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hello, junior high, I haven't missed your drama

Here's the worst thing about small towns and blogs. Someone doesn't like that you wrote something on your blog? They go talk to the principal. Here's the thing: I have a SAY about Moose's teacher next year. I never EVER said I get to choose the teacher. I just got off the phone with the principal and "someone" (I'm fairly certain who so please if this is you, grow up and talk to me. I'm tired of this behind the back stuff. We aren't in junior high!) told him that I had a blog where I said I got to pick his teacher. NO NO NO NO. I told him, "I said I have a voice in the matter. Which is what we're discussing, right?" Perhaps he never thought about it in those terms, but he agreed. Then that same "someone" said that I had used another student's name on my blog. Bull. I don't even use my own kids' names! I have spoken about his classmates in ONE post where I said he and another student weren't getting along. Tha

you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose...

...but picking your kids' teachers is hard. Here in Small Town, KS, I have a say (not necessarily final decision) about who Moose's teacher will be next year since he has an IEP - I'm not 100% on how it all works, but I do have a voice in the situation.  Well, I only personally know one of the kindergarten teachers. I don't even know the other teachers' names (there are 3-4). I thought that it wouldn't necessarily matter, so I said the teacher I know. EDIT: I had doubts because I don't know the teachers hardly at all, especially in a professional setting.  I was scared because I thought I was stuck hard and fast into my choice. I talked to Moose's current teacher today and she suggested that I come to visit the classrooms to see for myself. I like that idea (EDIT: I was told by the principal that this wouldn't be allowed).  It's still going to be a hard choice. I'm definitely praying for the Lord's wisdom on this one!  Now, I just nee

Multitude Monday

Over at A Holy Experience , Ann Voskamp blogs about such beautiful things. If you haven't read her book, One Thousand Blessings, hit your local library or book shop or Amazon and get a copy . It's ridiculously touching and I hope will lead your heart toward the Lord like it has mine. In the book, Ann talks about counting your blessings. I do that on paper, as she did too, but (like Ann) I like to share my blessings with you. That's what Multitude Mondays are about - you can link up with Ann at her blog. *Disclaimer: if the numbers don't add up, I'm just starting from where I left off last time in my journal. 407. returned phone calls 408. two friends on their 4th pregnancies 409. playdate invitation - it's great to feel wanted :) 410. gray and yellow 411. peeps, chips, and a movie (my Valentine's Day gifts) 412. Moose reading me a book 413. controlling my temper 414. geese flying 415. not cooking 416. buying the boys new cars (even

Weekly Pinterest

My friend, Cheryl, posts her weekly Pinterest activities on her blog. I'd like to begin joining her, so I'll tell you what I've been up to. I tried to make this last night, but it flopped. Luckily, Big A was there to pick up the pieces (literally) when I got frustrated and turned it into a delicious pot-pie type meal. I made two of these peach-blueberry pies . Not sure if they taste good because I sent them to a bake sale. Fingers crossed! My kids enjoyed this peanut butter and jelly banana rolls . Their friend didn't...but kids are fickle eaters at other peoples' houses. For Valentine's Day, I surprised my husband with this package of Super Hero goodies . I've had the printables for over a year now. I'm also hoping to print off these chore printables for my kids, but I may not get them pasted until next week (no Mod Podge...although I'm sure I could find a DIY on pinterest for that). I think that's it. I hope to get s

dress up day

Last week, we had a dress up day. Well, day = 20 minutes.  We had some costume changes and many mustaches. It was a lot of fun.

Multitude Monday

My friend, Erin , keeps up with Ann Voskamp's blog and participates in Multitude Mondays over there. I started my own list after I read Ann's book ( One Thousand Gifts )...but I've been fizzling since the New Year. It's hard to remember to write things down and remember to take your notebook everywhere. But I've also been less looking at the small blessings. So I'm going to try to keep up with this once a week - keeping track in my notebook and then transferring it online. Excuse my numbering; I'm starting where I left off with my notebook. 399. Running to honor Sherry Arnold 400. Random red balloon rolling in the street while running. 401. Birds flying so freely (while I was running inside). 402. MIL and FIL bringing the cousins to play with the boys. 403. Couch naps. 404. A washer to wash sheets peed on by little boys... 405. A French meal: French toast and French fries (that counts, right?). 406. Wearing my headband that I sewed!! That's w

