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The Way Back (movie trailer + 2 comebacks + a giveaway)

  It's been so long since I've sat here at my computer and wrote something other than an email. It's been even longer since I've written anything besides a book review. It's just been a funky year or two, but I hope to be back more regularly. Hopefully with less filler (although I don't even know if book reviews are filler for me because books are just a big part of my life, but I plan to be even pickier about what I read and share now) and more about the testimonies God is teaching me in every day life. However, this is not the week for that; too many things on my plate.   In light of my comeback as a writer (fingers crossed), I thought I'd share an upcoming movie with you about another comeback. The Way Back is a Warner Bros. film starring Ben Affleck (Good Will Hunting, that awful Justice League movie, that one movie about Boston thieves that I won't recommend because the language and some content was awful but it was a well-made film). The movie it

Listen Well, Lead Better by Steve and Becky Harling (book review)

 I had a terrible misunderstanding in a ministry that I co-lead. This misunderstanding stemmed from a few things, one being my poor listening skills and then jumping to conclusions based upon them. To help remedy this situation and make wiser decisions in the future, I jumped at the chance to read Steve and Becky Harling's book "Listen Well, Lead Better."  While the back print said it was "written for leaders at all levels of churches, nonprofits, and businesses," it read as though it were mainly written for those leading within companies who oversee a large group. This does not fit my demographic of being a lay co-leader of a group, there were some good takeaway points from "Listen Well, Lead Better." image via Baker Publishing Group  The book spoke about having teammates buy in to the core values of your business or ministry. This is so true and something I've had to be flexible with when our core leadership group changed in the past few