Captain Sun and the Army of Fear by Bryce Morgan (comic book review)

As you are well aware, dear readers, my family likes superheroes. This goes hand in hand, then, that we love comic books. That may not always be the case but here at the S Club, this is truth. We read the first installment of Captain Sun, "Rescue Me," a few years ago (can it be so long ago?). What was there not to love: comic book, superhero, Jesus.

Once again, Bryce Morgan has brought us a fabulous read by releasing the second installment for this hero. "Captain Sun and the Army of Fear" takes us back to Capital City and its hero: Captain Sun. In this volume (not sure on the terminology of comic books, though), our favorite hero finds himself up against a seemingly unbeatable villain: General Phobos and his Army of Fear. He plans to release sensor-type things to make Capital City residents into this army. Can Captain Sun fight back in time?
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I don't want to give too much away but let me just say, you won't be disappointed. I do want to point out that I love how Morgan incorporates everyday heroes into the mix alongside the superheroes. I think it's important for kids to know that you don't need powers to do extraordinary things.

The artistry in this book is really great. My younger son, Squirt, really likes the fan art on the very last page - he's been asking for my help to draw him his own Captain Sun. We did this after reading "Rescue Me," too. I just wish I could draw half this good!

My favorite part of the comic book is the "Hero Help!" section at the end of each chapter. This ties in the story of Captain Sun to the ultimate Savior story of Jesus Christ. There's a paragraph to tell us how Captain Sun's story at this point directly relates to being a Christian and believing in Christ. Then there is written a Scripture verse and a question about your favorite superhero. I just love bringing my sons closer to God while reading such a vibrant tale of fiction.

I don't remember this in "Rescue Me" but maybe it was there, too, but at the end of "Army of Fear" there are questions so you can further discuss this book with your family. Go deeper into your faith and feelings with questions like "Have you ever felt rejected by other people? How does God want to help us with fears of rejection?" Always great to have material to help us go deeper.

Not much makes me as happy as reading about Christ and superheroes at the same time. Find out more about Captain Sun and the author, Bryce Morgan, at the Captain Sun website. You can also follow Morgan on Twitter or like him on Facebook. There's more information about purchasing the books or e-books here.


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