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Happy New Year

2008 was good to us...and bad to graduation, Moose's first birthday, Big A's job fiasco, but most importantly, the blessing of friends and family who come together for people when they are down. Here's to new beginnings: a new state, a new time zone, a new job, a new baby, and whatever else God blesses us with that is new. I pray you all have a safe and merry New Year! Please pray for us as we finish packing away our Nebraska life and head for our new life in Virginia. I may or may not post between now & whenever we move in to our new home (which may be a few weeks as we are apparently moving in to a temporary house for a day or during training...I don't know). So I leave you with some pictures of Moose. Here's how Moose would like to ring in the new year...hugging his girlfriend (c'mon, Seth, you love it!). If Moose can't be with Peach, I suppose he'll just call her on his walkie-talkie. Maybe our last snow day for awhile.... Wishing yo

so sick

No, not me, but what I just saw on 20/20. They were talking about You Tube and the fights people put online through this site. They showed the cheerleaders ganging up on that girl that made national news. I thought that was sad. You know, they were teenage girls. Yes, girls are mean, but I never saw stuff like this in high school (and I'm not that old!). But the worst I saw (and they thought it was awful, too) was a TODDLER fight. The man taping (father of one of the boys in the fight) was EGGING it ON! One boy is hitting again and again this little boy in his shirt and diaper. At one point his older brother tried to stop the fight, protecting his brother. A grownup pulled him away to continue the fight. You can hear the video taper laughing. That is disgusting. I couldn't help it; I started to cry. I sobbed. How could you do that to your children?! My son is that age; he would be the one being beat up. That broke my heart. He doesn't know what hitting is; he has never hit

Merry Christmas!

From the S Club to YOU... Merry Christmas! I don't know if it's the hormones but today's tv shows have been making me cry all morning. All the generosity being shown this time of year really touches my heart. I love Christmas! But more than people loving on one another, I love the fact that they are giving a smaller version of the greatest gift of all: Jesus. He gave His life for us and on this day, His Father gave Him to us. I hope you take time this holiday to remember that He is the Reason for this season . Father, I thank You for this time of the year. I know it's cold and the weather outside is frightening. But this is the one season where even Scrooges open their hearts to others, whether family or strangers. I thank You for all the generosity shown toward my family this past year; without it we would be in dire situations. I know that You are in some hearts all year long, but this year I pray that more people find You through Your Son, that more people are

dr. appt.

Today was the tearful good-bye. It was tearful for me. BUT it was a LONG visit. Moose did well with his flu shot. I got blood work taken, an IV for dehydration (great), and the quickest pap smear EVER. Seriously, it was like under 30 seconds - no joke. AMAZING! I got a new script for nausea...but she wants me to try a few days off the meds. Not looking forward to that. I got heartburn medicine - yay! I'm being beckoned to the tub to dry the baby off. Bye! EDIT FOR KELSEY: You get to see a bump when I have a bump not just a leftover roll from Moose. haha! I'm not even 3 months yet so there's not a baby bump to speak of. I'll put up pictures; I love looking pregnant (but only when I AM pregnant).

we've been robbed...or maybe just packing

Big A (and I) got the packing itch this last weekend. All of our wall-hangings from every room (except the 2 giant ones we have), all of my books (6 boxes worth - darn bookworm!), and everything on this shelf unit we have - all packed. I'm hoping we just pack a little bit each night & then we'll be done. Next item on the list? Kitchen stuff we don't use or at least don't need. Really, we use a pot, a pan, and a cookie sheet. That's all. And we need some bowls & 4 plates and some silverware. Not much. As for this pregnancy thing, I'm still not feeling better. I have a doctor's appointment today; basically to get Moose's flu shots done and to ask her questions about getting a new doctor *TEAR* Honestly, I never thought it'd be so hard to leave our doctor, but she is the best. I can't talk about leaving her without tearing up. I am attached - to say the least. I'm going to ask her to move with us today, but I'm not really expecting

potty training

Alright, I'm not in a real hurry to do this whole potty training thing, especially when we're moving. I'm not planning on starting for a few months, until stuff settles in dear ol' Virginia. However, I would like to start thinking about it. It seems all the kiddos I know Moose's age are beginning at least so I should probably figure it out. Where do I start? My mom has no tips because she had 3 daughters, no sons. So I don't even know how to start. Should I start when he can't even say "potty" or "poop" or anything close? Any ideas will be appreciated.

so sorry

I'm possibly the worst featured blogger on SITS. I don't know if I'll ever get around to commenting and thanking everyone for stopping by. I feel awful, but I'm just so tired and ill-feeling lately. I haven't even started packing ANYTHING for our move. I probably am not being the best wife or mommy lately either - I just wish I felt better. And our apartment has this weird funky smell to it but Big A can't smell it to locate it and I can't locate it even with my super nose. I think this past week just sucked the life out of me for awhile. Sorry because I'm probably going to lose followers due to the lack of anything interesting to say. :) I hope you all stick around for what I'm hoping is more interesting blogging later.

