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I have been trying very hard to think of something to write this weekend. We had a good weekend. A friend of ours had a baby in April and our old church held a baby shower for them. I had a good time talking with people from church, updating them about our lives. Big A was helping out his old employer, the dad from the A-team (the shower was for his wife and new son). So I got Moose. Which I don't mind, but sometimes he's a handful especially when I can't chase him all the time. I was so scared he was going to knock one of the glasses off the table or break the punch bowl, but he did really well running away from the tables. Then I followed the A-team mom out to their farm and we got to hang out with her and the kids. I always have such a good time hanging out with them! She fed us cereal and good cow milk - so I was happy!! It's just always nice to have someone with kids Moose's age that can give me advice on things I'm clueless on (like breastfeeding) or als

I sound like a 5-year-old girl...

...but, how do you make friends? I promised Moose I would make him (and me) some friends when we moved back here. Now, I know we haven't even been here a month, but I just have no clue how to go about making friends, especially pint-sized ones. I've never been the best at making friends. Really, I don't have a lot of close friends (mainly 2, in fact). I have quite a few good friends, but just not a lot of friends in general. Friends I can have play dates with, you know? Well, and we're limited on that because they would have to come here; we have no way to get anywhere. I mean, we could meet at the small park around here, but it would still be them coming to us. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to go somewhere (Children's Museum, zoo) and meet them; we just have one vehicle though and I'm so not walking that far! But I'm not exactly who you would describe as "cool." I'm one of those in-between people who gets along with generally everyone. But I

sleep walking

Yes, I was a sleep walker. I haven't done it since early high school or before as far as I know. However, I am still a sleep talker sometimes. Now, this story has haunted me since 4th grade. We were having an all-school lock-in. I remember watching The Little Mermaid (so maybe it was before 4th grade?) and I remember I had on purple socks. The last thing I remember is climbing in to my Little Mermaid sleeping bag on the stage of our gym. I awoke the next morning on the gym floor in a sleeping bag that was NOT mine. I look over and all of these older kids (including my big sister) were giggling at me. I was MORTIFIED. I didn't understand why I was where I was. Apparently, I had somehow climbed down the steps of the stage. I had then proceeded to climb in this older boy's sleeping bag. WHAT?! It wasn't even a boy I had a crush on. Luckily, my baby-sitter was in his grade so was sleeping nearby. She saw or heard me and moved me to her sleeping bag, where I laid my pret

my boyfriend

I adore George Strait . I don't care how old he is (I'm not even sure how old he is - 50-something?). He is hot and his wrinkles make him hotter. Big A is ok with this faux relationship. Pretty much because it's never going to happen. Ol' George looked pretty happy with his pretty little wifey sitting there at his tribute tonight. And she's gorgeous; I don't think I have a chance. *sigh* And I love my own husband - jeez. Anyway, I loved the tribute to him tonight on CBS. Artist of the Decade. Woo hoo! But he could've been the artist of the last 3 decades, really. His music is so great. But they didn't even play any songs from Pure Country. Kind of disappointing for me because I LOVE that movie! But I still love him and as I told my husband, if I met him I'd let him sign my boobs (kidding, of course, because then you'd have to wash it off). But it was funny; Big A laughed. :)

Wordful Wednesday: Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...

Apparently I have a cowboy-in-training on my hands. This past Sunday, a friend of ours (who is a cowboy) was back from Colorado from seminary with his beautiful wife and new son. His brother decided to show Moose the ropes of putting on cowboy boots. Then Big A, my handsome farm boy/fencing expert, showed Moose that horsies aren't just in picture books. I'm not sure Moose knew what to do with Ol' Elroy here. He liked him, kept making horse noises, but was hesitant to pet. But that's how he is with dogs, too. For more adorable pictures and the words to go with, check out Angie over at Seven Clown Circus's Wordful Wednesday . P.S. He wouldn't sit still for a picture but apparently I have a budding artist on my hand, too (or a chef). Moose thinks colors are for eating. I found the bottom gone on a blue color, color all over his pants and my carpet, and stuck in his teeth. I tell him "yucky" and he says "me yummy yummy." *shake of head* T

Family Feud

I was going to go into the whole story but it's long and irritating. Basically, my grandmother and one uncle thinks the sun shines out of the @$$ of my cousin. It's always been a thorn in the foot of the rest of us grandchildren. Now that speciality has transferred to her daughters. Makes the mommies of the two great-grandsons (me and my other cousin), feel like our sons are getting the shaft. You know how mommies are; we get mad when we feel like our kids are getting screwed. So my cousin's status on Facebook has been just about how she's ticked off and is tired of it all. And our uncle keeps commenting on her statuses. This is just upsetting her and is honestly not becoming of a 40-something-year-old man. I think it's ridiculous. Especially when he brings up how he felt left out because his brother (my cousin's dad, not mine) made him feel left out because he told his kids and apparently the sun shine cousin to stay away from our uncle because he's gay. N

date night is canceled

Wouldn't you know it that the time my parents say they may come and spend the night, we bank on it and plan to go out to the movies. And wouldn't you know that my parents would call and say they're just going home instead and can't it wait until June 6 when my mom comes for a graduation. Yeah, sure guys. It hasn't been since February or anything. Oh well.

