31 days of fitness: Day 11

I am really struggling to remember to post daily. I know, I could schedule things but I just kind of write spur-of-the-moment.

One of the great things about fitness is there are so many ways to get fit. I run and that's great if you do, too! There are so many positive things about running (one of them being community like the Run Like a Mother online community).

However, some of you may just throw up a little in your mouth when it comes to even thinking about taking a jog (by the way, jogging and running are the same thing). That's ok, too, as long as you have a plan.

Maybe you love workout DVDs (I do, too). Get your Insanity on or Zumba to your heart's content.

Perhaps you like boot camps, weight classes, CrossFit WODs - stuff you do with real people with a teacher! That's cool if you're in an area where that's available and you can afford it. Go for it, you little social butterfly!

There are usually sports teams in towns. I play on a volleyball team. Be careful of this because one volleyball match once a week is not going to get you fit! If you don't practice or workout outside of your sport, you could actually end up hurt not healthy.

This time of the year, it's beautiful outside. So bundle up, if necessary, and take a walk! Look at the fall foliage. Pick up some colorful leaves!

Whatever you decide to do, love it. If you don't love any of these, try it. You may end up liking it. Please take that to heart because I really didn't love running at first. I loathed it. Now, I love it and it's really hard to take time off (more than a day or two a week).


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