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March family update

Seizure update: no seizures since Moose's hospital stay in mid-February. Not sure what that means but we met with his neuro doctors last week and they had a conference and talked about his situation. The decision was made to move ahead with surgery to take out the lesion (which they now think to be a low-grade, I'm not sure what exactly that means). We do not have a date for the surgery but go next week to have a consult with the neurosurgeon. I've been asked how I feel about this and I have processed all of the "what ifs" I can think of, so I'm doing fine with it right now. I know there are days where it hits me and days where I don't think about it. I think it will continue to be a rollercoaster. However, if the surgery is successful (and the doctors believe it will be), Moose will continue on his meds for a year and then be weaned off as long as he stays seizure free. Whoa! Isn't that miraculous sounding?! The boys had their cub scout

God's Not Dead 2 giveaway!

I went to the movie theater this weekend and let me tell you, there are a ton of good movies coming out, but none got me as excited as God's Not Dead 2 ! I literally got goosebumps thinking about how many people saw even just the theatrical trailer! Maybe that will lead them to see the movie and lead them to personally knowing Christ as their Savior. You don't know! But it's an exciting possibility! Today I get to bring to your attention a giveaway right here on this very little blog. If you don't know God's Not Dead was about a college student standing up for his faith in a college course - basically if he didn't prove God was real, he'd fail the course. I think the courage shown in this film is amazing. God's Not Dead 2 surrounds a trial in a court of law after a high school teacher (Melissa Joan Hart) answers a student's question. I'm not sure of the exact question but she answered using her faith. Obviously, she gets sued and then must

My Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner (book review)

The subtitle for "My Fringe Hours" by Jessica N. Turner is "discovering a more creative and fulfilled life" made this book sound amazing! I'd love a more creative and fulfilled life. Who wouldn't?! The book is separated into three segments: Explore, Discover, and Live Well. In those are three "fringe principles" each: belief statements. Each belief statement is a chapter with several questions about what you like to do with your spare time, how you spend your time, how you balance life, what you would do if you had more time. A real self-evaluation. image via While I believe these are good to do once in awhile, this book wasn't for me. I believe this book is for the woman who honestly spends no time on herself and has zero time for the hobbies she does enjoy. I spend 4+ hours on exercise (something I enjoy) each week, read when I find the time, and try to embroider or something. Once a month or so I get together with girl fri

I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God by Diane Stortz (book review)

In my last post, I said I'd been looking for a good family or kid devotional forever. I believe I found my favorite one in "I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God" by Diane Stortz. The illustrations by Diane Le Feyer are enough to shout about. They are just beautiful. Great colors, great art. You could frame these and put them on your walls, they are so pretty. I do love the cover a ton because it sparkles! image via Now, the content. No one reads a book entirely for the pictures, but luckily, the content is wonderful, too. This devotional centers on the names of God and it uses these names (among others): Creator, The Lord My Rock, I AM, Holy One, Jealous God, The Lord of Heaven's Armies, Immanuel, Teacher, Bread of Life, Christ, Friend, and King of Kings. The format is telling the name of God (God All-Powerful/El Shaddai), then a verse. Followed by a paraphrased story from chapters in the Bible (El Shaddai is from Genesis 12-21) that's 2-4 pages long.

The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional by Shelia Walsh (book review)

I've been on the look out for a good family or kid devotional for many years. Some are plain bad. Some are too short and not deep enough. Some are over their heads! I was really feeling good about "The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional" because it's written by Sheila Walsh. I have heard Sheila talk and really believe her heart for Jesus. We took a dive into this devotional. And we gave it a really good shot. Our problem was not the content. It's good stuff in here. It's a weekly devotion, so you'd think we could squeeze it in. And we can! I just don't know when. During the week is hard because when Big A comes home, it's supper, showers, bed. On weekends, we just are either busy or lazy. Sundays include church for all morning and naps or quiet times. Seriously, it's just a scheduling problem. But this post is about the book, not my lack of organization. image via "The Bible is My Best Friend Family Devotional&quo