For Sherry Arnold

Today I ran 12 miles. Not only for my training, not only for my Lord, not only for my health, not only for my family. Today I ran for Sherry. For those who don't know, Sherry Arnold was a wife/mother/runner/teacher from Montana who was abducted on a long run on a Saturday morning a few months ago. She never came home and police have only been able to locate her Brooks running shoe. I believe it was found about a mile from her home. I was first made aware of Sherry's disappearance through Another Mother Runner website. From there, I've been able to keep up with news about the investigation. And also, it was there that I learned of the virtual memorial run being hosted by her cousin at Shut Up and Run . So today as I headed to the gym, there was an addition to my running attire. A bib featuring Sherry's picture. I wanted others to know that this run was not for myself but in honor of Sherry and her family. I can't imagine the pain that her kids and husband and pa

PureFit Nutrition Bars (review)

On long runs, I've been accustomed to eating a protein bar or energy bar (whatever you call them), so I was excited to try PureFit Nutrition Bars. They are an all-natural, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, vegan, kosher, high in protein, and diabetic-friendly. Sounds gross, right? Well, you would be wrong. I am always cautious when I come across food of any sort that is GF, DF, and other -free. They don't normally taste great. However, PureFit nutrition bars are good. They taste about the same as other protein bars that I've eaten on my long runs. I tried the Berry Almond Crunch on a 10 miler. I like fruit-flavored bars when I run, but they are hard to come by. That was a great run (accompanied by great weather!). The next bar I tried was chocolate brownie on an 11 mile treadmill run. The entire run was a bust - so hard. I tried to eat other things (pretzels and gels) in a manner to which I wasn't accustomed. I ate the bar way too fast and at the wrong time,

MOB Society: Bragging on Boys

Like my friend Erin shared in her "bragging" post, I don't necessarily want to "brag" about my boys but I am overjoyed at some of their accomplishments recently! So I will share with you! Moose is doing wonderfully at school. We moved him to the afternoon classroom and his teacher said that his behavior problems that they saw in the morning have virtually disappeared. Great! Twice last week (once at school and once at Sunday School) his teachers told me that he shared with someone. What a sigh of relief that one is; sharing is so hard but to know that what I'm implementing at home is working (even the itsy bitsiest bit!) is a relief.  I've noticed that baby toys are most enjoyed by the older crowd. Moose is also reading! I got the sight word list that kindergarteners start off with from his teacher - he read them all for me this morning. I bought a Chuggington book for him on their last book order - he read it by himself after only having it read

there's no place like home

A house is made of brick and stone, A home is made of love alone. I've read this quote countless times growing up; my mom had it on a picture thing in our house. And it is true, my home is really where my family is, my love. But I can't help but want a house. We've moved so many times that a house would symbolize stability and not moving again (at least not foreseeably). We've looked at and fallen in love with several houses here in town. Nice ones that wouldn't need a lot of work (which is good because we don't know how to do that). We've also looked at many houses that would need more love than we could provide! I'm not against DIY projects but we would need something safe and readily available for us to move into - no way could we afford a house payment and rent. Well, it doesn't seem that we can afford a house payment either. We crunched some numbers with a local bank and the outcome was poor. We aren't giving up total hope (mostly) an

Shepherding a Child's Heart (review preview)

Squirt has been having a terrible time getting to sleep ever since we took away his pacifier. He used to put that sucker in, grab his little night-night blankie, and fall asleep almost instantly. It was glorious. Now, he talks, throws EVERYTHING out of his crib (which Moose puts back every time and it becomes a game), cries, screams, jumps. It is awful. Something we haven't dealt with before for 4 years. Last night was no different. He had been talked to, disciplined, and all blanket/pillow/stuffed animal privileges had been taken away (he had feetie pjs on so he was warm enough). So frustrated. He finally fell asleep...but woke up (which he has been more prone to also without the beloved papa) close to midnight. Big A is snoozing peacefully beside me and I had just put down my book, so guess who got the baby? I had been reading Shepherding a Child's Heart. Last semester, my church held a class where they watched the videos that go along with this book. We didn't attend b