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From Tablet to Table by Leonard Sweet

I am an advocate of family meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, elevensies, afternoon tea, etc. In our house, we eat every evening meal together, the kids & I eat every breakfast together, and I eat lunch alone and then again with my husband (come on, he comes home at 1:00 and I cannot wait that long). And maybe once every two or three weeks, we'll eat while watching a movie together. We do not own an iPad or tablet, but I do understand the affects such items have on meal times. I find it very annoying even when someone calls or texts during our meal times (which, inevitably, one of our mothers does at least once a week). Leonard Sweet's "From Tablet to Table" was a very interesting subject to me. I know my children are very...obsessed with iPads (which they use at school and flock to whenever we're around someone else with one) so I can't imagine how hard it must be to turn off the tablets and have a decent family meal. I know these are first world

family updates

Not much news in the way of family. I am feeling much better (mostly) - thank You, Lord! I'm still not up for doing much around the house, but I can get some laundry done and have even done dishes (that smell is awful, let me tell you). Today I have kiddo home sick. Poor Moose. He was warm at bedtime and shivering. Even at church that morning, he kept saying he was cold. It's cold. It's Kansas. I didn't think much of it. Then after I'd turned out the lights for myself, I heard him up and in the bathroom. Diarrhea. Poor thing. I heard him a few other times in the night, but he's definitely growing up. He didn't come to me even once, although I did get up to check on him. So while we're enjoying back-to-back movies (something we only do when someone is sick), I thought I'd write on my blog (before writing more book reviews). My belly is getting bigger. This picture was taken a few weeks ago (I'm 19 weeks today). I've been running sti

Lord, Change Me by James MacDonald

A year or so ago, I went through the James MacDonald DVD Bible study "Lord, Change My Attitude." It was wonderful, very thorough and deep set in Scripture. I have known for awhile that I need to deal with my selfishness, so I thought reading James MacDonald's book "Lord  Change Me" would help me like the Bible study did. This book was not what I expected. image via Amazon "Lord, Change Me" is a great starting point for someone who doesn't know the Lord but knows he/she needs a change. It has a great outline of the gospel - Christ came as fully-God, fully man and died on the cross in payment for our sins and rose again from the dead. Very great news; best ever. Just not a Bible study on the changes that occur afterward; how to change your heart or sins like selfishness. The fonts in "Lord, Change Me" had bold and regular and italics. It was really distracting for me. Allowed me to scan more than I like to in a book. Fonts should