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This was kind of tough; I had to go around some comments that weren't entries (not that those aren't appreciated I just don't have this giveaway thing down to a system yet). I also had to pick a new winner because I didn't have an email address for my first choice (so sorry! Just a reminder that if I can't get in touch with you, you can't win!). Although I would really like to give any of you a Road ID because I think they are that important, I can't. I don't have the budget. But I can give away one to one of you, my lovely blog readers (and seriously, I have 107 followers? How did that happen?! I remember when I was stuck at 40 for the longest time. I love you guys). Without further ado (or late night babbling)....the winner is.... Theresa from Being Refined As Silver !!!  Please email me with your information. Theresa said: I like the elite in purple. I am not a runner, but it is still a good thing to have as a mom. How true that is! Although


Genesis 3 The Fall of Man   1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, "Did God really say, 'You must not eat from any tree in the garden'?"   2 The woman said to the serpent, "We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, 'You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.' "   4 "You will not surely die," the serpent said to the woman. 5 "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."   6 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Eve was deceived by the snake in this passage. He tempted her to look away from the Garde


My boys eat two snacks per day. I'll be honest, they eat a lot of crackers. Ritz, goldfish, graham, saltine. Frankly, I know it's probably not good for them to eat that many crackers. They don't need that many carbs in a day (I'm not trying to put them on a diet or anything but I do want them to eat healthily). So here's my question: what do your kids have for snacks? Do you know any healthy, cheap, and easy snack ideas (preferably ones I don't have to feed the baby)?

Cast of Characters (review)

As many Christians have, I've read my fair share of Max Lucado books. In my case, it's mostly his books for kids. However, I jumped at the chance to read "Cast of Characters." It sounded like my kind of book: short and Christian (I've been struggling to tackle long-winded books lately). The book itself is not short but the chapters are the kind you can read in a sitting. I greatly appreciate anything I can read in segments because often that's all the time I have. "Cast of Characters" is a gathering of selections from Lucado's vast works. You find tales about the most extraordinary characters in the Bible: Mary, Peter, Matthew, Joseph, Nicodemus, Woman at the Well, David, Esther, Job, The Samaritan Woman, John, Rich Young Man. Or are they extraordinary? As we look back on their histories, we find that they weren't all that extraordinary. They all had their faults, their hangups, and their own sins. Sounds a lot like me (and you?). Just an

Wordful Wednesday

Saturday was so beautiful, I couldn't resist going outside with Moose while the other two took a late nap. I thought coloring with chalk would be a lot of fun; I always love how sidewalks look after they've been colored on. Here's the reality: I can't draw any better than I could in kindergarten. But I tried for my son's sake.  Here's the challenge: can you guess who all of these are? Moose admiring my abilities. #1: these guys are just friends, no matter what you see on You Tube. #2: All monsters. #3: he's big and he's yellow, he's quite a nice fellow... #4: Bouncing's what he does best. #5: This guy is cuddly, little, loveable, wrapped in fur. He's _____-the-____. #6: Did you hear about the kid who wanted to know everything about everything? That's him! #7: Not the ones from Madagascar but from the above show. #8: Also from show #6 #9: The ladies from show #6 #10: evidence I can't draw but she

Monday Meanderings

need some organization in your Monday? join us for Monday Meanderings   Bible Study... I'm reading through Praying the Scriptures For Your Children by Jodie Berndt (VERY good book) & I'm also reading Instructions to Wives, Mothers, and Their Husbands by Gil Rugh (I'm not sure at this point I would recommend it) Memory Verse... James 3:1-12 Our youth pastor (and friend) at church preached a sermon based on this on Sunday. It was so good to hear and very humbling as I struggled with this a few days this weekend especially. Husband Encouragement... I would like to NOT argue with Big A all this week; I did enough unnecessary yelling this weekend (understand why Sundays sermon was good for me to hear?). - make him some good meals this week - help him make his lunch nightly - make sure he does not unnecessarily snack Train Them Up...   - patience patience patience - start using time outs with Squirt - < 2 hours/day for Moose  - speech pathologist visit on Thur

happy birthday, sweetheart!