my excuse

for my lack of posts (or at least decent ones) lately is....I'm pregnant! That's right, #2 is on the way and should be out of the oven by the end of July (due date is Big A's birthday even). I haven't let loose on here about this because until yesterday, I hadn't gotten to tell my parents & sisters. So now that they know, you know (although some of you already knew haha). This is another small post because I'm on my sister's laptop and it's lunchtime. Baby needs to eat. Tata!

chew on this for a bit

Again, this week promises to be busy! Tomorrow is my last MOPS meeting here in good ol' Nebraska *big tear*. Although I'm going to try to find a new group out in Virginia, it may be tough to schedule it in for awhile. And I really liked this group. And I know my blog has been blah lately. I'm so sorry for those SITS visitors who happened upon this mess. It's like I haven't cleaned my house or something (which I do...sometimes). I hope they saw that I'm not always like this. Anyway, here is a little something I stole from A Mommy in Jeans & High Heels to keep you entertained until I get back to my regularly scheduled blogging. AND check out the new contest hosted by A Daily Dose of Toni - very cool. I'm going to italics all those things in this list I've done in my life. Then you can copy & paste it when you're having a blah bloggy day and do your own list then. 1. Started your own blog 2. Slept under the stars 3. Played in a band 4.


So, I've made it to some of the comments, but they keep pouring in! I still probably haven't hit even half of the people who so kindly blessed my day. Unfortunately, this is a busy weekend so it may take me longer. And then next week is a short week (sort of) as me and my Moose head to my parents' house on Wednesday. Big A has to work (boo) before he joins us for the weekend. I'm super excited to see my family though! So if I haven't made it to your blog to thank you, I promise I'll try my best.

SITS is the BEST

I am completely overwhelmed! I wasn't aware today was my day! And I wake up to 167 comments and I'm thrilled. How wonderful! I can't thank you ladies enough (and I did see one gentleman). I have no idea how I'm going to get through all of these comments (I may have to wait until tomorrow to sort through without losing my head).

East Coast move

Thank you all for visiting yesterday to wish me a Merry SITSmas. I promise to get back to each one of you soon. But let me just inform you a little on our move. Last Friday, I got a phone call just a little bit after Big A left to go to the Husker game. Our Dream Job offered us the job! I was kind of shocked; I hadn't heard from them in about a month and after they said they weren't filling the position, I wasn't expecting to hear from them until at least the beginning of next year. Anyway, so they want us to move out there between January 7-9 and start training the 12th. We took a few days to do our pro/con list like we do with every big decision, and really the pros just really outweigh the cons. We're really excited for this change. It'll be tough, no doubt, but I think we will be good at the job and can actually be something good for these kids. So if I'm busy this month, I apologize. Next week, Moose and I are going out mid-week to visit my family a

Merry SITSmas!

Merry Christmas, from the S Club! We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a merry Christmas And a happy New Year Good tidings we bring to you and your friends We want to share our great news We'll be on the East Coast real soon! Happy Holidays from us! Randi, Big A, & Moose! I also want to give a shout out to some of my favorite blogs! Aubrey @ The Fam Five is a rocking hot mom. I bet Santa will be kissing her soon! Angie's Seven Clown Circus will be decking the halls this season, bringing good cheer to all of us in the blogosphere. Lula of Lulaville is a current favorite throughout the bloggy world. She sure knows how to spread the Christmas spirit with her wonderfully cute posts each day. Stephanie at Live.Love.Eat. is not only generous in the entire sense of the word, but she will also show you how to prepare meals that will make the whole holiday crowd cheering. Honey Mommy has a beautiful design on her blog (I

extra extra read all about it

If you've never checked out The Secret in in the Sauce (SITS) before, this would be a good time. Tomorrow is their kick off of their Merry SITSmas party . Now, this is a good time to be had by all just because of how many friendly faces (??) you'll meet. BUT you could win awesome prizes each hour, too. Not only that but their grand prize is to be the featured blog on Friday. That is what I want. I'm not a patient person. I want everyone to come and dazzle me with their comments. BUT to top that off, the featured blog winner will ALSO get a $200 gift card from Target! Go HERE to check out the excitement. I'm only blogging about this because it will get me extra entries. But I'd be happy if someone I love won, too. But if you've been the featured blogger, I'm free on Friday so pencil me in for that day.

A not AN

UGH! Do you want to know what has bugged me the most about this election? All (and I mean, ALL) of the broadcasters saying "an historic event" or "an historic election." Did they skip their grammar lessons at broadcasters school?? It just keeps bugging me. I know that we use "an" before "honest" because the "h" in honest is not pronounced. That makes sense because then it sounds like a vowel starts the word. But it is NOT proper to say "an historic." Katie, Barbara, Charlie, Diane, Robin, Chris, etc. STOP sounding stupid. A historic event! Thank you.