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here comes the individuality

Until now, Moose has never shown an interest in clothes - at all. He wears whatever I put him in. Monday night, he was out of clean jammies so we put him in this Elmo PJ shirt I picked up at a garage sale (sans pants) and some shorts. Fine and dandy, right? Yeah, until I realized he was sweating his butt off in it. He was IN LOVE with this shirt from the time I showed him that Elmo and Dorothy (the goldfish) were on it. Well, when I realized he'd sweat too bad in it, I had Big A take it off him so I could cut the sleeves off. For those 2 minutes, you'd have thought the world ended. But I get the shirt back on him and he's happy as a clam. The next morning, I get him out of his crib, change his diaper, and proceed to dress him. Shorts on, time for the shirt....nope, can't get him to take off "Elmo." I figure, oh Luckily for me, Moose LOVES bathtime so Elmo came off at that time and disappeared down the stairs to be washed. So until the next installment of Elmo,
Do you ever have days where it feels like you yell at your kids all day? Today ended up being one of those days for me. Big A came home to me crying and Moose just having been done crying. I can't seem to get Moose to really listen to me. He keeps doing stuff, like messing with the computer or turning the tv on and off, that I tell him not to do and it just ticks me off so bad. And I think maybe he feels I'm not spending enough (as much?) time with him. But I don't think I interact any less with him (I mean, Squirt sleeps all day so there's not a heck of a lot of interacting with him). And...maybe this is wrong, but I feel like I'm having a hard time bonding with Squirt. I love him, I really do. I just feel like it's really really different between us than it is between Moose & I. Did anyone else feel like this with their second? I feel bad about it but I just can't help it. Sorry if I've been a Debbie Downer lately. This is sometimes the only plac

can he do that?

Today I was coming home from Wal-mart and came through some road work. The 60 mph speed limit sign had the "fines doubled" sign under it. I was on my phone, going about 58 (our spedometer's off and I drive like a grandma). This cop on the other side of the road (with a grass median) whips it around. I think, "hmm maybe you can't talk on your phone here," but he speeds on past me and SPEEDS on past me (seriously, I thought he was going somewhere like a drug bust) only to slam on the brakes behind this truck in front of me who's going the speed limit for about a 1/4 mile. All of a sudden a 50 mph sign pops up on the side of the road (usually this is 60 mph the whole way) and the cop flips on his cherries to pull the truck over . How rude! Right? I mean, the truck probably takes this road like I do and doesn't realize the speed limit is about to change. That could have been me because I certainly didn't slam on my brakes to make 50 mph because I d

there ain't no party like an S Club party!

As I previously posted, Big A's party was a success....although I did spill the beans (and Emma, I laughed my butt off when he told me that he had to go put on underwear, too). About 15 of our friends came and our friends, the A-team, even brought friends for Moose & Squirt (their 3 kids). We decided to take a picture (by size, not age) of our children together. So...this is the only picture I took of the night...oops. From Left: Moose, Peach, Birdie, Mr. T, and Squirt The only difference had we taken the picture by age would be that Peach & Moose would be switched around. She's about 8 months older, Birdie is 8 months younger (or so...I may not have the exact range right), and Mr. T is almost 3 months older than Squirt. It was fun trying to get the kids to all stay down right where they were. Mostly Moose & Peach were hardest to keep down. Squirt and Birdie were perfectly content to lay there. Kids are fun. Enjoy the cheesy music and video and remember that t
Big A's surprise party cake! First attempt at a walk with the kiddos = failed. Squirt got hungry, Moose got hungry, and then it's too hot (at least for me and my readjusting hormones). Ugh. Tomorrow it will be cooler and hopefully my timing won't suck so much. But this little one...oh boy. If that pacifier drops out of his mouth, it's like the world ends. I hate pacifiers. Oh and any ideas on how I can teach Moose that kicking is not nice? He doesn't do it to hurt, but just flails his feet when he's angry. But he ends up kicking me and I don't know how to get him to stop. I've slapped his feet, put him in time out, spanked...I don't know. I don't like spanking him and that doesn't seem to help anyway, but I don't know what to do. We've even read "Feet Are Not For Kicking." No help. And watching tv from 8:30-now hasn't helped our tv addiction. Another one of those days. I'd like to say we won't watch for the

I need this!

Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House is giving away a Bumbleride stroller...not just any stroller...a double stroller (details here )! A very cool double stroller that I could win. Big A would love the adjustable handles, Moose would love the adjustable feet rest, and Big A would also love the RED color. I would love it because it would get me out of the house with BOTH kids. I'm sure Squirt will appreciate it as he's awake more, too. Go visit Two of a Kind ...enter the giveaway...and send the stroller to me. :)
Quick update: Party went so well. I spilled the beans about a half an hour before everyone showed up (which...way to be on time everyone! Seriously, about 7pm sharp most everyone arrived!). Good thing, too - Big A goes, "thanks...I better go put some underwear on." OMG. That's my husband. But he was surprised (yay) and had NO clue. He didn't even blink an eye when I came home carrying a bucket of chocolate ice cream and had "something" (the cake) wrapped in tin foil in the fridge. So cute...clueless, but cute. Moose did entertain as planned. He shared fairly well all day (we had some friends stop by once and then stay for an extended visit - not planned and not a kid he knows well, so he did his best to share but he's 2 and hasn't really ever had to share). I did put up some toys that he wasn't sharing so well in our room before everyone showed up. And Big A got some much appreciated (but completely unnecessary) gift cards (thank you SO much t

today's the day!

I am ready for Big A's party! I don't think he knows anything about it either! This morning he's down helping his dad and brother put in cement for a grain bin (so fun - not). So I got to decorate the cake (and I put it under tin foil in the fridge. I'll tell him he can't touch it until after supper because it's a special surprise from me because we didn't really get to celebrate his birthday yesterday because my parents were down...idk)...although Squirt clearly did NOT want me to do so (he kept spitting out his pacifier). But it's done. All the utensils are in a cupboard we're rarely in. I am going to go to the store around 6:30 or so to pick up more ice cream. I really hope this all gets pulled off. As long as his brother doesn't spill the beans while working...c'mon Jon! I'm excited to see everyone that's coming (or maybe coming)! There are quite a few I haven't seen in awhile, some I've seen more recently but I can'

Happy Birthday Big A

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG A! just after his Yellowstone ballroom dance contest - 3rd place, not bad our wedding day - best day ever! Honey, I love the way that you think the best of me, even when I've yelled at you at 1:30am for not getting up to feed the baby. I love how you think I'm beautiful, even when I have spit-up from Squirt and leftovers from Moose on my shirt. I love how you play with our boys, even when I know you're dead tired from work. I love so much how you enjoy each moment that God gives you, even when it seems nothing is going our way. You live each day to its fullest and wish there was more time to spend with us. You make me laugh even when I'm in my darkest moods. You can get Moose to behave when he's defiant towards me, and Squirt to stop crying even after I've held him all day. Mostly I love how you follow God's Will for our live. I know that we are always taken care of spiritually, financially, and physically with you. T

a mish-mash of things

SO sorry for yesterday. To you, to my kids, to my husband, to God. I was GRUMPY myself! Part of it is that I go into 3am feedings and am grumpy and stay grumpy. This morning, I tried really hard to just go in and feed Squirt and be compassionate that he's sleepy, too, so he may not eat in 2.5 seconds. I think it's helped. I'm in a MUCH better mood today. There are some things that just overwhelm me, though. I don't think I've fully gotten that Big A isn't with me every minute of every day like he was in Virginia. I don't think I've let myself miss him until recently. And, boy, do I miss him! Anyone know of any way that we can live for free and be together 24/7? haha And I HATE chores. I feel like my laundry has multiplied (and I hardly wash the kids' clothes because they have so many at this point). It is NEVER DONE and it takes me forever to fold because Squirt wants held all the time. Dishes are worse. We used to have this deal where one of us wo

