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All the World's a Stage

"all the world's a stage" You've all probably heard this quote from Shakespeare's " As You Like It ," even if you've never read the play.  However, you (like myself) may not have ever heard this quote as it has been paralleled to the Christian faith. John Calvin said, "all of creation is a theater for the display of God's glory." Isn't that beautiful? Think of a play (or even a movie). God is the playwright, the director, the producer, the costumer, the make-up artist, the stage hand - He truly is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end. He is even the central plot (although most stories are a lot like the movie Crash with many plots assembled together). A pastor at our church wrote about this very thing in his sermon application notes. He also said it best with this: "thus, everything in our lives should be done for the glory of God" ( 1 Corinthians 10:31 ). I am an old thespian - I acted a bit growing up and in

"Voices of the Faithful - Book 2" by Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis (review)

 " Voices of the Faithful - Book 2 : Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World" by Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis is a good devotional - not great, but good. VOF hopes to inspire the reader with tales of miracles and encouragement from the forefronts of the mission fields. I'm not saying there aren't good stories of God's faithfulness and mercy in these pages; there are. It just was not as inspiring as the book " Jesus Freaks " was for me. I'm not sure if it's the writing styles that have made the difference, but I do know that God's glory and power are found in both books. He is still the main character and the driving plot line. I believe in the miracles that are spoken in these words in VOF. God still performs miracles today - maybe not the parting of any seas but heart changes (and if you ask me, I think it'd be much harder to soften a heart than to part water). These are stories to encourage believers, no

The Chasm by Randy Alcorn (review)

As I started to read "The Chasm," I was skeptical about my choice of books. This was confusing and seemed similar to a mystery. I didn't understand that this book tied in to a larger novel, "Edge of Eternity." Now I haven't read the latter book, so I can't say whether it's good or bad or indifferent. However, I ended up really enjoying "The Chasm." There are beautiful parallels to the Gospel: the Woodsman and Jesus, the tree and the cross, Charis and Heaven. This is a tale of demons and angels, good and bad, and all the gray matter between. My favorite part of the book is the overhead look at the roads. Our lives are really paths that take us to one place or another - and in the end, the final one place or the other. The road you choose to travel may be scenic and beautiful...or even confusing and sorrowful...but where will it end? Charis, the city of lights, full of beautiful music and happy endings...or another city, full of darkness

Boys in Motion: fix it!

Moose has a new-ish Thomas the Tank Engine set he plays with daily (you bet!). The trains are old but one is new of course, that's Thomas and he is blue. The trains sometimes fall off the track Moose used to get upset, he'd crack! Now he puts them on without help he does not scream or even yelp. The trees are a different tale; they fall over and he'll yell. My heart breaks when he calls out his face twisted into a pout. I want to help, to fix it for him. but I cannot go out on that limb. He needs to learn to do it alone I won't always be there to pick up the phone. My heart breaks as he asks for my assistance whether fixing the train or putting on pants. Makes me wonder if that's how God may feel, like He wants to drive behind the wheel. There are lessons to be learned even when His help is yearned. I wonder if His heart does break with all the hard knocks we sometimes take. But as I've learned with my own son often it's worth it when it's d

Wordful Wednesday: welcome home

This is our home for at least the next year.  The best thing about this house... is not the house itself but the warm welcome we've received. Food, help, phone calls, and more food! I love our friends! I have many thank you notes to write. The worst thing about this house is this If you ask my kids, the stairs would rank high  in their "likes" list of this house. BUT the baby has finally learned to go down backwards on the stairs. Unfortunately, he had a bit of an accident yesterday  (while I wasn't home, of course). The paint in the stairwell is textured and it's sharp! So when you miss the last 3 steps your head gets scratched up. Poor guy. Anyway, just wanted to update you a bit on our home.  I will give a grand "tour" when  I get pictures hung up.

