless to say neither can T or

heaven on earth

This is probably the closest place to heaven I've ever been. It's so beautiful and peaceful here; it's so easy to imagine God's hands creating this. "This" is Lower Falls at Yellowstone National Park. I haven't been there in close to 3+ years, but I remember it clear as day. I went to Wyoming to visit Big A in the summer of 2005. He was working for the Forest Service clearing trails & whatnot. Over 4th of July weekend, I met him in Cheyenne where we left his truck with my mom's friends' family (yeah). I had taken his mom's car out there due to my lack of vehicle (which I ended up buying it anyway). So we took the ol' gold Taurus to Big Piney. It was Friday night & we got there very late. We slept maybe 4 hours, then got up to go to Jackson Hole & Yellowstone. Jackson Hole was beautiful, but very touristy. We rode the lift up Snow King & saw this awesome arch made out of antlers in town. It was fairly uneventful...mostly just

guess what?!?!

I got a job! Yeah! I do have to take Moose to daycare....BUT I'm going to be there, too! That's right, I got a daycare position. At least a part-time one. Mornings on MWF, afternoons TTh. That works so well for me because MOPS and WIC are in the mornings of TTh so I don't have to reschedule or skip out. I know some of you are thinking, "well good going worrying so much about getting a job." I know. I know, Mrs. Spiderlegs ;) Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news! My God news. No, I didn't get an award; I'm rewarding today! I think these lovely ladies are kick butt bloggers! - Mrs. Spiderlegs : she always gives it to me straight, even from 1200 miles away. - Mrs. R : her comments always light up my day. - The A-team Mom : she is so giving of her mommy wisdom. - Mama Kat : her blog makes me laugh daily and she's so sweet always! - Candid Carrie : I love having Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta (and she's so adorable). Head over here to Mr.