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inner peace

Tears stream down her face as she steadily realizes her fate Life changes come and go sometimes with ease, others with hurt That feeling falls on her shoulders that He is there, as always "I'm here, I won't leave" the whisperer assures Why does it always take so much effort when things end? And why is the saying "when one door closes, another one opens" so often untrue? There's a note for my mommy tips: don't tell your kids that. Too often we're left exactly where we are minus something when that door closes; it may take days, hours, months, or even years for another one to open. I know God is calling me to move on with life. I guess He meant everything. There's no other understanding to it all. I need to realize that my life is good. I have a husband...not just any husband either. He is sensitive, romantic, predictable but able to be spontaneous, reassuring, understanding, handsome, patient (which is really good with me), depend

ordeals of motherhood

Click here to create your own painting. This weekend turned out to be better than I thought....well, it some aspects. About 5 girls came over on Friday to watch The Martian Child and hang out. The movie was really sweet; I loved it (rent it). It was also nice to hang out; I just wish my best friend had been there (which I understand her not coming, we had talked about it previously). I do miss hanging out like we used to. But anyway, 2 girls stayed the night, too. And Moose slept well, so that was nice. Big A got sick at manhood retreat. Poor guy. Food poisoning or the flu, hard to tell which. He seems better today. Moose & I went to Ltown to have dinner with my family (by dinner, I mean lunch. Darn being married to a farmer's son). It was really nice to just talk to them and get to be with them. My little sister, Pookie, walked around the pavilion mall with Moose & I. We checked out prom dresses and ran into some girls from our hometown (one I graduated with). We met m