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I know, it's a virtue. Something everyone needs in their life. I envy other people of it. I strive for it in my own life. So often I fall short. I snap. I lose my temper. I discipline out of anger rather than love and teaching. I yell. If it's something that's so important to our lives, why is it so hard to attain? I pray on a daily basis for patience. There are some days where my patience level is on high gear and I feel on top of the world. Today is not one of those days, unfortunately. Today is a day where I would pay any price for just an ounce more of patience.

Writer's Workshop

Every week Mama Kat hosts Writer's Workshop. Every week many participate (and on occasion, I join them). You should check it out if you've never done so; there are some fantastic writer's in the blogosphere (including the adorable Mama Kat herself). The rules: Mama Kat posts the prompts a few days in advance. Pick a prompt (or two or three...) and write about it on your blog. On Thursday (that's today!) go link up at Mama Kat's & share the love by reading and commenting on other blogs who have joined in the fun. The Prompts: 1.) Write about an experience you have had with a celebrity. (inspired by Jenn from She Says… ) 2.) Who have you forgotten about until right now? Think hard and list five people from your past that you really should have written something about by now but haven’t. Circle the name of the person who stands out the strongest. Write a description or brief memoir of that person. 3.) List five things you would do different if you

CSN giveaway WINNER

Wow! Yesterday just flew on by and without me realizing it was the last day of my CSN Stores giveaway. So when I just realized that it ended at midnight, I figured I'd go ahead and pick a number. I'm still new at using this random generator number thing, so I'm having some issues today with getting it to copy & paste the way I want. I really am using the generator, though. If you notice below, it says "Max: 100" - there were not 100 entries, nor did I put 100 in there. There were 11 the lucky 10th commenter is - True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 10 Powered by RANDOM.ORG   Natalie from Natalie's Sentiments ! Congratulations - you win the Melissa & Doug Pound-a-Peg! That little gal of yours is just the right age for it, too (and that baby will be too before you know it!)  You have 48 hours to email me back so I can email your information to my contact at CSN Stores.    If you didn't w

UPrinting Thank You Cards (WINNER)

I know this giveaway was a quick one but some email/communication complications slowed me down. However, I am very glad to announce that Rion is the winner of the UPrinting Thank You Cards. She said she will customize them with a wedding theme to use as her wedding thank yous this summer. Congratulations to Rion and thanks to the others who entered. Come back again for more giveaways. Disclaimer: I did use to generate the number (7) but I can't seem to get it to copy & paste correctly on here. Just trust me.

UPrinting Thank You Cards (giveway) 2 days only!

Greeting cards are a great way to say "hi" to friends & family. Businesses can use cards printed with their logo to go along with inventory sold or spread the word about a grand opening. is a wonderful place to order cards like these. The best part about UPrinting greeting cards is that they are customizable (and affordable). Personalize with pictures, logos, and personal messages. You can also get envelopes with customizable options to go along with your personalized cards! Custom greeting cards reflect the personality of you or your business. BUY IT: You can order your own personalized greeting cards (and envelopes) from Prices vary but are reasonable. WIN IT: One lucky reader will win - (50 ct.) 7 x 5" (folded to 3.5 x 5") Custom Thank You Cards with plain envelopes 4 Baronial Blank Envelopes 14 pt Cardstock Gloss coating Full Color Outside and Blank Inside Including FREE UPS Ground Shipping HOW TO WIN: Bec

