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Have you ever been a witness to an accident or crime? I haven't been; however, as I understand it, you are legally bound to tell what you've seen. Whether that's in a police report or in court. This past Sunday, Sunday School class talked about spreading the Truth. The Truth being the gospel of Christ's blood shed on the cross for the propitiation (full payment) of our sins. I never thought much about the word "witness" before. I never put my experiences with the Holy Spirit into the example of a courtroom setting. I am a witness of Jesus' power through the Holy Spirit. He has spoken to me on several occasions: the night in college when I really made the decision to turn my life around; when He told me to go on a missions/relief trip after Hurricane Katrina; when He told us to move our wedding date up; when He convicted me recently about my desires. I know that the Lord was also with me when I gave birth to my sons. The Lord is working small miracles (

Max on Life by Max Lucado (review)

Max Lucado is one of the leading biblical authorities. He is a best-selling author of numerous books, my favorite being his Wemmick books . However, these books may have to make room for "Max on Life: Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions." In "Max on Life ," Max answers questions from people who have written to him over the years. The questions have a broad range from "My pastor offers to visit the sick and anoint them with oil. Sounds like voodoo to me. What do you think?" (Max offers the Scripture from James 5:13-16) to "Our church is having trouble getting along. Sides are being drawn, and tempers are flaring. What can we do?" (the Corinthians had this problem, too). Max offers up biblical answers based first upon the Bible, then upon his life experiences. My only discrepancy with Max was that in a few places he said that God cannot change. I do believe that God doesn't change but there is a difference between doesn

help out in Joplin, MO

My old MOPS leader posted this on FB and I thought I would share with you. In cases of devastation like the Joplin, MO tornadoes, you may feel like I do: very insignificant and unable to help. I can't send hundreds of dollars or even myself to help in Missouri. However, this is a way that I can help out in a small way that could have a lot of impact. Hey MOPS mamas the Joplin, MO MOPS has created a Amazon wish list for tornado victims. PLEASE check it out and see if there is anyway you can help. QPZC/ref=cm_wl_rtxt?_encoding=UTF8&revea l=unpurchased And please continue in prayer for them. Devastating.

Running Meme

When I read this runner's survey on Run with Jess , I wanted to participate and I'd love for you to fill it out yourself... so I can learn more about you too! What is your favorite type of cross training?   Jillian Michaels DVDs. I'd love to try spinning or a kickboxing class, but our town doesn't seem to have those options. So I'll stick with Jillian (at least I will when my wrist stops hurting. I think I minorly sprained it doing a back bend while watching Biggest Loser - thanks a lot Hannah! And Jillian does everything in plank so it'd be hard to do without your wrist feeling well). What is your favorite song to run to?   I love me some Pink!! What brand of shoes do you wear?   I wear Nikes but I'd love to try Asics, Saucony, Brooks...or Vibrams Do you wear a hat when you run?   No. I don't even own a hat. Well, ok I own one but I don't ever wear it. I wish I had more hats. I wouldn't wear them to run - too hot and sweaty. I l


One of my favorite things about running is hearing that I've had some sort of influence on another person. Health has become very important to me - my body is God's temple, so I want to care for it; I love my family so I want to be around as long as possible for them. To hear that I've impacted someone else's life is very humbling, first of all, because I "can do all things [running] through Christ who strengthens me." These miles are not my own! Each step is guided by God because I seriously do not have the strength [and sometimes ambition] to do them myself. However, as great as it is to be asked for running advice or to be told by a friend that I'm inspiring, my biggest compliment was paid to me after my long run on Saturday. I ran by our house a total of 3 times before ending and I stopped briefly each time - to get sports drink, energy gels, and kisses (and use the potty once). Each time I stopped, Moose asked if he could go run. I told him when I w

Rapture Saturday

Alright, I'm writing this on Wednesday, May 18 (for future reference). I feel I must address this Rapture Saturday. I consider this nonsense. I'm not saying that Christ's Second Coming CAN'T happen on Saturday, May 21. It could, it could come whenever God wanted it to come. However, I don't believe that humans can know this date. Scripture vehemently says (in numerous places...that I can find for you on request ) Revelation 3:3 (NIV) "Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; obey it, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief , and you will not know at what time I will come to you ." How this group of Christians came about to May 21 can be found on their website ; I will warn you that I found it all to be mumbo jumbo and that they've created mathematical equations to support their theory. The website doesn't specify how they know the date of the Crucifixion but just claims it to be proved prior to this


I have a confession. This past week I have been a Debbie Downer. Anthony & I realized that we won't be able to give a reasonable offer on a house we really love, and then we've also decided that a larger family is not the responsible thing for us to do at this time (if ever). Both of those have been weighing on my heart this week and I've let them weigh very heavily. While I was reading my Bible last night, I realized that I had lost focus of my life's purpose. I had been focusing on these desires - which aren't bad desires, really - instead of remembering that I am here to please God, to serve God. He takes such good care of me and my family. Who am I to complain about things like this? Do I not have a good house to sleep in now? Do I not have a wonderful family as is? I want to be patient like Paul through times of hardship and disappointment. While my heart may ache, I want to be joyful like Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 6:10. This is not to say that God do

Bondi Band (winner!)