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Big A! Big A, I know you say that you don't want a big deal made out of your birthday but you need to understand the blessing that is today. God brought you in to this world today. If He hadn't, I wouldn't have you. So I count this day as one of the biggest blessings in my life. I couldn't do this without you.  You are such a great daddy. Those two little boys just light up when they see you (so either they love you or they think you always have food around - possibly both). You are so wonderful with them: playing and teaching and loving and leading.  I couldn't ask for a better husband. You work hard and allow me to stay home to raise our boys. You put up with my "clothes tantrums" and send me out to take time for myself. You help me with dishes more often than not and cook us some yummy meals now and again. I can't express how much I appreciate you, but I can say thank you and happy birthday! Love you, Your

Heads Up! CSN review/giveaway coming soon

Whenever my mom comes to visit, she complains. About me not having a coffee maker . Luckily for me, CSN Stores has that and more: coffee tables (just be careful of running little ones), holiday decor (c'mon it's July...Christmas will only get closer!), and tailgating supplies (football season will be here before you know it) among so many other things. Check out their listing and links to their 200+ stores to find just the right store to find exactly what you're looking for. And stay tuned for a review and/or giveaway soon.

CSN Stores (review)

As you all know, I've been running my tail off lately. However, I have forgotten a true love of mine: yoga. I've done it once in the past month (so sad). Partially because I've been focused on running (more than partially, I'd say). Another reason is that I wanted to take my yoga to the next level by using weights. I don't own weights of any kind - or I didn't. Then I had the opportunity to get the Cap Barbell Dumbbell Set (40 lbs) through CSN Stores . I'll admit I haven't used them as much as I'd like - I'm still trying to work out the bugs in my yoga/running system. But, Big A has used them a few times himself to do a boot camp DVD. Now, my husband is not a small man - he requires large weights. This set is perfect because he hasn't lifted in awhile (running, again) but he still has some burly muscles (yes, ladies, you can swoon but he's mine). They are heavy enough for him to use but let me start out with a smaller set because I do


There is mold in my basement. There has been mold in my basement. Our "land lord(s)" have known about it for months. About a month ago, they sent in a guy (who does not specialize in mold) with a sponge and bucket. He supposedly killed it. Or not. Now, there is mold on so much of our stuff down there (we haven't looked through it all). The baby swing. The baby bouncer. The Boppy pillow. Toys. Shoes. I'm so upset. I don't even know where to begin. Do I throw it out (probably not in case we have to go through our renter's insurance)? Who replaces that stuff? I know it's just stuff but it's our stuff. Our memories.


I've been thinking a lot about grace lately. God has given me so much grace. He's forgiven me so many things - "big" sins and "small" sins. But do I forgive others? Do I let things slide off my back? I don't. I hold grudges and get hurt...sometimes pretty easily. It doesn't help that I am sometimes paranoid - think people are talking about me, think someone is mad at me (when they aren't necessarily). I think it stems from a self-esteem issue (who doesn't have some of that on board?). But I'm trying. I'm trying to extend some of God's given grace. To my husband who can irritate me as easily as he can make me laugh. To my children who don't mean to make me upset, but do. To my extended family who drives me insane sometimes more often than not. To my friends who do a variety of things that are unintentional (not answer phone calls or emails, not setting up play dates, not visiting, not including) because we all get wrap

Vacation Viewpoints

Yeah that's a lame post title - give me a break. LOL I am actually very much enjoying this mini-vacation away from my sons. I miss them, don't get me wrong, but it's been nice (and quiet) to have time by myself and with Big A. We dropped the boys off with my parents (well, my mom because I tried giving my dad directions and he told me I was telling the wrong person...ok) and headed out to Colorado. I love this state! Not that we've done any sight-seeing but it's been good. Sunday we didn't do anything really - tried out the pool. We got an upgrade on our room when we checked in bc I said it was our first time away from our boys in 3 years - so sweet (but we haven't used the whirlpool at all haha). Monday Big A had seminar work stuff (boring) while I hung out at the hotel all day (slightly boring). I got some pool workout in (30 minutes and really I didn't know what I was doing so yeah). I read some Max Lucado (review coming soon) and watched a bunch


I love baby milestones! *rolling over *rolling back over *crawling *first teeth *second, third, fourth teeth *sitting up *standing up *cruising and... walking!! I have 2 walkers now (sort is still quite shaky)! I'd pretty much forgotten how sweet those first few steps are. How off their balance is. How scary it is to watch them. How exciting it is to watch them. So not only is Squirt growing up fast by becoming (more) mobile...but he says "mommommommommom" (finally)! I love that! Too bad he said "gagy" (which Big A seems to think means "daddy") first. There's a possibility that "bubbabubbabubba" means "bubba" which is Tristan's nickname, too. Not yet sure on that one. But I'm glad he's finally talking. Hopefully I'll be able to upload pictures of him walking (when I catch him on camera).