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study - I'm reading Plan B by Pete Wilson for Book Sneeze. It's a really great book so far (review coming soon). Memory Verse - I don't know if I have a memory verse for the week. I'm not good at memory verses, to be honest. I am just getting back into reading my Bible so I'll just go for that this week. Husband Encouragement * not beg him to change every dirty diaper when he's home * go on at least one family walk or jog together * let him have a shower by himself at least once this week Train Them Up * Start thinking about preschool stuff for Moose. I don't know how far I'm going to get in this homeschooling business, but I have at least next year to work with Tristan. * Keep trying to get Squirt to say "mama." haha * Find more signs for Moose to learn; keep using the signs I know for him and Squirt to learn. * Print off Blue's Clues thing from so I can play it with Moose Personal Goals * Complete trai

about my kids

Somebody thought water colors were face paints. That same somebody doesn't mind paper "monies" as long as he can put it in a piggy bank. The other little somebody is pulling himself to standing (and has cruised a few times toward his brother and/or his toys). The same somebody also likes spaghetti baby food (and any scrap of paper he deems eatable on the floor). So far today, I've taken a small portion of foil, a small stamp for a Magna-Doodle, numerous bits of paper, and a crayon out of his mouth. I just realized I haven't shared pictures of the boys lately. Don't worry, they are as cute as ever!

1 or 2

I'm debating on whether or not to keep up my running blog. Although it's nice to have a blog for a specific purpose, I feel like I'm leaving that part of my life out of the rest of my life/blog here. Running is a part of me (or I want it to become a part of me) just like my family and life. Plus, I have the Daily Mile widget that I could add on here to keep track of runs and workouts. I wish I would have found that before I started that other blog. I don't know. Do you have more than one blog? Why?

CSN review & giveaway

I was contacted by CSN Stores to do a review and giveaway. What a hard time I had choosing the items! If you've never been, please do check it out because it is a very eclectic store. You have a variety of things to choose from: baby cribs , wall decor , shoes , safes , toys , kitchen ware , etc. Like I said: eclectic. The best part about there being so much to choose from is that there is something for everyone and every price range. It may take you awhile to look through the varying stores, but it's worth it when you find a gem. I chose to review the SentrySafe Fire-Safe Security Chest . I was excited to get this safe because we'd been looking for a safe to get rather than get a safe deposit box at a bank. Our local branch of the bank we use does not have safe deposit boxes, so we would have to travel 30 minutes to get anything out of our box. That's not always plausible when you need a birth certificate or something else. I also wanted something bigger than the

speech evaluation: step 4 and finale

Yesterday we met with Ellen, the early childhood education specialist (aka preschool teacher). She was really nice, but I felt like we had already done this with Lori. It was a checklist of what he could or could not do (which we really did with Lori in our first meeting). There were a few things that I hadn't thought of (I still haven't given him scissors) to do with him. I learned he can make a "house" out of blocks (3 blocks, 2 blocks, 1 block). He cannot copy a vertical line but can sort of copy a horizontal one. Etc. Some things he could do, some absolutely not. Then this morning, Lori (the ESU coordinator), Ellen (preschool teacher), her student teacher (a friend from college ironically), and the high school superintendent came to our house for a meeting. They went over evaluations (I'll spare you the details) in which he was judged as normal for his age (even if on the lower end of the spectrum in the language development). We decided to meet again in

sour cream frosting {recipe}

Awhile back, I won a Wilton cupcake gift pack from the ladies over at Mayhem & Moxie. I was so excited to get this package in the mail! It included a dessert stand (which I haven't used yet *tear*), an icing knife, whisk, measuring spoons, sprinkles, cupcake holders, a measuring cup, and icing gels! I've wanted many of these things for awhile, but nothing more than the icing gels. I used so much red food coloring to get Moose's birthday cakes the right colors (Huskers & Wonder Pets - why is everything red?); these gels would have made that so much easier. So I was psyched when I finally got the idea (and time) to make cupcakes for the fun of it. I made cupcakes from scratch using the vanilla recipe from the Hello! Cupcake book (which I don't own but I got out of a magazine article highlighting the book a long time ago). The recipe called for 15-20 minutes; I left them in for 15; 11-12 would have been better. Then came the icing. I love to frost things but

Bondi Bands (WINNERS)

  without further ado... True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 30 Donna - black True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 22 Mama LJ -I Run So I Can Eat True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 7     Running Diva Mom - flowered I wish I had enough Bondi Bands to go around...but I do not. If you didn't win, head on over to the Bondi Band and get one for yourself! These are not just for runners FYI - they have swim caps, too. But these are perfect for any exercise (or are cute just as a headband).  Winners have been notified via email. Winners have until April 22 to email me with their address.  Thank you all for playing along! 

