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Using, I picked a winner for the LuLaRoe giveaway and was surprised! It came up with #1 (not a surprise as it's random) but that it was my friend, Amanda! I thought it was another friend with the same last name. I'd even told her her comment hadn't gone through (forgive me...I'm not so techy apparently). So yay! Congratulations, Amanda! I will let Kristen know you're the winner and have her contact you. Disclaimer: I've already contacted Amanda to let her know and she's contacted me back, so yay! 

LuLaRoe review: Perfect Tee

I had a LuLaRoe pop-up a few weeks ago and had such fun adding memes to my Facebook invite! These were my favorites: Look up "LuLaRoe memes" on Google and you won't be sorry. I think they are hilarious. I wish I'd seen this one: Enough goofing around! You want to know about their new top - the Perfect T! During the whole party/pop-up, I didn't try on one Perfect. I didn't think they would fit (there wasn't a sizing chart there). I got a medium top but very well could have gotten a small or even extra small like the sizing chart suggests. However I love the print of my Perfect T - navy and mustard stripes. I'm not huge into stripes but I don't feel like these make me look wide. Or any wider than a flowy top does. The Perfect T is not a snug fit like the Randy or even Classic. It's even flowier (is that a word?) than the Irma. It being larger on me, I wouldn't wear it with anything other than skinny jeans. It's not qu

66 Ways God Loves You by Jennifer Rothschild (book review)

"Jesus loves me. This I know, for the Bible tells me so..." Many of us are familiar with these lyrics. Yet, does the Bible tell us this is true? It does! Jennifer Rothschild's "66 Ways God Loves Me" is a wonderful book that goes through each book of the Bible (hence the 66 ways) and tells us how each book shows God's love for us. Each chapter has a title page that says something like "In Genesis God Fashions Me with His Hands" or "In Micah God Invites Me to Walk Humbly with Him." This title page is followed by 2-3 pages explaining His love. It's not hard to understand but it is deep, just as His love is. image via I read an article recently about how Jesus is not our cheerleader and this is not a book like that. This book is not telling you how you are loved so go dream big and make your dreams come true! It's building a foundation for you like the Bible says in Ephesians 3:16-19, " I pray that out of his g

Goodnight, Manger by Laura Sassi (children's book review)

While my boys naturally go toward books about superheroes and space cats, I do try to have books that point them to Jesus in our home. Having the opportunity to read "Goodnight, Manger" by Laura Sassi (illustrated by Jane Chapman) was really a blessing. We have far less really young kid books about Jesus and God as we have grown up in our faith as our boys have grown up. Now having our little Princess, I'd like more books her age to point her to Jesus. "Goodnight, Manger" does just that. It's rhyming stanzas show Mary and Joseph putting the baby Jesus to bed only to be interrupted by barn animals and wise men and angels singing "Hosanna." Everyone tries to help the newborn King to sleep. image via It's a really sweet little story that will show your young ones Jesus. If you're looking for theologically deep (which who is at 16 months old?), this is not for you. It depicts the wise men and shepherds visiting at the same ti