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Cave Tools Pigtail Flipper (review)

It's summer. I don't know about your family, but we enjoy a good, juicy burger from the grill. Almost everything tastes better off the grill (I'll put a disclaimer that I haven't tried everything on the grill so maybe something doesn't taste better this way). Big A & I switch off who grills; I enjoy it as much as he does, but often he does the grilling because I'm doing something else at the same time.  Cave Tools kindly let us try out their pigtail flipper. It's a handy little tool to flip things on the grill (or inside, I guess, although I haven't done that yet). It's mostly advertised as a bacon flipper - or that's what I think of it as. Big A tried it out on the grill flipping burgers. I'd say they flipped over without the small pieces coming off when you use a traditional spatula flipper.  And very handy to reach back for those back burgers (or hotdogs or vegetables or whatever).  While I haven't used it inside y