Daddy & a shower make a difference

Ahhhh....I think a Daddy & a shower make SO MUCH of a difference! :) I feel so much better, let me tell you! And, I really appreciate all the comments and advice. I don't plan on putting Squirt on his back; that freaks me out too much. But if he keeps not sleeping, I may try a noise machine and/or one of those wedge thingers. I tried putting rolled blankets by him so he could feel secure...and he got out of my swaddling (I'm not very good at that haha). He'll sleep (sometimes and for only a bit) in the bouncer (which I need to get batteries for), but I haven't put him in the swing since he can't hold his head up yet. I think a LOT of our problem is constipation. We've been "helping" him poop for awhile now with the thermometer (does the same thing a suppository does). We've even thinned his formula (just a bit and only because our doctor suggested this when Moose was constipated at this age). Not much help. So I'm sure that doesn't h
I wish I had someone to talk to. I wish my friends didn't all have jobs and lives. Especially the ones who could at least sympathize. These little rugrats sure did fool me the first week with being so good. And now Isaac just won't stop crying ....

oh boy

Today I got to sleep in until 6:45am! Partially because after his 5am feeding, I took Squirt to bed with me. I'm having a problem with him, though. At night (or today), I'm having SUCH a hard time getting him to sleep in his crib. I change, swaddle, feed, and rock him. He's good and asleep on my chest or in my soon as his head hits that mattress, he's awake. And not the cute, cuddly awake. No, the screaming awake that won't really stop (except for slight pauses) until I hold him. Then almost instantly, he's asleep again. Any ideas? I can't hold him ALL days; I need/want to spend time with Moose, too. I don't know if he'd rather sleep on his stomach. Maybe he needs a white noise machine (it's not like our house is exactly quiet with a 2-year-old running around and all his noisy toys). I'm just frustrated. It doesn't help that Moose threw a HUGE tantrum earlier where he screamed for probably 5 minutes straight (which felt like

I yam what I yam

Gotta love garage sale finds, right? Love this Popeye shirt...see his guns? Join in the Wordful Wednesday fun over at:

Happy Birthday Rewind

I thought I would go back a few weeks and share the family singing "happy birthday" to Moose. I love that he even blows out his candle! I still can't believe that he is I have a 2-year-old and an 11-day-old. That's amazing (and scary). Oh! And today we made our first solo trek to Wal-mart!!!! And we survived. It was awesome. We went in for facewash, Pull-Ups (not so much for potty training reasons, although we may try, but because of the sizes they fit...poor Moose's diapers are getting small), wipes, and cake frosting and mixes (for Big A's surprise party). We were in and out. Moose sat in the back of the cart, Squirt in his carseat up front. The only time I was like, "uh-oh" was at the check-out when Moose wanted to press the buttons on the debit card machine. I had ahold of him, but didn't realize he was pushing the cart with his feet. So he almost biffed it to the ground. And then he started to pull on the back of Squirt's c


This is how I like my children at 5:30am.... However, this is not them at 5:30am this morning. Oh no, we thought that was time to get up to eat (Squirt) and play (Moose). Ugh. I even tried to feed Squirt while trying to get Moose to lie down in my bed. Yeah, that didn't work. Sorry, kids, for my grumpiness today. Try a long nap today.

such easy posts...

I was just laying down with Squirt last night on the couch and Moose comes up and lays on my lap, too. It was such a sweet moment - I had to have Big A search for the camera to capture it. The best part? Moose fell asleep there (at 8pm!). Just made me feel like the most loved mama. Answer to yesterday's trivia pictures: Moose is in the pink bowl and Squirt is in the bottom bowl (and I noticed after I loaded them that the bottom picture has the date on it - darn it). When Moose was born, Big A had that long, gorgeous curly blond hair (that Moose has now). He cut it in about September 2007 and has kept it either shaggy or short since then. I kind of miss those curls - he had them when I initially fell in love with him and when we got married.

guess the baby!