Virtual "Half and Half" Race

Is it bad that 2/3 of my races so far are virtual ones? Not for lack of trying to be in real races, but these virtual ones just fit in better. Apparently they give me a little push, too, because today I ran "fast" (quotes because "fast" for me is not FAST at all). Neurosis of the Stay at Home Mom of 3 held her first annual Virtual "Half & Half" Race today. Big A & I partook in the 5K (half of a 10K) as it fit in nicely with our training this week. I dragged my feet getting out of bed and out the door this morning but by 5:40am I was running. I added the .1 mile on at the start so I wouldn't forget at the end. It was overcast and humid this morning but it's going to be HOT today (as it was yesterday) so I'm glad I got out and did it. I listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast - a really old one actually from right before the finale in Season 7 when Helen won. It was dark when I started; I'm beginning to see the need for a reflect

Road ID (review & giveaway!)

Road ID is probably the best idea ever for an athlete, especially those who train in the outdoors.  This is straight from the Road ID website " Our Story " page: The inspiration for Road ID was born in the fall of 1999. For my father, the inspiration was his concern for me as I trained for my first marathon. For me, the inspiration was a black, King Kong size pick-up truck that I nearly came face to face with on a long Saturday run. Earlier that fall, I began training for my first marathon. My father worried about me logging all those miles and would often tell me to “be safe.” One day, he suggested that I carry an ID so that he could be notified if I had an accident while training. Of course, I dismissed that suggestion. I thought: “What could possibly happen to me while running?”


I have a confession: I eat yeast. Literally, I do eat yeast - it's in my bread and I'm sure other food items. But I also spiritually eat yeast. Maybe you're unfamiliar with this analogy from Exodus. Exodus 12:19 (NIV) For seven days no yeast is to be found in your houses. And whoever eats anything with yeast in it must be cut off from the community of Israel, whether he is an alien or native-born. There are two ways to look at this time of Passover when yeast is not allowed in Jewish homes. Literally, the tribe of Israel was to have no yeast in their homes during the Passover season. Spiritually, we find that yeast is an analogy for sin. I eat yeast. Daily. Yes, I'm a Christian. I am not a I-go-church-so-I-am-a-Christian either. I really and truly believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, my Savior. I know that He died on the cross to pay for my sins that I was indebted for; a debt I could not pay. Through His pure sacrifice, my sins (your sins) were paid for.

happy birthday, Squirt!

Squirt,  Where did this year go? You're one already? Time really flies, doesn't it. You came into this world so pleasantly and quickly, but you sure made your impact once here.  Everything has always been your way: it took you 6 hours to wake up to nurse (when all "experts" say you should eat ASAP), you ate when you wanted, you pulled hair when you wanted, you smiled when you wanted. But it's always worth the wait.  I know it hasn't been an easy year for any of us; moving when you were so little. But you're a trooper, for sure. I appreciate you rolling with the punches, especially when it comes to your brother manhandling you.  After having Moose's laid-back approach to life, you haven't always been easy for me. However, do not ever mistake that I have always wanted to be home with you, raising you. There has never been anywhere else I'd rather be. You make me work for smiles and sometimes by the end of the day, it's all I can do to cra

First of Many (I'm Afraid)

Oh, mama! What happened? Moose decided to take a trip...right into our end table.  You couldn't have at least put pants on me, mama?!   Oh well, they gave me a dog. I'm happy! Except when they hold me down   (only time he cried was during the numbing and stitches when he was held down). Big A even had him singing his ABCs while he was getting stitches - teary ABCs are probably the cutest thing ever. 4 stitches and I'm all better (where's my ice cream?) ! But now what will we do with this kid? He's got some sort of smiling pox.... That was our first real emergency trip to the ER (for one of our kids). Moose came racing out of our bedroom (where he was watching Cars), only to trip (like he has so many times before) right into our end table. I'm very thankful it wasn't his actual eye, although his head gushed there a lot for awhile.  After initially crying (Moose), Big A got a wet washcloth to clean him up a bit, told Moose we had to go to the doc

a day at the park

As Squirt sits nicely in the swing, content as can be... Moose journeys down the slide. All seems well enough. Two boys playing at the park. Then one finds dirt. While the other is still just hanging out. Then big brother decides to push his baby (in the swing). And baby brother decides to push the big brother (from the swing). (just kidding, Moose just laid down...but that's how it looks, huh?) Then big brother finds dirt...again. That's our typical day at the park.

