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Jesus Loves Me: A Sing-Along Book illustrated by Gynux (children's book review)

"Jesus loves me This I know For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong; They are weak but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so." This is one of my daughter's favorite songs to sign along with (along with The Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus). She doesn't quite sing yet but will sing "me" at the end of the chorus in this song. It's pretty much as sweet as it sounds! I adore toddlers singing and loving music. image via BookLook I was really excited to see a book with this song in it! It's really a foundational song in a child's spiritual walk. Jesus loves me! Jesus loves you! That's it, people! He loves us! Amazing! We try to say this is just a song for toddlers but it's a song for us all. I believe the song "I Wanna Go Back" by David Dunn proves that. However, this book was a big disappointment to me. I'm not sure q

And Still She Laughs: Defiant Joy in the Depths of Suffering by Kate Merrick (book review)

I haven't written anything personal on my blog really since December 2016. It's been nothing but reviews and things of that nature - nothing wrong with that, of course (or I wouldn't be writing this), but I'd like to explain why. I have been lost in a sea that I had only vaguely known prior to this past season of life. The sea of depression. It's weird to even write that, to be honest. I think I had some postpartum depression after my second son, Squirt, was born in 2009 but I started running after that. I think the endorphins honestly helped me get out of that fog. Fast forward a few years. I injured my foot in 2013 and I'm still not sure if it's healed properly. My running hasn't been the same since, so less endorphins. I believe that has left me vulnerable emotionally. In 2015 we welcomed our sweet Princess into our lives but that first year of her life was marred by the epilepsy of my oldest son, Moose. He had brain surgery last summer, 2016, to

The Frightening Philippi Jail by Gary Bower (children's book review)

Awhile back I wrote a review on "The Beautiful Garden of Eden." My older boys (7 and 9) really enjoy reading that book and I enjoy reading it to my daughter (almost 2) because of the lilting, poetical way it's written. image via Tyndale Blog Network I thought "The Frightening Philippi Jail" by Gary Bower would give my big boys a good visual for them for this Bible story. Honestly, we haven't talked a whole lot about the apostles in our home; we have mostly focused on Jesus. I think this is a good starting point. I love the writing of this book. It's the same lyrical type of writing based on "The House That Jack Built." It just flies off the tongue so well, so don't miss reading this aloud! Even encourage your little readers to do so. The pictures in this one are a little more drab - brown color palette with some orange and red. But they are in jail back in the day, so who says it was colorful? Just comparing it to "The Bea