One of these is Moose, the other is Squirt... I didn't even mean to take such close pictures! I'll try to get more look alike pictures (ones where you can see their faces).

garage sales, being late, and constipation

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend. And it's not over yet! Friday morning I went out BY MYSELF (gasp!) to garage sales. Big A stayed home with both kids and had a Daddy Day! I had fun, too. But then it started...our speed sensor in our new/old car went out and Big A & Moose took it to the place we bought it on Thursday evening. Well, I went to pick it up Friday around 1pm. Got there at 2ish; they couldn't find my keys (it was under the mat) for only about 10 minutes, BUT I had to be home at 3pm. Then my GPS took me on a gravel road (although I specifically have it set to avoid unpaved roads) so I had to drive 30-40 (yes, I'm a wuss) for about 5 miles. I made up time by going 82 on the interstate (oops). So I thought I was golden to get home at 3, leave about that same exact time, in order to make it to the hospital where Squirt was born (an hour away) to do birth certificate stuff (that should have been done in the hospital but whatever), and a doctor's appointment a

could it be? easier?

Now, I don't know if my other posts have made it seem like I'm having a hard time with the two boys, but let me just clarify....I'm really not. Now, that's not to say it's completely easy but I do feel like my day is more full and, dare I say it?, easier. Is that crazy? I mean, we don't have everything down pat the way I want to (i.e. less tv, more outside), but I know it'll get there. And the weather here is cooperating nicely this week (well, except it's been rainy) - we can play outside because it's so cool out. Bad thing about the cool weather is that I don't take them out between 10-3 because of the sun (and how fair-skinned we are...and nap time), so we go out in the morning and it's been chilly. And what does Moose want to do? Take a "bath" (play in our water toys). I just am astonished at how relaxed things have been around here. The worst is when Moose wants me to play Guitar Hero because I don't always want to (or s
The boys are still doing well. Today's tantrums were a bit more, but I'm trying my best to be compassionate toward him but still be firm so he knows what's allowed and what's not. I don't know how Squirt sleeps through the screaming, though! I'm still not happy about the amount of tv being shown, but sometimes I just need a distraction for him. I would play with him but that interests him for about 2.5 seconds. And apparently (as I learned yesterday) I'm not supposed to color with him. He threw a FIT! *shrug* who knew? lol It's pouring; it feels nice to have the A/C off and the doors open. Global warming, my butt. And I'm not complaining; I love this 80 degree weather in July!!! Oh! In case I forgot to tell you (and I think I did), we decided not to have me nurse Squirt. He wasn't latching on AT ALL at home; it was killing me. And I was just getting so stressed out and really just not enjoying any of it. I talked to a nurse who suggested suppl

I am SO excited

I have NEVER thrown a birthday party except for Moose. And Big A turns 25 here on the 24th. I so wanted to throw a party for him last year for his golden birthday (24 on the 24th) but we were DIRT POOR so I couldn't. BUT this year we aren't as poor, so I'm going to. And it's going to be a surprise! That is one of the best things about Facebook is that you can make an event and make it secret so one person won't find out. Our party won't be anything fancy, just cake and ice cream. But I'm really excited. I hope I can keep it a secret and that it is a success. So to our friends that live close (or want to travel) and read this: feel free to come by about 7:30pm on the 25th. What do you think? Can I pull this off?

first day alone

My mom went home last night; she felt like she wasn't helping so I didn't need her (moral support goes a LONG way, though). So anyway, today is my first day alone with the boys. It's going fairly well. Squirt slept from 4:15-7:15 (wow), I think slightly because at 4, he acted hungry then just slept so I brought him into bed. Anyway, so Moose woke up around the same time. Squirt was SO patient while I got Moose up and changed him, then changed Squirt, then got Moose's breakfast ready, and THEN fed him. Moose has done well, too. He is still loving in Squirt but I can tell he's slightly jealous (or just unsure about all of this) - he's thrown a few fits and tried to get me to play Guitar Hero (yes) while I was feeding Squirt. It's so hard to tell him no, I can't, but I really can't do that AND feed the baby (plus, I don't necessarily like playing GH all the time). He's had a few timeouts and a few scream/crying matches. Big A has told me a few t

and the winner is...

