Lately I have been...

...trying to stay off the computer (some days are more successful than others).

...borrowing 40 (literally, I think) CDs from the library.

...making string art  ...if you're interested in one, let me know. I have some pretty cool ideas.

...signing up for my first craft fair (selling crafts versus Usborne books).

...finishing listening to Roots. Highly recommended!

...keeping house. I really like the schedule I'm using now - simple and effective (mostly).

...running. 14 miles tomorrow. So far this training is going so well!

...learning about God's holiness and how opposed our natures are to that. Reading Ezekiel.

...trying to stay warm. It's very cold the past few days. Such a contrast from almost 70 Monday.

...praying more. About a lot of things. Need prayer? I'm more than happy to do so!

...teaching children's church to kindergartners. Not every weekend.

...reading "Wild Things" and learning about how my boys will develop. Scary and exciting.

...thinking about a spring open house for Usborne.

...thinking about spring.

...being sore from Jillian Michaels' Extreme Shed & Shred. Both levels in one day. Ouch. :) Love it.

...lazy about uploading pictures to the computer.

...counting calories. Yes, you read correctly. I know I've always said I'm too lazy and don't do it, but I have found it fairly simple using spark people. And I find it freeing to know things like "this is what I'm putting in" and "Ok the cookie isn't really worth it when I can have all of this other good stuff" or "heh - I have enough left over for a cookie!" Very strange and definitely a different experience than I've had before.

...not blogging. Weird. Still reading blogs but not like I used to.


~Pam~ said…
It's great to read your update!! Have a wonderful weekend!
Teresa said…
I haven't used spark people but it sounds like my fitness pal, which I have used. It's a real eye-opener for me!

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