Run Like a Mother {book review}

  After reading "Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity " by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, I feel like I know them personally. It's easy to understand why. They share their "soles" in this book (pardon the pun).   From Sarah just laying it out there from the get-go about her competitive streak (which in no way diminishes her likability but, more likely, enhances it as so many of us *cough* me *cough* have that same streak) to Dimity's almost nonchalance about PRs (personal records) and speed (although I guarantee her 6'4" frame runs much faster than my 5'3 3/4" frame).   As a very new runner, I more than appreciated the tips from the authors and moms they interviewed for this book. I now know why I need a running skirt with spankies (Sarah's claim to modesty whilst peeing on the side of the road) and why my son's potty would be a good thing for me to pack in the van on

Monday Meanderings

Join my friend Sarah at In Light of the Truth with your own Monday Meanderings. Bible Study I'm starting to read Plan B for Book Sneeze Memory Verse 1 Timothy 6:6 "But godliness with contentment is great gain." {I don't have one picked out so I'll steal Sarah's} Husband Encouragement *Not to whine about what I don't have {I had a little clothes tantrum before church on Sunday} *To have the dishes done before he gets home from work.  Train Them Up *Leaving my blog & Facebook for naptimes. *Teach Moose 2 new songs (Mary Had a Little Lamb & This Little Light of Mine). *Begin to teach Squirt baby signs (more, eat, drink, all done) and how to wave & clap. *Moose's final meeting for his speech evaluation is Wednesday (and we haven't even met with the elementary teacher so I'm hoping today or Tuesday she'll make an appearance) Personal Goals *go shopping for clothes this week *track mileage when running to
I apologize for lack of updates {there's no news yet}. And for the lack of posts. I haven't really been up to much lately. Although my Squirt has had some milestones. First tooth. Standing {while holding on}. And cruising {slowly but surely}. He's just jonesin' to get after that big brother! Since we started this speech evaluation with Moose {which we have our big meeting for Wednesday}, I've noticed big strides in his speech. Maybe not noticeable to others but to me. He's started reading some stories and will tell me what's happening in some pictures. He's very excited about Blue's Clues lately {so I'm thinking that will be his birthday theme & we'll play Blue's Clues - so excited}. Not much else besides running. Life is slow in the Plains.

prayer request

My mom had a CT scan about an hour ago. Of course, we won't know the results for awhile but please be in prayer for her. Over Easter we thought she had shingles but never broke out in the sores. At the doctor's yesterday I guess her abdomen or thigh {I know it's awful I can't remember which but she was telling me this over the phone at a track meet} hurt when the doctor pressed on it. He didn't know if it was her kidney or liver but there's also the possibility of her ovaries. She had a partial hysterectomy done when I was in junior high. Her mom actually had ovarian cancer so there's always a chance of that. Kind of scares me that something could be wrong with my mom. She's pretty young {42} so I hope it's something fix-able. But be praying. Also be praying for our best friends. I haven't been given the go-ahead to share information but just know that it seems if one thing hasn't gone wrong for them, it's another. Please be praying for

dentist appointment 1

Today I feel blessed. I had a LONG dentist appointment {12:30-almost 4}. Maybe that's not a blessing to some, but it is to me. I feel blessed we can pay for these appointments. I feel blessed that I'm able to save my teeth {except one} - I really thought by the time we could afford a dentist that I'd have to get dentures. I feel blessed for a friend watching my boys {along with her own two kids} from 11-5 {and agreeing to do it again}. I feel blessed my boys were {mostly} good for her. I feel blessed my husband's job allows him to accompany me on these appointments. I feel blessed that I got to watch tv from 1-4 {Wife Swap, A Baby Story, Cold Case, Law & Order, What Not to Wear! - not one baby show}. I feel blessed my super sweet hubby bought me "The Blind Side" on DVD. I feel blessed at the many entries for my Bondi Band giveaway ! I feel very blessed that God got me through what could have been a traumatic day feeling ok {not great, but my mout

