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Missing Isaac by Valerie Fraser Luesse (book review)

"Missing Isaac" by Valerie Fraser Luesse was not what I expected. I wasn't in the mood for a love story, so I went with a story about a boy whose friend disappears. I know this story is about race as the back cover reads, "Though their worlds are as different as black and white, friendship knows no color." I know that it's set in Alabama in the 60s - not a great time for interracial friendships in which one party goes missing. image via The voice in this book is fabulous. You really get the sense of who Pete McLean is, who Isaac is/was. The characters are not perfect characters; they have flaws and are seemingly as real as flesh and blood people. You see their inner demons working their way to the surface, especially when dealing with prejudices (and not just racial ones!). While I wasn't in the mood for a love story, Luesse snuck it in on me (apparently I didn't read the back cover carefully enough to read "...a girl who will