Rescue Me by Bryce Morgan, illustrated by Mitch Martin (book review)

My boys, especially Squirt, are into superheroes. That's what Squirt wants to be when he grows up (aren't 3-year-olds sweet?). That's what Squirt dresses as daily. He and I argue over one thing: whether or not he can wear his Superman t-shirt (most frequent answer is no because it's dirty. Now he calls it his "dirty Superman.").

I want my children to know the Lord. I want them to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We read Bible stories, we memorize weekly verses, we go to church, we talk about God and Jesus. None of those things guarantee a personal relationship with the Lord, but I figure they definitely don't hurt.

I like the things we read about Jesus to be on their level. Veggie Tales is a big part of my kids' lives, too (especially Squirt) - I think Larry Boy has a big part of that (superhero!).

Anyway, that is why I was thrilled to hear about Captain Sun. Bryce Morgan wrote and Mitch Martin illustrated "Rescue Me!: What Superheroes Can Teach Us About the Power of Faith" It's a comic book that teaches about Jesus. There are chapters, so I haven't read the whole book through in one sitting, but it will hold Squirt's attention for a few chapters!

The illustrations are awesome - very vibrant. The writing isn't cheesy; it holds up to other comic books (not that I'm an aficionado by any means!). I love the "lesson pages" written in newspaper format, really digging deeper into following Jesus Christ. It's really just a new, unique way to teach your children about the Lord.

Squirt really likes this book. He recognizes Captain Sun - easier than he does the Marvel heroes adorning his walls. He sits still (which is a lot for this kiddo) while we read. He's excited about it!

Another cool thing about Captain Sun is that there is going to be a new installment - and you can help bring it to fruition! Here's an email I got from Bryce about the project and how you can be a part of it:

"If you didn't already know, artist Mitch Martin and I are beginning work on a new Captain Sun adventure. We love the idea of using superheroes to teach kids about Christ and His word, and the kids who have read "Rescue Me!" seem to agree! We are currently working to raise funding for the new project through I'd love to have you check out what we're doing, including some of the great "rewards" for those who pledge! We currently have one week left in our campaign and have raised 14% of our funding goal. We'd love your help, whether that's a pledge (of any amount) and/or forwarding this note to those in your 'circle'. Thanks so much! Here's that link:"

I am having a book party this weekend (if you want to order books let me know) and I am planning on putting 10% of my sales toward this project. I'm excited about books and such that make my children excited about the Lord.

You can connect with Bryce via Facebook or Twitter. You can check out the Captain Sun website or Bryce's church website (did I mention he was a pastor?). Don't forget to check them out on Kickstarter to help fund their new Captain Sun book (there are incentives for helping - check it out!). Find where to buy your copy of "Rescue Me!" here.


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