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Halloween Switch

 Truth be told, we love our costumes in this house! But we love them so much, it's hard to decide what to wear for Halloween.  Can you guess what we'll be? Mr. Incredible Mario & Luigi : Trick-or-treat #1 Grandpa adorable shoes, don't you think? Mario & Luigi : trick-or-treat #2 costume change in the kitchen another adorable pair of these kids have good tastes. Mickey Mouse I guess you'll have to come back tomorrow to find out! Happy Halloween!

weekend warrior

Today my better half is at the Husker football game. Leaving me to hold down the fort and keep the children alive. So basically, this has merely added another week day to my week and taken a weekend day from my weekend. Ugh. Oh well. It's been a fairly productive day. We made it to the library for some computer time...and discipline time when the sharing of the computer wasn't working out so well. The park was played at for about 5 minutes until the rumbly in my tumbly was audible. Leftover Subway for lunch was good enough for me and edible enough for the boys who ate it with a voracity. Not out of hunger but out of desire to watch Disney Sing Along Songs - Disneyland Fun . Naps have been interesting. I sat down to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with the McPhail family. Tear jerker about a family with 2 autistic sons. My mascara is now on the sleeves of my sweatshirt instead of my eye lashes. I still have Part 2 to watch but it may have to wait. Moose didn't

photo booth

 My favorite part of having a Mac computer is Photobooth. Moose loves to take pictures on here (and now he has figured out how to do it himself) and I love taking silly pictures with my boys. So I thought I would share some of my most recent favorites with you all on this, our sick/movie day.

do you drink the kool-aid or not?

Since learning of Moose's autism diagnosis, there have been many cases of information overload. With that overload come differing opinions, extremists, and what-the-heck moments. It's so hard to know what to believe, what is true, what will help, what is hooey. Yesterday's trip to the allergist was no different. This allergist had come highly recommended by friends but our doctor was hesitant about our visit. When we arrived, there was a lot of information (some that seemed like hooey. i.e. claims that food CAUSED autism, ear infections were CAUSED by milk allergies). There were a lot of unanswered questions (why doctors wouldn't give this business' allergy shots, adverse reactions to the shots). Red flags showed themselves to us so much (not being a board certified allergist, for one). But what do we believe and what don't we believe? I talked with a friend today who has had such a positive experience through this doctor with her son; it's hard not to t

giveaway winner (belated)

Sorry if anyone was looking for the winner of the Cat in the Hat & Word World DVD s. The days have just flown past me and I missed that date. So the winner is Renée ! Please email me ASAP at sclubmama (at) gmail (dot) com with your address so I can get that information to NCircle and you can get your DVDs. Winner has 48 hours to email me or I will have to choose another winner.

God's fun

I'm reading a book called "God's Blogs" by Lanny Donoho. It's pretty funny and cute, although it has made me tear up a few times (and I'm not that far into it). One thing it made me think about last night before bed was.... I'll bet God had so much FUN creating the universe and everything on Earth. We always (or at least I usually) think of God as this stoic Zeus-looking guy, but He obviously isn't all stoic or we wouldn't have laughter, smiles, joy, happiness and so many beautiful things. God is a Creator, we know that, but truly an Artist. I think about watching an artist choose the colors and mix his paint. I have not an artistic bone in my body but I love to watch others paint. Even little kids get such joy out of creating chaos on paper. But God had a plan - a beautiful plan. He created the stars, the planets, the particles that make up the atmosheres (ours and other planets'). I really don't create much. I scrapbook here and t


My friend, Erin, from Home with the Boys is hosting 31 Days of Being a Woman on her blog. This past weekend, she wrote about influence - how we influence others and others whom influence us. She asked us to write a post about the woman/women who influence us. What a hard prompt. I have women who influence me in different areas (fashion, parenting, loving others, being a wife, fitness). I don't have ONE woman, ONE friend who totally influences me in everything right now. While I still haven't found that one person who I can call when I'm feeling down or who I feel I can talk to about everything, I've come to realize I don't need one person to be the BESTEST BEST friend ever. I have different friends who are in my life for different reasons. Not every woman in my life is going to be referenced but each one does influence me in one way or another; whenever you're in contact with a person, you are an influence to one another. In the area of mothering, I dra

hair cut & day #1 of Frumps to Pumps

 I got my haircut on Friday (day before pictures) and I love it! The bangs were a little scary but I really really love them. They make me feel very girlie! And I love how they look with my ponytail. I also gave the boys haircuts...not great ones, but free ones. You can see how uneven Squirt's is but Moose's is only really bad in the back. It looks like a bowl cut and then I went a little too close with the trimmers in the back of his neck. Oops. Good first try. I'm so thankful they don't care. I'm also linking up with Sarah Mae ( Like a Warm Cup of Coffee ) for her Frumps to Pumps Challenge. A year ago (or more than that?) she did a getting dressed challenge that I also participated in. I do well most of the time getting dressed. I may not do my make up or hair but my outfit is usually picked out. My why for this challenge is to: complete the look (hair & make-up), think about my husband, and just feel good about myself and my outfit choices (instead of

the very hungry caterpillar (alternate ending)

So the very hungry caterpillar ate through a whole bunch of crap, got a tummy ache, ate a leaf, and felt much better.  He was no longer hungry or skinny. *this is also the reader's digest condensed version. He built a house, called a cocoon (or tatoon in 2-year-old chatanese), around himself. He stayed inside for almost 2 weeks, then fell off the door.  The nice people use wood glue to glue him to paper and hang him up via the internet. You could see the beautiful butterfly forming in the cocoon. Then he nibbled a hole, pushed his way out, and... he fell to the ground and died. Then the little boy picked him up and announced "dead butterfly" like it was the best thing in the world.  Until the Mommy made him throw it in the grass.