Bondi Bands {review & giveaway}

Finally! A way to keep those annoying flyaways out of my face and off my neck when I run. I've tried headbands {thin and fat ones}, braids - so many ways {except cutting off all of my locks which I'm unwilling to do. I always get so annoyed when my ponytail loosens and hair gets out and sticks to me all matted and gross. I've been scouring running blogs to see what kind of stuff these women {and men} use: clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc. I kept coming across Bondi Bands . I was clueless as to what they were talking about so I did what any self-respecting newbie would do: I searched "Bondi Bands" on Google. After debating on whether I was a chick or babe {as I was undoubtedly not a dude or buddy - FYI it's chick unless you're under 5}, I browsed through their headbands, wicking hats {regular, ponytail, or pigtail}, gators, and wraps {as I'm not a swimmer, I did not check out the swim caps but I'm sure they rock}. I had to email Rebecca {owner and s

Coming Soon: CSN review & giveaway

I wanted to give you a heads up about an upcoming giveaway here at the S Club. I think many of you are familiar with CSN Stores. They have a variety of items (from baby cribs to BBQ grills and shoes to wall clocks) to browse and buy. You can find almost anything on one of their many stores. The prices have a wide range so you can find something within your budget. I spent a LOOOOONG time online scouring their sites. I found so many toys I knew my boys would love, some home decor that would look fabulous on my walls, weights and yoga DVDs. There really is something for everyone at CSN Stores . Go check it out and then stay tuned for a coming giveaway.

How Should a Christian Live?

I had the opportunity to review How Should a Christian Live? through Book Sneeze. This devotional and journal is from The Word of Promise Next Generation series. The book comes with an MP3 formatted CD that you can (and I did) upload onto your computer to listen to. You can (again, I did this) upload it to your iPod (or other MP3 device). I enjoyed the fact that the Bible selections (1 Corinthians through Philemon) were from the Reader Friendly Edition . I usually am an NIV reader but this version made passages otherwise under a cloak of mystery much easier to understand. However, the puzzles and word searches in the devotional did not really add to that understanding. I didn't feel like they helped with the depth of this Bible study. However, the written passages in the devotional book did offer some insight and encouragement that would benefit a new believer. Overall, I appreciated the different Bible version and MP3 format that would make this appealing to younger teenager

Randi's Runs

So...I didn't like Wordpress (and no one visited me there) so I closed down the blog I had there. I started a new one here . It's going to be about my marathon training and runs, so I don't bore you all with details. I just want a commentary so when I look back I can see how sluggish I feel now (and hopefully don't then) and just how far I've come. A baby book for my running, I guess.

MckMama has a big heart

I know many of you know MckMama {or have heard of her}. Well, then you know what type of person she is - kind, generous, loving, influential. So this may come as no surprise to you that she is giving away an iPad . It's not a normal giveaway - she asks that you donate to Compassion to help rescue babies. I know donating to a cause can be a struggle in this economy. So does MckMama. That's why she gives those who help spread the word {like this girl} a chance to help out in another way. Click the links. Check it out. It's good. Promise.

Get Dressed Challenge Finale

Like a Warm Cup of Coffee's Get Dressed Challenge was definitely good for me. I wasn't dressed by 8am some days but I was dressed for most of the day. Tuesday I changed out of what I was wearing halfway through the day to go for a jog...and then again later that night to work out. Getting dressed around working out was a challenge for me - required sometimes multiple showers. Today I ran into a snag. I ran out of clothes. I own two dresses but it's not warm enough for those. I own zero skirts. One pair of jeans. Two pairs of dress slacks {both maternity}. And very few shirts {that fit or make me feel nice}.   So today I'm again in my jeans but I'm wearing a t-shirt. I think it's allowed because it just happens to be my husband's favorite t-shirt of mine. He thinks I look great in it {and so do I}. Maybe I didn't do my hair most days or even put on eye shadow {as 1/2 my make-up is at my parents' house}. I wear t-shirts, too. But I was dres

Ultimate Blog Party!

