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wiggle worm, wiggle worm, please sit still!

Squirt has been a wiggle worm as long as I remember (I do have better video but I can't find it).  (excuse the high-pitched "badaba" from Moose. This was how he, long ago, asked to see himself in the video camera.) Mostly it doesn't bother me.  But lately it's been making our meal times last entirely too long! I don't give him too much food; in fact, I give him much less than I think he can eat so he's not trying to stuff himself. He likes (most of) the food, but is always looking at this or that, turning around in his chair or his stool, getting up to go potty (almost every meal, no joke), laughing at nothing - anything to distract from the task at hand. What to do? Anyone have any ideas? My only idea is to make a weighted blanket (with a liner on top for spills and such) to see if that would help. It's aggravating!


I officially rock at making homemade (baked) doughnuts! Well, at least me and the kids think so... and really, that's all that counts! Perhaps it was the great recipe/instructions I found on Pinterest.

chicken and dumplings

Last Friday, I wanted to try this chicken and dumplings recipe.  And it's not exactly like I have a free moment to myself often, especially to try new recipes. So, what's a mother to do? Let the boys help me make supper!! although there was slight throwing of flour, Moose is practicing VBS songs. They, of course, liked the flour the best. And I really never mind a mess (at least not one that can't be swept or wiped up). I gave them spatulas and had them lift up the dumplings after I cut them. I can't say they were beautiful but it did turn out delicious! How is it the one that joins the party late gets the messiest? And that one always ends up on the counter? This child loves to help me. I can't ask for a better helper. Daddy took the boys outside to be pounded like erasers (or maybe just wiped). And I think Casper paid me a visit.  What sweet little feet. Do you let your children help in the kitchen? Did

Accountable Kids review

I've been wanting a chore chart for my boys for a long time. We have done some homemade ones periodically, but none that lasted. Then my friend, Stacey, told me about Accountable Kids. It's basically a system to teach children not only to do their chores but to hold themselves accountable for their responsibilities. Here is Accountable Kids creators, Scott & Traci Heaton's philosophy: " to strengthen families by providing fun, hands-on tools that help parents teach accountability, responsibility, and character development in the home." blurry picture (sorry) but you can see the whole system; low enough the boys can reach Big A and I sat on this information for awhile before purchasing our boys' start-up kits. Each kit comes with:  "the Accountable Kids book, one child kit, and a link to the online Quick-Start Video. Each child kit contains  a natural wood Progress Board, 60 Reminder Cards, 3 blank Reminder Cards, 10 Tickets, 10 Bonus Bucks, 4 Bes

Happy Father's Day to my dad

my dad MADE me this cool medal hanger!! Happy Father's Day to my Dad You have always been supportive of me whether through softball and volleyball having babies or running half marathons I appreciate you more than you know and have a love of Star Wars  for no other reason than I love you!

Happy Father's Day

To the one who relieves me during the witching hours To the one who does more than his share of dishes and laundry To the one who lets them use him as a jungle gym and tackling dummy To the one who rubs my feet and back To the one who calms me down when I'm being driven nuts To the one who sees the big picture To the one who is going to miss out on a sweet Father's Day (he's on a youth group trip) Happy Father's Day! We miss you and love you!

To Be Perfectly Honest by Phil Callaway (book review)

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from To Be Perfectly Honest: One Man's Year of Almost Living Truthfully Could Change Your Life. No Lie. by Phil Callaway. I gathered he was a comedian, so I thought, at most, I'll get a few laughs. Well, I was right about the laughs. Phil is a funny guy. And his honesty throughout the books - good and bad - made him very personable. I felt like I was talking to a friend. It was really neat to see him come clean about how he's bashful about sharing the gospel (so am I), how he spoke with God about his mother's Alzheimer's, and the questions his friends came up with for him during this year stint. One of my favorite quotes from the books was this prayer: "I'm sorry. I love you, but I have trouble understanding you. Your servant, Phil" I sometimes I a lot of trouble understanding God or His ways. I know I don't need to know and sometimes He doesn't want me to know, but it's hard. Doesn't m

Lincoln half marathon recap (very late)

Holy cow, I just realized I haven't done my recap from my half marathon in Lincoln in May!!! I know you've all been on pins and needles....or not. But I'm going to tell you anyway. If you recall, I got back from the Philippines on April 30, sick as a dog. The half marathon was on May 7. Yay - NOT. After I got my Rx drugs to make me feel better, I did feel better, but I hadn't ran in nearly two weeks. Good for my toe, bad for my lungs/legs/goal. I was still gunning for a 2:00:00 finish; my coach and husband and friends and family assured me I could still do it. I had too much sun the day before the race - on an extremely HOT Saturday. I had a great supper and night with some friends we stayed with (bless their hearts for letting all 4 of us crash there). I slept on Squirt's little mattress while the brat (said in good fun) stole my couch. Ugh. Anyway it was raining when I woke up to get ready but the rain didn't last. I found my pace group and talked with a

I'm back!

We had a lovely weekend with my parents and sisters this weekend. Our town had it's annual jubilee so we did some shoe kicks, some races, a BBQ, a parade. Then my mom set up her projector and we watched an outside movie at her house (that was fun! Makes me want a projector!). It was just a really nice, relaxing weekend. We even sat around asking each other trivia questions from Bezzerwizzer.  I also got cleared to run more on Friday. I got my chance to get out today (slept in this morning). I wish I could say it was an awesome run but it was hard. It was hot and my shorts were too snug (my sister Amber is sweet but this butt ain't no small lol). I walked way more than I wanted to but still didn't do awfully. I can't say it was as slow as when I first started, but it wasn't as fast as when I was training for my last half. But I'm back. :)  Sorry I haven't had many new pictures of the boys lately. I'll try to get some up.

a tour of the inside

 #1 in this post: excuse the mess.  I probably should have cleaned before taking pictures, but I wanted to get pictures up online. our "laundry room" is really a hallway between the garage and house where our washer and dryer fit. my kitchen; these cupboards are so deep and useful! And I have a dishwasher! my cute little breakfast nook!! The boys & I eat breakfast & snacks there most days. cool pantry cupboard - super deep, too. closet with water softener living room - has big windows! The boys like to watch the trains across the park outside. our computer sits in an open area, not really a room. our corn/pellet stove. I'm excited to use this in the winter. my sister is right, in this picture, the walls are hideous. They are really a sunny yellow.  the sweet craft/game closet! So useful and great shelving! My sewing machine even has a home! boys' bathroom/main bathroom another picture so you c

the great outdoors

my clothes line!!  our shed; with a little Husker pride. The inside is BIG, so nice to have. our little rogue garden with tomatoes, potatoes, rhubarb, and asparagus anyone know when you should pick asparagus? When they look like a tree or Jr. Asparagus? I'm assuming these are rhodadendrums based on FB friends. some of my flowers my mailbox our pretty fenced-in patio :) our little garage (no more bird poop on my windows!!)