Sadiebug and her Mom said... My husband's name is Charlie (actually Charles, but I call him Charlie), but your right... it doesn't really go with Lee. I like Nathan. That's a good one. (But not Nate.) I've known some good guys named Nathan. Big A picked the #9. Although we did like the name Charlie and Nathan, we decided to go with Isaac as you may or may not know. Honestly, when they asked what his name was, I hesitated. I was really sure he was going to be a she...then I looked over at him and he was Isaac. Thank you for playing and I hope you all come back again for more adventures of Moose and Squirt.

some more pictures

On Saturday night, I sent Big A home to stay overnight so that Moose could have some sense of normalcy back (and so he would know we were coming home and hadn't abandoned him). So here is my self-portrait of me and Squirt at the hospital. Notice how freaking tired I look ha! Oddly enough, I was wide awake at that time. Squirt in his going home outfit. It says "Cute as a" and has a picture of a button. Way to pick out another good outfit, Big A! He even bought me a candle to welcome me home. Everyone asks how Moose is doing with Squirt. Here's a pretty good indication. Now back to my life with my boys...

Isaac Lee

It's a boy! I'll hash out the whole story another day (someone is waiting to be fed !), but I gave birth to Isaac Lee at 11:47am Friday, July 10, 2009. He weighed 8lbs 15oz (another biggie!), was 20.5 inches, and had a 36cm head. He's beautiful - looks JUST like Moose. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to tell you about the whole experience. Let's just say it was way more relaxing than Moose's birth (although with these outcomes, I can't complain about either too much), and was just great. We're catching on to nursing pretty well; he's great! I just could go on and on but he's hungry and I need to have one of those incredibly fun BMs (sorry TMI I know). Slightly blurry but our first 4 person family picture!

oh boy (or girl)!

Ok, I think I'm more a fan of going into labor on my own than this inducement process - and I haven't even begun (a few more hours...). Oh my goodness! It's taking F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Since this morning at 6:30am (when Big A went into Moose's room to get TP and woke him up accidentally), I've been awake....waiting to say bye to my little boy....leaving him in (capable) hands that aren't mine....waiting to get my cervix checked (which I HATE)....and my last meal as a mommy of one....and then the labor pains. I have only in the late hours of last night been thinking of the pain. That horrible, horrible pain. The back labor. The head crowning. IVs (I HATE IVs). Epidural (maybe). So many things to be terrified of. And yet, if I look at it with perspective, those are but moments in the grand scheme of things. Moments to get to the best part. Seeing that little scrunched up face. Hearing those first beautiful cries. Bonding over nursing and cuddling. Those little finger

having a hard time

As excited as I am to get this labor stuff over with an meet our new baby, I can't even explain how overwhelmed I am about having to be away from Moose for a few days. I know I'm leaving him in very capable hands (my mom), but I can't help but be so sad to not be taking care of him. And what makes it worse is that he's been super cranky the last few days so I've probably yelled at him so much. Today he actually addressed me as "mama" as in said "mama?" and wanted up on my lap. He's never actually acknowledged me like that. He'll kiss me when he's told to kiss mama, but never called me that by name. I'm super paranoid that something will happen while I'm away or that, at the least, he'll be too much to handle with tantrums and just his schedule being so off. I don't want things to be so crazy for him. I don't want to come home to our schedule being so screwed up. I think about it for a split second and I just start

ready...or not!