Thank you to everyone who entered my Bondi Band giveaway! Even if you don't win, you can still be a semi-winner: Bondi Band has a summer sale going on where you can get various car magnets, summer/4th of July headbands, drawstring bags, and even some Twilight inspired headbands (not sure how they are summerish but go with it - they are only $3) for anywhere from $3-$8. However, one of you is a winner! I used to generate a our winner is... Stacie from Impossible is Nothing ! Congratulations, you have one Bondi Band headband of your choosing! Winner has been sent an email and has 48 hours to respond to said email or I'll have to choose another winner. Thank you all for entering!

Writer's Workshop: Kids Do the Darndest Things

I'm linking up with Mama Kat this week for her (pretty much world famous) Writer's Workshop . I chose the vlog option (again). It seems that vlogs are pretty easy to do and I like doing them, I just don't always know what to talk about...hence the Writer's Workshop. Prompt: Describe a time your child did or said something that made you laugh. Mine is not A particular time but something funny that Squirt does to make me laugh.

The Charlatan's Boy by Jonathan Rogers (review)

I did a bad thing. Perhaps not a sin, but definitely a sin in the eyes of an English major. I judged a book by its cover. "The Charlatan's Boy " by Jonathan Rogers has a great circus-inspired cover. It's very reminiscent of the cover of "Water for Elephants." However, the inside of the book lacks much of what made "Water for Elephants" great. No romance, no real drama, and no face-paced plot. Now, this isn't to say that "The Charlatan's Boy" isn't a good book. It is a pretty good book (3 on a scale of 1-5). It's a slow moving book and took me quite a bit of time to read, just for lack of motivation! Let me share a synopsis. Grady is a side kick to Floyd. Grady is an orphan (at least he's never met his folks) and Floyd never seems to give him a straight answer about where he came from. They are hucksters, fooling people with their "Wild Man of Feechiefen Swamp" routine (Grady plays the role of the Feechie)

unPlanned WINNER

Congratulations, Shell , you are the winner of my unPlanned DVD giveaway. Please email me your address and I will mail you the certificate for the DVD. Thank you (both) for entering my giveaway! Disclaimer: Winner has 48 hours to email me with her address or another winner will be chosen.

one friend

When Moose started preschool, I told his teacher that I wanted him to have just one friend. He had "friends" before - kids we played with that were my friends' kids. They are his friends but these school kids would be friends with him because they wanted to be his friend. I've known for awhile that he's got some good friends in school. He talks about them. They know me as "Moose's mom" (which I adore). Last week at playgroup, one of the girls gave him a hug. At Sunday School, it's always a relief to know that his school friends will be there, too. But today, one mom shared something with me that just melted my heart. I've noticed this friendship between C and Moose growing for awhile. I just didn't realize how much... (this is what his mom wrote on my Facebook wall)... "I love [Moose]. He's a good guy. He's a hugger." - C How sweet. And so true. The kid is a hugger. And a good guy.

What's in the Cat's Hat? game (review)

I can't remember where I first heard about The Cat in the Hat game, What's in the Cat's Hat? However, I do remember thinking that my kids would love it! We watch a lot of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That and have 2 books to go along with the show. Even Squirt enjoys the show; he'll go around singing "go go go go...blah blah blah blah" (jibbering the theme's pretty good). I also saw that the game was advertised as a sensory tool, so I thought Moose could get some use out of it, also. The game is very simple. Put something (an orange, toy car, remote control, anything) in the hat. Then there are little flaps where you can see a shadow, smell it, and touch it. Plus you can feel the hat, too. There are cards to go along that give you directions of how you can feel it (with your elbows, for example) or smell it. You can't see in to the hat because there's a flap there just open enough (secured with velcro) to put something inside.
Apparently my "discouraged" post disappeared - which is fine. Today has been difficult too but I'm handling it much better. I just need to repeat my little mantra "impatience is a waste of energy" (over and over and over). It really is. I consider impatience in the same realm as worry. And, unfortunately, I struggle with both of those. However, with the help of our Good Lord, I am overcoming!! I am still a little apprehensive about this summer with Moose. I've been out of a routine, not working on school things at home...becoming the type of mom who lets others teach her kid, which is not the type of mom I want to be (if you are, that's your choice, I'm just saying that I want to be very involved). So I couldn't sleep last night and got up to make a master to-do list. I got a very small portion done today, but have lots of work to do in the coming weeks to prepare for summer! I have all of my education/homeschool things sitting on our dinner


Ironic to follow a post titled "blessed" with one titled "discouraged" but that's how I'm feeling today. My sons are terrific - honestly. But gosh, their listening skills are lacking. I feel like they just don't listen. With Moose, I tell him to (for example) sit down to poop. He says, "no pee!" If I tell him to pick up his cars, it's "no play with cars!" It's naptime, "no awake." I tell him no, he says yes. It's so frustrating. I'm only half joking when I say I think Squirt may be a bit deaf. The child honestly acts as if he doesn't hear me much of the time. I would not be surprised if a hearing screening came back with concerns. Today at school, Moose pulled a friend's ears (twice) and knocked over the blocks (twice). His teacher said he was being a bit defiant. They tried a weighted vest to help calm him down and get him to stop sucking his thumb. I read this in his bring home s


