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Longing for Paris by Sarah Mae (book review)

Every time I go to do something while Princess sleeps, she wakes up. I kid you not. Last night, I waited for her to wake up for another bottle. I waited an hour before going to bed and JUST as my lids got heavy "waa." Just now, I decided to write this overdue post and "waa." How does she know? Anyway... image via website I don't remember why I wanted to read " Longing for Paris " by Sarah Mae. I don't remember feeling a particular longing the way Sarah Mae longs for Paris (I still don't have one big dream like that). However, I've been a long-time fan of hers through her blog and book "Desperate." Sometimes I just like to read a familiar author's work. It took me quite awhile to get into the book. I just wasn't feeling what she was feeling about the longing, the desire for "joy, beauty, and adventure." Sure, I'd love an adventure, but really who has the time or money for such ext

Faith Builders Bible (book review)

A long time ago, I bought the Lego Bible. What a joke. There was no graceful, loving God in that Bible. However, I love the idea of mashing the Bible with Legos - our boys are gaga over one of those and I'd love for them to be gaga over the other! I was very excited to receive the Faith Builders Bible! I wrapped it up from Santa Claus and had the boys open it on Christmas Day. They were SO excited about it (mostly Squirt but he's my Lego builder). I'm so glad. The Faith Builders Bible is a full NIrV Bible with 24 pages of full-color illustration. It is made for kids ages 6-10, which is perfect for my boys. There are no study guides or notes so this is a perfect, basic Bible for kids my kids' ages (well, not Princess but she'll get there). It shows Moses getting the 10 Commandments (which Squirt made himself after seeing), David and Goliath, the feeding of the 5000, etc. My boys really enjoyed looking at it and Squirt was very excited to take it to Sund

Ja-Vie Shoes (review)

As I was reading my normal blogs, I kept noticing these Ja-Vie shoes everywhere. They sounded terrific - a pillow shoe. Now, I'd just spent a day at the hospital for Moose's MRI and my feet were shot. I'm just not used to spending so much time on my feet. this and the above picture from the Ja-Vie website I acquired a beautiful pair of gold sparkly Ja-Vie shoes. The sizing is European so I had to get the biggest size they carry. Boo for big feet. When I first got the shoes, they seemed too narrow. I was bummed! I almost gave them away! Then I had to wear them again (I have a seriously limited selection of shoes) and was pleasantly surprised to see they had stretched to accommodate the girth of my feet. Seriously my feet just do not fit the rest of me; they've grown longer with each child and flatter (thus wider) with running. But they can do some amazing things so I'll keep them. :)  who doesn't love some sparkle?! nice so you don&

December update

I forgot how hard it is to get much done with all three kids at home, so this break has not been the most productive. I had plans to get a bunch of reviews done for the blog and this update...that never happened. So now with the big two happily off to school, it's just Princess and I at home and she's content in my lap for the moment. December was a whirlwind. I am glad to see it go! Happy New Year! I've decided to write in a format more like a letter than updating each kid as there is much crossover for us. We started off the month with the Christmas program "Christmas in Reverse." The kids have been rehearsing every Wednesday since October! These were long nights for us since Moose's medication makes him SO tired he's ready for bed by 7 and these rehearsals were from 6:30-7:30. But we made it and I'm so thankful we did. Neither boy had a big part in the production (no elementary aged kid did. They were the choir and older kids had the parts li