My ultrasound went great today (thanks again to LJ for keeping Moose in line for me - that would NOT have been fun without you)! Baby is looking healthy (and has my chin) and weighs a whopping 7lbs 11oz (give or take a pound - wow). SOOOO I go in Thursday evening to the doctor (4:30pm) to have her check my cervix. From there we'll go to supper, then to the hospital to start the cervix thinning medicine. If we haven't progressed much by Friday morning, we'll start the Pitocin. Please be praying for me. I'm super nervous about leaving Moose, even if I trust my mom with him. I just have never been apart from him for more than a few hours since his birth, so this is hard. I know I'm going to miss him so much, and I just want him to be ok without me there. And I don't want his schedule too messed up so it's not a lot of tantrums when we all come home. Be praying for the baby, too, that we both come home healthy and happy. Although I've given birth before, I

The Wonder Pets birthday party

My little boy turned 2 on Wednesday, as you may (or may not) know. It's bittersweet to have one turning 2. So many things past, but I know so much to look forward to. One thing I definitely looked forward to was his birthday party on the 4th of July (that way everyone had the day off - no excuses). As luck would have it, it even rained the night before and day of so the farmers in the family couldn't not come either. Anyway, as you may have learned last year, I love decorating cakes & cupcakes. I'm nowhere near professional but I have fun doing it and am a perfectionist in my own way. I sort of had to put that Type-A personality aside this year due to lack of energy. But these were still put together with a LOT of love! Big A, being the domestic god that I love, baked the cakes on Friday. Oh that's the best part, always so moist his cakes are. Then on Friday evening, I began the decorating. I even recruited some help from my little sister!! Cake #1: The birthday bo

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! Growing up this wasn't really a patriotic day for me. I don't remember (outside of school) talking about how proud I was to be an American other than wearing the red, white, and blue. It seemed more of a tradition than a symbolic presentation. Now that I'm older, I want my son to understand why we celebrate the 4th. It's not just a day full of red, white, and blue clothes, food, and decorations along with a great fireworks display. It's a day to remember our soldiers: past, present, fallen, survivors. It's not just a family day to relax like President Obama said today. It's about our freedom. I don't identify as a military family, but, in a way, we are. -My Grandpa Larry (my dad's dad) was in the Army. I honestly don't know if he served, but I think he did. It just was something no one ever talked about, not like in a secretive way but just in an "it's in the past" kind of way. -My very own Dad served in the

baby name contest & Writer's Workshop

Although this contest was supposed to have a prize, I apologize because I underestimated our financial situation. Not to say we're bad off but just not comfortable quite yet. ANYWAY, I'm still going to hold the contest and the winner will receive.... the knowledge of winning! Big A & I are having a hard time coming up with a b oy name for this new baby. Now, we don't know for sure Baby 2 is a boy, but we have a girl name picked out. If this baby comes out with more estrogen than testosterone, she will be Evie (pronounced EV) Lynn (my middle name). However, if this baby comes out with a pee-pee, we have only a vague idea of what to name him. Our choices so far: Isaac, Samuel, Charlie (EDIT: just Charlie, not Charles). Middle name for Isaac & Samuel would be Lee (same as Moose's, Big A's, my dad's, and Big A's dad's). However, Lee does not fit with Charlie. OR my husband's choice: Nacho. haha Here is where you come in. Since we aren

Wordful Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Moose

Dear Moose, I can’t believe another year has flown by. Today you are 2 years old. Wow. It’s so amazing to look back at pictures and remember stories only to realize that they have taken place so long ago. And what a great (and busy) two years its been, especially this p ast year or even just 2009. Moving to Virginia, living at a group home, moving back to Nebraska, and pretty soon welcoming a new brother or sister into your life. What a big boy! You have gone from lumbering to running, from just baby noise s to signs and words. Your hair has gone from practically balding to having the ability to duplicate itself seemingly overnight. What lovely curls you have, my precious. You used to only need teething toys and now you love to drive your “caws” (cars) around the living room, over my belly, and on your own body. You know what to say to pretty girls (woo-woo) and know exactly how to (try to) charm your way out of trouble (“hi” all sly and cute). I hope you know that, if I could, I