Sid the Science Kid: Sid's Sing Along (review & giveaway)

Moose is starting pre-school soon.  I've prepared him the best way I know how:  to tell him he's going to go to school like Sid.  We're meeting his teacher this week.  I've prepared him the best way I know how:  to tell him his teacher is named Miss D and she's like Teacher Suzy. Maybe he understands, maybe not. But he seems very excited about pre-school. However, I like to watch MORE Sid the Science Kid to prep him. We got the chance to review  Sid's Sing Along DVD;  I thought, "great! More prep!" (yes, I know preK isn't going to be like this ...except I hope they sing and dance like that haha) Well, this episode is all about  Sid's day OFF from school! His friends all come over to play and they put on a karaoke show in the back yard. (Even Teacher Suzy stops by for a cameo) My boys are Sid fans so I knew this would be a no-brainer. I'd like to tell you that they squealed with delight and jumped for joy... but that's not my boys

Slim Me Down Challenge: Week 3

I'm not doing so hot at this. I've gone from needing to lose the last 10-15 pounds to 15-20 pounds. I guess that's what happens when you move, put off exercise, and eat all the yummy brownies & rice krispie treats that friends bring by! Oops. So I'm up about 5 pounds from 2 weeks ago  (remember I didn't weigh in last week).  I'm sitting around 149.  I'm not very happy about that.  However, tonight I have two volleyball games to kick off my exercising this week. Then I am hoping to NOT miss a planned workout this week. I'm going to start going to the nearby gym since Big A sent "our" treadmill back home with my MIL (and ladies who have asked; we didn't ask if she wanted to sell it but seriously it's over 10 years old and not very good). BUT another one of my not-so-secret tips is : get back on the horse (read this guest post if you missed my other not-so-secret tips). If you eat a whole pan of brownies, pint of ice cream, or ski

Boys in Motion: Curtains

Moving is hard. Always bittersweet. Leaving friends (and MOPS groups). Changing routines. It can be exciting. New home to make your own. New friends (or grow closer to friends). New school (in our case, first school). New routines, new playgrounds. (when it thaws) But I will miss this house. We moved in full of anticipation of staying...forever. Spacious and cheap! However, I will mostly miss... the curtains. They never worked correctly. And so our boys began to hide and play within them. My boys don't often play "together" but they have such fun in pieces of cloth. Laughing. Running. Smiling. Enjoying. And I enjoy to watch.

Racing It Off: GoLite Running Tight Review and Giveaway

Racing It Off: GoLite Running Tight Review and Giveaway : "I kept hoping to get this review done in November or early December, but frankly, the Texas weather was not consistently cooperating. ..." Want some awesome tights to run in (or just wear if you want...I guess)? Check out this post.


This past week has been trying. Moose was sick first. Squirt lagged behind a few days but caught up. poor Moose was so tired and lethargic last Tuesday It's always hard to see your kids ill. They're scared; they won't eat and want milk. feeling better the second day after some rest...but not on the mend yet But while reading " The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven " I am reminded of my many blessings. we drank a lot of Powerade and water and...yeah Sick kids are a small thing compared to  the struggles and tragedies others are facing. Moose fell asleep like this around snack time...Big A relished the moment. So even as my oldest faces  the coming struggles with ASD and my youngest just pooped  in the bath, I can smirk (and not just bc I'm not cleaning it). baby bro didn't really get why big bro was out of commission God has blessed me and mine beyond belief. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

WW: snow day!

I'm a little behind on this but Monday we had a snow day! Big A came home early to play and we decided to bundle up to get the mail. Baby's 1st time IN the snow - despite that face, he liked it Big bro is a pro with the snow! my new awesome snow boots! Nothing like walking down Small Town USA's roads in the middle of the day! Daddy Day AND a Snow Day in ONE! it was very bright so forgive this picture MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO MONKEY PLAY IN SNOW TOO! Baby got sick of the snow But not Moose! He sat in it and I showed him snow angels. Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality. Andy Goldsworthy