Jesus Saves Me, Little Seed: A Life, and Close as Breath by Callie Grant (Graham Blanchard book reviews)

I have reviewed a few Graham Blanchard books by Callie Grant before so I figured I would like these new books as well. "Jesus Saves Me," "Little Seed: A Life," and "Close as Breath" will be available February 1, 2014 so this little sneak peek is perfect for you to consider including these books in an Easter basket or an anytime gift.

From the information sent to me:

"Jesus Saves Me," from the Knowing My God series, is a learn book, which features photography paired with John 10:14-16, Jesus’ own words to a child’s life. The book’s main theme, Jesus as the Good Shepherd, is a simple and engaging introduction to the Lord’s mission on Earth and the reason for Easter Celebration.

"Close As a Breath," an absorb book, captures a young girl’s magical fall day out with her dad. Along the way, she peppers her father with questions about the natural world and ultimately about God. Graham Blanchard calls such questions “golden moments” for parents to help connect facts about God to a child’s personal relationship with Him.

"Little Seed: A Life" follows the life cycle of a seed, which is given everything it needs to grow into what it was made to be. A praise book, Little Seed: A Life, gives a luminous chronicle of one of God’s most fundamental creations, and a versatile teaching symbol used throughout the Bible.

It's easy to see how kids would love these books! They are board books, so grown ups will appreciate the durability, too! The pictures, especially in "Close as Breath" and "Little Seed" are just beautiful. I do love the photographs in "Jesus Saves Me," but so many children's books include photographs of adorable animals, it's hard to not appreciate the more painting-esque work in the other books. 

I'm excited to use "Little Seed: A Life" during my children's church class when spring comes. I'd love to show the kids how seeds work in soil just as Christ dwells in our hearts, helping us to grow fruits of the Spirit. I teach 4-5 year olds so this is just at the perfect age for exploration.

"Close as Breath" would be the best book for those kids whose favorite question is "why?" It explains about air and how it's there even if we can't see it, just as we can't see God but He is still everywhere. What a wonderful way to explain the complexity that is omnipresence. 

"Jesus Saves Me" is awesome for everyone! It explains about how Jesus is our Shepherd and saves us like a shepherd saves his flock. The only thing I dislike about this book is that it doesn't explain that Christ saves us from our sin. If we don't recognize our sin and the sin of our children, how could we ever realize our need for a Savior??

Beautiful books that would make beautiful gifts. I think that books are the best gifts ever - no batteries required, no annoying noise, and just timeless. They are a gift that keeps on giving long after being opened.

Disclaimer: I received these books in order to write an honest review. Others may have different opinions but these are my own.


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