First let me apologize for my lack of a super cool introductory post for the Blog Party. Like with many things, I have procrastinated {is it really procrastinating when you just completely forgot?}. Secondly, let me welcome you to the S Club 4. I'm Randi {aka S Club Mama}. I am a Christian SAHM of two boys {Moose & Squirt}, married to a seriously wonderful {and pretty hot} man, Big A. I love athletics - played volleyball in high school, and softball for a year in college {14 years altogether}, and apparently, I'm a runner {training for my first marathon ...slowly...but it's this coming September}. I can also be found on twitter . I am newly 24 but most people think I'm older than that {it's ok, I'm used to it}. I have an English degree that I am not sure will ever get used in the work world...I'm hoping because I'll be homeschooling. But I have a few years to figure all of that out...until then, I'm enjoying the time with my kids and husband {


I have many weeks {about 21} until the marathon. I just spent about 1/2 hour researching marathon tips and marathon wardrobes, etc. I have NO IDEA what I'm doing! I don't know what the right type of shirt, short, shoe, jacket, hat is. I don't know what to eat before, during, or after. I have no clue what an energy gel is {ok, I have some clue but I've never seen these before}. I don't know what to eat during training. What's a Champion chip {I did pick up that this is a chip used to time racers}? How fast should I be running {as my plan is right finish}. How much strength training should I be doing? I mean, I have a whole page of notes in front of me. I just feel kind of lost, you know? Especially when it comes to clothing for the big day. I don't know if I'll be able to run a marathon in the shoes I own right now; but I probably don't have a choice. Cotton shirts are all I have. I can't go out and spend money on Coolmax stuff {

Ultimate Blog Party

Usually I don't do blog parties {mostly because I am clueless about them - and maybe too lazy to figure them out}. HOWEVER, this one looks like a blast! Head on over 5 Minutes for Mom to check out the details. Hurry! It's coming up soon. {thanks to my friend, Erin , for her post about it so I knew this was happening}

weight loss wednesday

20 pounds! That's right, folks. Since July {since Squirt's appearance}, I have lost {over} 20 pounds! I actually hit the two-zero mark last week, but thought some of it would reappear with my weekend in Wyoming {eating out, being sick, not working out}. No reappearance here! I still lost .7 since last week. Not bad considering. I've also done it. I count calories. I will not do it forever {no ma'am}. I want to be aware of what I'm consuming; how much I'm really eating. Today is day 2 {of the many numerous times I've tried doing this}. Yesterday, I didn't even hit the 1,100 mark. I thought I ate a lot more. And maybe I did when I wasn't writing it down. I could see how this could help people lose. You think "I really want chips" and then you see that 16 = 140 calories. Considering a small orange is between 25-45 {my mind went blank on the right number}, that's a lot. I did indulge myself in to 1/2 oz of chocolate {1/2 an Easter cross}


I started a new devotional {that I will have a review for when I'm done} that takes me through 1 Corinthians. As long as I've been a Christian, I've heard sermons about parts of this book and verses through FCA, church, VBS, etc. However, I've never read it {entirely}. Weird, right? Not really, there's a lot I've never read in the Bible {as many times as I've begun}. I have an NIV Bible; the MP3 I listened to is from the Reader Friendly Edition {apparently formerly titled the International Children's Bible - how cool does that make me?}. I followed along in my Bible while I listened to the other version on the iPod. Sometimes I hate when there are differing versions {why can't everyone just read my version?}, but last night, I enjoyed it. There were parts of the chapters {I read/listened to 1-5} that I was unsure of what they meant. Usually the other version had a better way to explain it; a better word to help me along. There is just a plethora o

