The Wayfinding Bible (review)

The first thing I noticed about The Wayfinding Bible is its clean look. It's white and has bright colors on the cover so it just looks clean cut. I like that! BUT the inside has so much more (of course)!

The Wayfinding Bible has 3 reading schedules to help readers navigate God's Word. The routes are The Flyover Route (54 readings that take you through a chronological overview of the Bible), The Direct Route (215 readings that help you "gain a full perspective of the entire Bible and how it fits together), and The Scenic Route (386 readings that take you more in-depth through the Bible, reading "through well-known and not-so-well-known passages). Each route is clearly marked at the top of the pages, showing you where you're reading and where to go next. It's pretty simple if you pay attention.

There are other features in this Bible that I've enjoyed. The introductions to books are really good to help you understand who wrote them and why. The "Getting Your Bearings" pages are great to help you review what you've read and where geographically you are with maps. I also love the timelines on these pages to help you gain bearing historically. The historical markers are really neat with awesome pictures that help you understand historical information with events and locations. I love the pictures of the excavation sites. The Scenic Overlook portions show you the locations that you come across in the Bible. This is super helpful to someone like me who isn't all that familiar with that part of the world. Finally the Side Trips in the middle of columns are "topic-based trips" that show other Scripture passages that may help you understand better about what you're reading. These are listed in the back of the Bible, too.

The pictures shown in this Bible are really clear and just beautiful. I don't often take the time to look up places in the Bible so this is really a treat. I have been going through the Flyover Route and it's just been nice to go over well-loved chapters and verses and stories that I know. If you're a new believer, I recommend this one because it does cover much of the major stories. It's also nice as an older believer to re-read about God's grace, guidance, and love.

Whatever route you choose (or if you choose the Everything Route - which I made up - and read the whole thing - which I recommend at some point), this will be the best book you'll ever read. It's a love story, a rescue story, a promise story, a story that is true in the past and present and future, a story of grace and goodness, a story of hope.

Disclaimer: I received this Bible in order to write an honest review. Others may not have the same experience(s) with this book as I've had but these opinions are my own.


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