Grace Unplugged by Melody Carlson and Own It by Michael & Hayley DiMarco (book reviews & GIVEAWAYS)

With all of this excitement (?) over Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, I think it's very appropriate to be posting this review over "Grace Unplugged" by Melody Carlson and "Own It" by Michael & Hayley DiMarco.

"Grace Unplugged" is about Grace Trey, daughter of Johnny Trey - a one-hit-wonder from the past whose life is changed drastically by the Lord Jesus Christ and turns his music career into a life of a worship pastor. His daughter is in their church's worship band under the direction of her dad, but wants so very badly to be in the spotlight. When her dad's old manager wants to resurrect her dad's hit (with her dad as singer, which he turns down), Grace takes the plunge to make herself a name in lights using his hit. Running away from home, traveling down the path of musicians to play at bars to "pay her dues," Gracie Trey (her stage name) dives deeper down into the road we too often see in young starlets.

When a new friend and lowly intern at her production company shares a book called "Own It" with her about owning her faith, Gracie reads with interest - she doesn't want to be another tabloid spread. But which road will Grace choose: the road to fame or the road to faith?

I'm not saying those roads have to be completely opposite, but it does seem very difficult (especially for young girls) to keep your faith while walking down the jaded road of fame. "Grace Unplugged" is not really a new story - in fact, we can read bits of it on the supermarket tabloids each week, but it is well-written. Carlson leaves you rooting for Grace, even when she's rude and snarky. Let's hope that the ending to this book is the same ending for Miss Cyrus. "Grace Unplugged" will be released on September 1, 2013!

They are actually making "Grace Unplugged" into a full-length feature film! It will star AJ Michalka, James Denton, and Kevin Pollak. Look for it in a theater near you October 4, 2013! Find out more on the IMDB website.

In "Grace Unplugged," intern and believer Quentin gives a copy of "Own It" to Grace Trey for her to read while she's on the road. This book makes Grace look deep into her faith: is it her own or was she borrowing her parents' faith? That's really a question most people need to ask at one point or another. Do I have faith? What is faith? Can't I just get by on my mom/dad/sister/pastor's faith? The real book, "Own It" by Michael and Hayley DiMarco answers those questions and more.

The chapter names in this book give a great overview of what the book is about:
1. What is "Owning" Your Faith?
2. Owning Your Faith Will Save You
3. Owning Your Faith Will Cost You
4. Owning Your Faith Will Change You
5. Owning Your Faith Will Complete You
6. Owning Your Faith Will Free You

I have gone through the phases of learning what it means to really be faithful to Jesus in the past nine or so years. I have realized that my faith in Jesus Christ will save me from eternal perishing (and many things in this world, too). My faith has cost me close relationships with some of the people I love most. My faith has changed me from head to toe, inside-out. I am not the same person I was nine years ago or even nine months ago or lately, even nine days ago. Christ is forever changing and purifying me. My faith in Christ has completed me like nothing else I've ever sought. My husband, my children, my friends, my family - they don't complete me (although they do bring me some happiness) like my relationship with Christ has. And I have been freed from so many strongholds of sin; the Lord continues to bring me into the light and break chains from my past and present. It's amazing how owning your faith can bring you life.

I love how "Own It" is really an easy read - only 6 chapters, easily read in a day or two. They have highlighted sections (well, bolded sections) so that if you're pinched for time you could just browse through and get the gist (although I don't necessarily endorse that because I'm a read-the-book-front-to-back kind of girl).

There was so much good to come out of these sections. How you can't pick and choose what to believe when it comes to following Christ - you must believe it all or you can't really believe any of it! Some of what Christ and God says is hard to swallow in today's society but God is pure and holy and just, so what He has written (through human authors) must be pure and holy and just. There's truth in the statement "for many the statement 'I'm a good person' carries the same amount of weight as 'Jesus died for me'" told in this book. So many people try to work their way to heaven even when Christ says he is the way, the truth, and the life.

Very good book for those looking to strengthen your faith, to find your faith, or even those who have strong faith (we can always learn something, right?). The best news about these two books is that they can be YOURS!

GIVEAWAY! I'm giving away one (1) copy each of Grace Unplugged by Melody Carlson and Own It by Michael & Hayley DiMarco! That's two (2) winners!!

To win:
Mandatory: follow the S Club 4 blog. This entry must be completed before other entries are valid.

Other entries (optional):
- Check out the film's website and tell me who you would take to see this film.
- Share why you feel it's important to own your own faith.
- Like the S Club 4 blog on Facebook.

This giveaway is open to those 18 and older (void where prohibited). The entries will be open until September 12, 2013 at 11:59pm. The winner will be contacted via email (so leave me your email in the comments!) and posted on the blog (and Facebook if I remember ha). Good luck and thanks for entering and reading!

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS BEEN LEFT OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 AT 11:59PM (CST) FOR LACK OF ENTRIES. Seriously, this is a good book and I'd say so if it weren't true.

Disclaimer: I received these books in order to write an honest review. Others may or may not share my opinions.


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These books look great and would love to read them. I am following. Thank you!

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