little moments

Little moments make me happy. Maybe it's because the Brad Paisley song has been our song since we started dating. Whatever the reason, I wanted to share some little moments from our morning that have made me smile. * Sleeping until 7 (although I was disappointed Big A didn't wake me up to work out) * Sleeping in my own bed (so soft) * Walking in on Moose sideways in his bed this morning * Showering! Is that sad that is a little moment for me? * Walking to see Big A at work (despite the winds) * Not eating any junk today (other than gum but that's not bad) * Uploading the "How Should a Christian Live?" CD on to my computer (downloading it to my iPod later for when I run) - I'm very excited about this devotional * having Moose say "bye-bye radio" every time we shut the music off * reading to Moose while lying on the floor * not feeling guilty about the time I've spent on the computer today * having the windows open! * letting the baby sleep from 1

Get dressed!

Maybe you have noticed (or not) one of the buttons on my sidebar: Sarah Mae from Like a Warm Cup of Coffee has a lovely blog that you should visit. She is a very insightful Christian woman who just exudes peace and tranquility (at least for me). She has challenged at-home moms (including herself) to get out of those sweats, yoga pants, gym shorts, baggy ol' t-shirts, and whatever other comfy clothes that grace your bodies during the day. Instead, take some time (that morning or the night before) and pick out some actual clothing (she says yes to jeans, no to tees). Whether that be a nice top, a dress, some jeans, khakis - dust off your Sunday best if you feel up to it! Put some make-up on (more than mascara and chapstick - although I need me some chapstick today) and do your hair (or try in my case). I missed out on this challenge yesterday. I did, however, have some jeans on when I visited the grocery store last night. So today, I got up and showered (quickly because Squirt wa

Not Me! Monday

I've never participated in MckMama's Not Me! Monday before, but here we go... I did not travel from eastern Nebraska to eastern Wyoming with my husband & kids (and little sister for half the trip) while being very sick. I wouldn't put my germs in such close proximity for everyone. My husband and boys did not end up sick by the time we arrived back home yesterday. No Moose doesn't have another ear infection and Squirt is not hacking up a lung today. I did not skip my workouts with lame excuses like "I'm sick" and the elevation is too high. I wouldn't do that! I didn't eat horribly either. I wouldn't eat chips, cookies, candy, and fattening fast foods all weekend - and let my family, too. That wouldn't be healthy. I did not end up crying because I was so frustrated on our trip home. And the baby didn't cry (almost) literally all the way home. He would not take 5 - 15 minute cat naps rather than a good nap. No, he's so good; he&

loooooong trip

We started out Thursday by picking up my little sister and ending up in western Nebraska at a motel because the kids wouldn't sleep in the car. We got to Wyoming the next day & spent the weekend at my sister's house with my other sister & dad. We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt on the military base for my sister's squadron. Moose loved the Easter bunny - harassed him (a la Rudolph). Even Squirt was excited; his little legs just kicked with excitement when I took him over. My parents (my mom has shingles so stayed home to avoid spreading it to the boys) bought the boys Easter baskets. We got the boys little things, too (a Cars sticker book for Moose and a musical toy for Squirt...Moose won't take the stickers out of his book and loves Squirt's toy too). I was sick the whole weekend. My boys (all 3) ended up getting sick too. Moose has another ear infection (which I mistakenly thought you couldn't get after having tubes put in) and Squirt sounds awful.

aw man!

I tried to participate in Mama Kat's Bathroom Concert Series for the Writer's Workshop today, but for some reason, I couldn't upload my video (it wasn't that great anyway). But do take the time to go over to Mama Kat's and maybe record your own Bathroom Concert. So instead of participating in the other prompts (which were good but just didn't tickle my fancy), I decided to write a letter to a celebrity. Namely, Miley Cyrus. Dear Miley, I am glad to know that you are a Christian, that you know our Lord Jesus Christ. I recently read an interview of you in either USA Today or one of those inserts into my newspaper. You said some things about being a Christian that I think you need to think about. No Christians don't live under a rock. We live in the real world, with real fashions (unfortunately). And no, you won't go to hell (her words) for wearing short shorts. HOWEVER, Matthew 5:28-30 says " But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lus