Nebraska's Toughest Mile race report

Brr! It was cold today in Peru, Nebraska home of my alma mater. I love going back to Peru, truly; it just feels like home. Today it was a cold home, but home nonetheless.

Big A and I decided to register again for the Nebraska's Toughest Mile competition and I'm fairly certain the hills were steeper this year. Ugh. My time went from 9:25 last year to 10:06 this year. It was colder, I'm less trained (I was primed from a half marathon last year), and it was cold. But I finished with lungs burning and the taste of blood in my mouth (not sure why this ONLY happens when I run this race, but weird). I sat myself in one of the restroom stalls in the Student Center sure that I was going to barf, but luckily, that didn't happen. Phew!


Seriously, people, one mile seems so simple, but this is uphill almost literally all the way. And not just up hill but UPHILL. Yuck.

We had our friends G and L ride up with us so that we could spend time with them (it had been forever!) and they were so sweet to watch our boys (even as Squirt cried when they left me - sweet, grumpy thing he was all morning) while we raced. They didn't hand out 1-3 finisher medals this year, just winner trophies (gotta train to get me one of those!), but I think I finished 5th or 6th in women.

The competition was larger this year. A lot more people, a lot more women. Good for running in general (especially because so many of them are my friends!) but not good for getting a good place for a slow person like myself. ha! It was so fun to see so many there.

Here are some pictures that G took for us (thanks!).

yes, Superman flew here to see us race.

ready to run!

thankful it's over! 
Superman getting past L in his crafty little way.

hanging out with some girl friends


Angela O said…
Sounds horrific! A 10 min/mi uphill sounds like a win to me!

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