very sweet giveaway

I can't stand posting about giveaways...well, at least the ones I want to win ! All in a Mom's Life is giving away an EXERGEN Temporal Scanner . Honestly, I think these thermometers are terrific; we've used ones like it in our doctor's office and it's so fast and easy. Moose is 22 months old and I still use a rectal thermometer on him (you can say it, " poor baby "). I've done the underarm thing but found that I don't trust it at all (when it said 100 and rectally it was 103.8). And Moose is a trooper ; he's honestly never squirmed as I've taken his temperature - not as a newborn, not now. BUT...although he doesn't seem to mind, I mind. I feel terrible sticking that thing in his butt; I can't imagine I'd want that up my rear end. So it'd be awesome to win this giveaway so don't enter. haha! But if you want to know more, check out All In a Mom's Life .

Jon & Kate Phenomena

Look. I don't watch the show. Not to say that I haven't, I just don't. It's a cute show when I do watch (or have), but I never knew the actual time of new shows and now we don't have TLC. However, I think I feel a common bond of parenthood despite the obvious numerical differences of our children. More importantly (to me) I have a Christian bonding with this family. The sisterhood/siblinghood between believers is such a strong bond that I feel it without ever having known them. I'm in the midst of reading "Multiple Bles8ings" by the Gosselins. And I know I'm not the only one who reads the headlines of the supermarket tabloids - Kate and her Bodyguard, blah blah. Watching GMA this morning makes my heart break. It seems as if Jon and Kate are having some marital problems. It also seems that they are trying to do what's best for their kids. I'm not in favor of divorce, although I know that there are great reasons for a divorce and I just ha

I just wish I understood...

If you were looking for a happy post, look below at my Writer's Workshop posts. This, unfortunately, is not one of those posts, but I have to get this off my chest; it's driving me insane. Now, I've mentioned my mother-in-law before. Basically how she dislikes me and, honestly, my husband, too. He "changed" when he met me (sorry he became a Christian and stopped drinking, although he rarely did that), and who knows what else. She'll deny this face-to-face, of course, and most people think she's nice when they meet her. But something about me just irks her (and vice versa). I've never felt more unwelcome in a house like I do when I go to their house. I can't stand it when Big A leaves my side out there. I've come to learn that his brother's fiance feels similarly; which is why she's rarely inside the house if she's out there at all. When I got pregnant with Moose, she was not happy about it. She told us congratulations about 8 hou

Writer's Workshop: Take 2

Writer's Workshop: Take 2 I'm doing another prompt today because there were such good ones. Prompt: 4.) Put an outfit together using pictures you found online and show us what you'd LIKE to be wearing today. (inspired by Lace ) I really like this dress and wish I owned it. I did get some new cute maternity shirts, but I'm getting tired of my dresses. 2 are from my previous pregnancy and 2 are fairly new, but I've overworn them. This dress is beautiful, but I'm not sure my chest would fit in it! I'd need some tape for sure! And if I added a little red, not lace but that itchy sheer material (of course, I can't think of the name), material around the bottom, it'd be SO cute! Great for wedding season. Here's to wishing. Click here to enjoy my Writer's Workshop: Take 1 post and click HERE to head on over to Mama Kat's to enjoy more Writer's Workshop fun. And to those comment-makers about the shoes: if I had 'em, I'd wear &

Writer's Workshop

I know I haven't been that vigil about doing Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, but I love it. And I love love the topics this week. The Prompts: 2.) Memorial Day Weekend plans?? Do share! I really don't usually plan much for this weekend, but this year, I do have a few plans. My parents are coming to stay the night on Thursday because the Nebraska State Track meet is this weekend and they are attending. Moose and I may go to the meet. I'm debating on whether I want to spend $6 to chase him around the meet (my mom's in a boot cast right now so I would be #1 wrangler). It'd be nice because my sister's boyfriend is in the pole vault event and 3 days later, he's going off to boot camp. Friday I think it's just a chill out day! Big A works 4, 10 hour days so Friday should be his day off! I'm very excited because this was our first week apart since December. It's been a challenging week re-learning to be only a stay at home mom. I love Moose,

booster seats

I feel like we've spent a fortune on car seats! We have an infant carrier/car seat that used to hook up to our stroller (before that crapped out). We spent $100 on the set. We have Moose's convertible car seat (backward/forward facing up to 40lbs). We spent about $40 on that. Now, he's almost 40 pounds (seriously like 38 pounds), so we need to get a convertible car seat/booster seat that will hold him until he's 100 lbs. That's anywhere from $40+. I wish we would have actually realized how much money we would be spending (and how quickly Moose would get so big). And this is idealized because we couldn't have afforded this until now. But I would have got one of those 3-in-1 car seats. Infant seat/forward car seat/booster seat sets for like $240. It seems like a lot but we'll have spent about $220 when we're done with this business. I wish we could just sell the others and buy one of those, but then we'll need them when the new baby comes. Any rec

