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Last night, Moose had a Grand Mal seizure. I was sitting beside him when it happened (thank You Lord!). Ambulance was called, but we decided to not take him to the hospital. There is not much you can do for a seizure except wait it out unless it lasts so long. Our neurologist said to take him to the ER if they last 8-10 minutes. This was less than 5.  However, in all of this and talking to a few people, there have been some misconceptions about Moose's seizures. Big A and I thought we have explained it well, but apparently not. And it's difficult when you're not in the situation yourself to fully understand. So I wanted to lay out a blanket explanation. Now, keep in mind that this is what I know so I may get some thing wrong; I'm not a doctor or nurse or have any medical training beyond CPR (even that's iffy).  Most of Moose's seizures have been petit mal seizures. Petit mal: " a mild form of epilepsy characterized by brief spells of unconsciousness

November update

I love November. This is when I get in the holiday spirit. I love Thanksgiving, family gatherings, programs, Christmas music (proclaiming God's love!) on major radio stations 24/7, and putting up the Christmas tree. Moose : Our Wednesday evenings have been filled up with Christmas program practices since October. Moose has been loving new songs to sing from our "Christmas in Reverse" program. He memorizes quickly and loves music, so this has been fun for him. Tonight is their program so that update will be later this month. He also had his Veteran's Day program for school. He sang so beautifully all of these songs. And they had two showings: one during the day, one at night. I didn't think to go during the day but I hear he did a great job of reading the Cub Scout stuff. top row, third from right He had an MRI at the start of November. It was almost postponed but God quickly answered that prayer. All went very well, considering. The MRI showed a malforma

Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home by Maxwell Ryan and Janel Laban (book review)

I love getting inspiration to decorate my house. It is not a natural inclination of mine but I enjoy HGTV shows and books about decor. I like to look around my friend's houses even. So I thought I'd enjoy " Apartment Therapy: Complete + Happy Home " by Maxwell Ryan and Janel Laban. What I did like: I liked the clear pictures in the book. There are some funky designs and layouts. I did get some interesting ideas. But this is not just a pretty book to look at. There are practical tips, too, on flooring, color, lighting, plants, cleaning, repairs. This is a great book. I plan to follow their cleaning schedule (monthly) this next year. Hopefully. What I didn't like: I did not like that all of the pictures of real homes looked like magazine homes. The layouts of the homes themselves are not anything like my home or my friends' houses. For once I'd like to see...I don't know, something more real. Not the mess of our homes but real decor. Maybe because

Prayers that Changed History by Tricia Goyer (book review)

I did not grow up praying. I still feel very awkward when I pray. I have read a lot about prayer because that's how I learn best. I still feel awkward. However, I have learned that God doesn't heard our awkwardness but our hearts.  My desire for better prayers (if there really is such a thing) lead me to read " Prayers that Changed History" by Tricia Goyer. I thought this author was familiar to me and I believe she has written articles for the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) magazine.  "Prayers that Changed History" is written for older elementary students, I think. I really like how it's written and arranged, though. You read a story about an historical character, then a question is posed based upon this story, a bit on how his or her story changed history, a Biblical account that is similar to this story, and finally how this can show in your life. Just a great explanation to really explain the relevance of this story in history and to the Bible

The 33 GIVEAWAY WINNER chose a winner for my "The 33" t-shirt and flashlight giveaway. I only had two entrants and this winner was: Sarah. I will contact her and she will have 48 hours to respond in order to claim her prize. Thanks to you both for entering!