COMING SOON: Road ID review & giveaway

I just wanted to give you a heads up about a review and giveaway I'm going to be doing for Road ID. I cannot be silent any longer but I'm waiting for a correction (of my own doing) of my ID to come in the mail before I get to really try it out. Anyway...just wanted to tell you because I couldn't keep it inside anymore! And now...back to your regularly scheduled posts. :)

have you ever...

...taken a nap only to not be able to sleep at night, completely defeating the purpose of the nap? ...kept your toes (or fingernails) painted the same color for months? ...tried to set up a play date only to have the mom blow you off (by saying that life was hectic at the time)? realized she has had several play dates with others since then? wondered why? ...left a reception because you were tired of your child not listening to you? ...lost weight to fit into clothes only to need new clothes once they were too big? ...ran 7 miles? ...wished a friend lived much closer only to realize it wouldn't make a difference? ...wished a friend lived closer because it would? ...known that you have the best husband? ...secretly wished someone would "discover" your kids because of how stinking cute they are? ...realized that you love going to church? ...felt like Sunday School was a date for you and your husband? ...been amazed at how a few days with a tee can im

God Bless America

Right now our country is in a state of economic crisis (no matter if some say it's over) and we're at war in a foreign country. It may not be the best of times for some but it also is probably not the worst of times for most. We are blessed to live in a country of abundance or, at the very least, some. Many go without. We are blessed to live in a country of relative safety. Many fall daily both without this assurance and to protect our assurance. We are blessed to live in a country with certain inalienable rights. Many are persecuted for much less. We are blessed to live in a country with free speech and freedom of religion. Many have no freedom.  We are blessed to live in a country with a military system in place to defend us at the country's beck and call. Many rely on those same soldiers because they have few or none.  We, the United States of America, are blessed. Please remember this as you celebrate your Independence Day. "because the flag stil

No Freedom Run

This morning I wanted to go to a nearby Freedom Run, but that plan didn't work out. Big A had to work so I'm spending the morning with the boys. Big A did say that he could watch Moose this morning so I could go over there to run but the idea of pushing Squirt 6.2 miles makes me want to cry. I can hardly push myself that many miles, let alone Squirt! Instead, this morning I pulled myself out of bed just after 5:30am to go for a run. I had thought that maybe, if I felt good, I'd try 7 instead of the scheduled 6 miles. It was barely light outside as I started and a little humid. Once I got out of town, there was a nice breeze, though. I listened to Focus on the Family: Parenting podcast and really, that distracted me enough to make me sort of forget that I was running. I didn't stop for 3 miles! I felt great. I had looked at my watch at 1 mile and it said just under 9 minutes - wow. My knee felt so good, I kept digging for the last half mile before I turned around (3.5

Scape (review)

I don't know about you, but I am fair skinned. I have always burned very easily but don't always take the necessary precautions to keep my skin safe. However, since I've had kids I have gotten a lot better at it. I slather my boys head to toe with sunscreen (SPF 50) because who wants to take care of sunburnt kids? Not me. However, when I run it's another story. First of all, I usually run inside or in the morning (yes, I know the sun is still out in the morning but it's not AS bad, right?). Second of all, I hadn't found a product that didn't run into my eyes (ouch) or feel....gross. Until now. I contacted Outside Labs to see if they would allow me to review their Scape products . And they said yes, so I was really thrilled because I've heard such good things about them around the blogosphere (and we all know the blogosphere is reliable, right? Mostly). I received the Scape sunblock , Face Stick , and Lip Balm in the mail (oh I love getting mail!).

How can this be? My Moose is 3!!

Moose,  You have been such a joy since you were born (after that delivery, that is). At 9lbs. 8oz. you were our Moose; a big boy by any standards but still a little baby to us.  It was as though you wanted to be as sweet as pie after putting me through such pain to get you into this world! You made your own routine quickly, eating every few hours (whether food or bottle). You were routine in so many ways: rolling over, walking, talking, teething. God knew that I needed someone laid-back while I finished school.  You have always adjusted well to life. Whether going to college activities with me, switching day care, staying home with me, moving to Virginia, moving back to Nebraska, getting a new baby brother, moving again. Always it's seemed that you say, "whatever" to everything life throws at us.  You have always been so sensitive, getting upset when I cry (or when another kid at the park is getting yelled at). You love fiercely (sometimes too fiercely when it comes t