I need better bloggy fodder apparently

My stats suck. Did everyone stop reading? So sad. Well...I'll put up a picture of Moose. Maybe he'll bring back some readers. I would do a Q&A day but I don't think I have enough people to leave questions. But I'll try, so if you want to, leave me a question about me and I'll answer it. Yep, that's pigtails. The greatest thing? It was Big A's idea. Well, at least we know that if we have a girl this time around, she'll be pretty darn cute! haha

on our way

to help a friend and save the day.... I have this song stuck in my head (it's the Wonder Pets theme song for those of you who don't know...). Moose will just randomly start "singing" and I'm sure I'm the only one who knows what he's singing (Big A picks right about 50% of the time). But when this song is at the top of his play list, I can't help but sing along and then it gets stuck. However, #1 on the chart right now is Amazing Grace, which is incredibly sweet. Anyway, we're headed back to the folks' for the day or night (haven't decided), so Big A is wanting me to help (although, if he looks, I got everything ready last night). :)

Dear Moose

Dear Moose, Yesterday was your first day in your new big boy bed. I know you probably were confused at naptime when I laid you down in this strange new bed. I didn't really mind kneeling by you and laying my head by yours, telling you "shh," "shh," until you fell asleep. Daddy put you to bed last night because my back's been hurting lately. I think he had it easier because you probably didn't see that the bed was different in the dark. I heard you right away when you cried during the night. As I raced to your room, I (again) felt the heart-pounding joy that I'm your mommy. When I opened your door, your scared little face lead me to believe you fell out of bed (as did the rumpled covers on the floor). I squatted to your level and you came to me and just clung. You certainly do have quite the grip when you're frightened (or want to suck up). I was prepared to bring you in to our bed (not realizing what time it was - before 2am), but I had to pee (b

sorry no Mother's Day post

It was a fairly eventful Mother's Day...just not the way you think. We couldn't move in until today (and my amazing hubby totally unloaded the truck almost all by himself - I did a very small bit and that's all - otherwise, just him). Anyway, my parents came up to spend the day with us yesterday. It was fun - eating and seeing them. I got some new make-up for Mother's Day (and because Big A bought fishing stuff). That's fun, I guess. Then we stayed at our friends', the Blanks. They were so nice to open their doors to let us stay there. Moose was running a fever and I went out and got him Tylenol (Infants because I didn't know whether 22 months is infant or children???). He seemed ok, not fussy or anything. He ate fish with us all and we all went to bed around 11pm or so. Then around 12:30am or so (I'm not good with times late at night), I was reading Angels & Demons (very good, mind you) and I hear Moose making some weird noise. I thought he was sti

looking ahead

I apologize for all the sappy posts lately. I just have so many mixed emotions about leaving this job. It's hard to say good-bye to something that has consumed your life for months. On that same hand, though, it'd be harder to say no to an opportunity to stay home with my children again. On that note, here are some things I'm looking forward to these coming months (pre-newborn craziness): -going for walks, even 15 minute strolls -going to parks, museums - any place we want! -not watching tv during the day (ok maybe some GMA and maybe 2 baby shows...we'll see) -having regular snack times!!! -consistent nap times!!! woo hoo...totally totally excited for this! -having my family be much much closer -teaching Moose more songs, rhymes, stories (so he doesn't think that Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is the only story when I ask him if he wants to read a story) -MOPS!!!!!! -finishing the baby blanket I'm crocheting :) -seeing my doctor again!!! yes, we decided to h
Dear boys, Tomorrow is my last full day with you. It just hit me a little bit ago after you were all in your rooms (not sleeping, as usual, but in your rooms). I hope you know how much you have each touched my heart (and sometimes my nerve endings). Please know how much I love you regardless of the times I have hit my head against the wall in frustration (I do that for Moose, too). The choice to leave this job and leave you has not been an easy one. I feel so much like I'm abandoning you like so many other people (including parents and family) have during your lives. The guilt eats my broken heart for breakfast. I cry knowing that you are "used" to this because I'm not the first person to leave you. And I'm so sorry for that. I wish I could stay, I really do. And, although, that may seem like just something you say, I really do mean it. I want to stay, I do. But I think that we have the hindsight of already having a newborn. With that knowledge, we know it wo

my blogger boy

I leave that kid alone for 10 minutes. I went over to the big side of the house and when I come back, he's sitting in the computer chair. He's not only published that last post, but finished blogging for me. AND he's printed off his post, too. Sometimes I think he's just a super duper genius and knows all about computers. Now he's blogging and printing. Shoot. That's my boy!! haha
This morning we go to get our Penske truck...and they didn't have it (or one the next-to-smallest size). Suck-y. And my Mr. Nice Guy husband just shrugs it off - I would have complained and gotten a discount. *shrug* So now we won't be loading our truck until Wednesday. And we're trying to switch our schedule around to working today and off on Wednesday. We'll see if our supervisor lets us off just like he let another staff member have a day off (the day he asked for it), leaving us alone. If he doesn't, maybe we'll have to bribe him with beer or a motorcycle ride or something. That would probably work. From the sounds of it, it doesn't sound like he's willing to do this. However, we have 2 people on today, 2 on Wednesday so it does nf r [ UY;U't matter!!!! UGH - a