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936 Weeks: Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting by Eryn Lynum (book review)

In my years of reading and being a parent, I've come across many books that are so good and touch me so deeply that they have truly transformed my parenting. I've also come across many duds that I couldn't finish because they were either full of bad writing or advice that just didn't fit my life. I had really high hopes for "936 Weeks: Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting" by Eryn Lynum . The premise is that we have approximately 936 weeks from our child's birth to when they turn 18-years-old. Whoa! 936 weeks. Lynum was presented with a jar of 936 pennies on the days her children were dedicated at church. By those calculations I have approximately 360some weeks left with my 10-year-old, 470some weeks left with my 8-year-old, and 780some weeks with my 2-year-old. That's kind of mind-blowing, isn't it? image via  As I read through this book, I thought some of it was very idealistic: "And when those children grow

Sports and The Miracle Season (movie trailer)

I grew up in a small town. Seriously small - under 300 people. I graduated with 30some kids and 11 of us went through school together K-12. There wasn't much to do in our town other than get in trouble and play sports. I got in plenty of trouble but I played my share of sports, too. I started to play t-ball when I was about five and I continued until I was 19. Our team was a town team to start, no tryouts, just pay and join. I always was a little scared of the ball so I enjoyed playing outfield. When a few of us went to the nearest big town to play softball, I started to really specialize in outfield. I loved the feeling of making a big catch, throwing it home, and getting that girl out, too! As much as I played and loved the sport of softball, it wasn't something I was naturally gifted at like some incredible girls I played with. I had to work very hard to play, especially hit the ball. I was a consistent batter but never anything really special. I liked to step in the buc

A Pocketful of Hope for Mothers by Robin Jones Gunn (book review)

Robin Jones Gunn was one of my favorite authors in high school. I loved her Christy series and her Sierra Jensen series. Some of the "Christian-ese" (Christian talk) in her books still sticks with me today, like calling something very cool God does a "God thing." They were some of the only books I read that talked about a relationship with Christ - and I read them before I started to really follow Him myself! I haven't read a lot of fiction these past few years because most of what I read centers on becoming a better mom and wife and building my character. However, I found a new Robin Jones Gunn book I love called "A Pocketful of Hope for Mothers." The back cover type tells perfectly what it's about and why I picked it up: "Are you worn down and tired- feeling empty as a mother? Does your cup need filling as you pour out more and more each day? You need some hope!" image via Amazon Isn't that refreshing?! I've been th