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The Nutcracker And The Four Realms (movie trailer)

Christmas is fast approaching and while gifts are not central to the reason (that's Jesus!), they are an important part of the holiday for many families, including mine. Two years ago, I wanted to make something special for my grandma, Marilyn. I had taught myself to embroider in 2015 while pregnant with my daughter. Earlier in 2016, I had made my mom a family tree embroidery piece for her 50th birthday.  While I love the tree idea, I knew I'd need something different to accommodate the many people in the extended family tree. My grandma and grandpa had five children. There are 10 grandchildren and, at that time, 13 great-grandchildren (that number will be extended to 15 by February). I wanted something that would last and become a family heirloom, so I came up with this:  I presented it to my Grandma Marilyn at our Christmas celebration. Her reaction was perfect! She loved it (even though I had left out a grandchild...I didn't realize...oops) and cried and it got

Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C.S. Lewis by Patti Callahan

" Becoming Mrs. Lewis" by Patti Callahan is about C.S. Lewis and his wife, Joy Gresham. I found it to be a fascinating tale of historical fiction, weaving truth and fancy while leaving the integrity of the real people. Callahan made you feel Joy's feelings, allowing you to follow her journey from struggling in an abusive marriage to following her heart to England and eventually rebuilding her life there.  I really enjoyed the characters that Callahan portrayed. From Joy with her deep-set feelings to her ex-husband Bill with his disappointment and rage, you feel like this is a biography rather than historical fiction. Her sons are lively and real. C.S Lewis is made to be human, rather than a figure of grandeur (although Joy's perspective often gives him a larger-than-life depiction in her love for him). image via BookLook Joy, for me, was sometimes a hard character to swallow. I'm not used to fictionalize characters being so real (this was tricky because

Cave Tools: Grill Gloves (review)

After my fourth baby was born this summer, I've started to have my biggest boy, who is 11, get food out of the oven for me. He doesn't have the most grace so this was a leap for me. I just hate for him to burn himself. Needless to say, having the opportunity to have these Cave Tool BBQ gloves was great! These BBQ gloves are thick and have this red silicone parts so he's not going to have something hot slip from his hands. He did spill fries getting them out last week but that was his inexperienced grace. Oops! I love that the light weight flame retardant aramid fiber part of these that extends way past my wrist (and his) so no real chance of a forearm burn. They are flexible and have a great grip! It doesn't feel hot at all when I'm reaching in. Do be careful if your gloves get wet; these gloves are not waterproof. So steam and hot liquids can still burn you through the gloves (like most oven mitts).  My husband has huge hands and the

Silencing Insecurity: Believing God's Truth About You by Donna Gibbs (book review)

Most people are insecure about something. Whether that is in relationships, how they look, how good they are at their roles, something. I found when reading "Silencing Insecurity" by Donna Gibbs, that I have more than I though (which makes me feel a little insecure haha).  image via Baker Book House I found the book to be helpful in identifying some insecurities and symptoms of them. We can identify insecurities by finishing this sentence: "if only..." If only I looked like ________. If only my emotions weren't too much.  If only I could go here or do that.  If only I had a friendship like so and so.  If only my kids acted like theirs.  On and on. These aren't all necessarily mine but you understand my point.  Once you identify these identity thieves (as Gibbs calls insecurities) then you can begin to learn how to replace those thoughts (often half-truths and lies from the enemy) with truths from God himself.  My favorite part