Yesterday was Mother's I hope you all know by now (and if not, call your mother). My day was actually pretty uneventful...but so full of blessings. 1. It was warm enough to wear a skirt to church! 2. I got to feel my friend's baby kick inside her belly. 3. Our Sunday School class had a good discussion on faith (I didn't feel like I talked too much). 4. The church sermon was about running away from God (speaking of Jonah). I realized how often in my life I KNEW that I couldn't run from God really but I tried to. I KNEW what I was doing was wrong - but I did it anyway. I've never given Jonah's story much thought before. 5. The challenge to make vows to the Lord and stick with them. 6. 2 books for Mother's Day (although I got them Saturday...on accident, they were left sitting on the counter). So excited to have Praying the Scriptures for Your Children and Fresh Wind Fresh Fire from my love! I'm also reading a very good Max Lucado book I&#

running updates

I haven't written about running lately. My apologies to my running blogging pals. I've still been going strong! Big A and I and my older sister are running a half marathon in central Nebraska in June. I'm excited about running with my sister! I wish my little sister could run with us, but she's been batting injuries for quite some time now. Another perk to this race is that it's 15 miles from my parents' house so they'll be able to watch our boys the night before and day of the race. So nice to have that support (thanks Mom!). I'm hoping we'll have some cheerleaders out for us since I'm from that way...we'll see.  I ran a 10K over Easter weekend for a time of 57:56. Not bad! I started out way too fast, though, and couldn't maintain that speed. So I puttered out quickly, too. I finished, though, that was my ultimate goal. I have to remind myself that I'm not going to win a race! I know that sounds pessimistic but it's also real

why being a stay-at-home mom doesn't suck

I get very irritated when people (mostly other women) insinuate that staying home is easy or boring. I have a childhood pal who just had her second son. Via Facebook, she asked if anyone wanted to take the rest of her maternity leave so she could go back to work. I commented, saying to enjoy the time (heavens knows there will be a post at a later date when she wants nothing but to be home on any given day). She said that she loves her sons but there's only so much tv that a person can watch and only the same 5 hours of cleaning to do. *brakes screeching* FIVE HOURS OF CLEANING? I'll be honest here, I do not have a spotless house. I have a lived-in home. There is clutter and some messes. However, even if I cleaned my house from top to bottom, I honestly do not think there would be 5 hours of cleaning time in the process. I'd be getting close to that, but I would not reach 5 hours. Perhaps if I added in laundry time...but I can't help how slow those devices work. I do

Bondi Band (review & giveaway)

I have two Bondi Bands that I wear religiously when I run - I just like them better than other bands I've used to keep my hair out of my face. They are wide enough to get the job done and are cute enough that I just like to wear them! You can read my first review on them here . This time around, Rebecca let me try out a new Bondi Band and one of their Wicking Sweat Towels. Since I've already tell you that I love Bondi Band headbands (and have helped out the BB business by wearing them to a recent 10K; at least one of my friends has ordered a cool band!), I'll tell you more about the Wicking Sweat Towels. I'm a mucus-y runner. I spit and snot rocket constantly. It's gross, I realize this. However, breathing when I run is necessary so I do it. However, when I run inside, I can't. It's very hard for me to run inside. Usually I use paper towels but then they're all wet and get other stuff in the cup holders (cell phone, iPod) wet, too. Again, my apologi

school has made me lazy

Realized today it's been so long since I've worked on Moose's speech therapy exercises with him. His "new" teachers (new this semester) haven't sent home anything for us to continue to work on and he's basically mastered the stuff from his "old" teacher. However, I need to keep searching for new things to do with him, new exercises. If we don't find a program for him this summer, it will be up to me. I fear regression but it put me a little at ease talking with one of his therapists tonight. She said that he's high functioning enough that he shouldn't forget most of what he's learned this semester. That's good to hear! I've gotten lazy enough doing work with him; I need to pick up the slack. Plus, it's a nice thing for just him and I to do together. And good for little brother to listen in on; teach him to play quietly by himself while we "work," too. So, here's to less laziness as we head into the

UnPlanned (review and giveaway)

Abby Johnson volunteered and worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years. If you're unfamiliar with Planned Parenthood, they give women birth control and also abortions. They do other things that I'm not as familiar with but publicly, this is what they're known for. Abby felt she was helping women in crisis situations. After some major occurrences in her heart, Abby realized that she needed to start advocating for the unborn babies she was (as a clinic director) killing. I know that abortion is a hot-button issue - always has been, always will be. I understand that everyone is entitled to (and will use) their own opinions. I have my own. As a Christian, I'm pro-life through and through. This is also an issue dear to my own heart - I haven't been in a situation where I felt the need to abort a child, but I know someone (very close to me) who has. It's an unfortunate situation when I girl finds herself in a situation where she's not ready to be a mom.