MOB Society: Bragging on Boys

Like my friend Erin shared in her "bragging" post, I don't necessarily want to "brag" about my boys but I am overjoyed at some of their accomplishments recently! So I will share with you!

Moose is doing wonderfully at school. We moved him to the afternoon classroom and his teacher said that his behavior problems that they saw in the morning have virtually disappeared. Great! Twice last week (once at school and once at Sunday School) his teachers told me that he shared with someone. What a sigh of relief that one is; sharing is so hard but to know that what I'm implementing at home is working (even the itsy bitsiest bit!) is a relief. 
I've noticed that baby toys are most enjoyed by the older crowd.

Moose is also reading! I got the sight word list that kindergarteners start off with from his teacher - he read them all for me this morning. I bought a Chuggington book for him on their last book order - he read it by himself after only having it read to him (so not enough time to memorize) once. It's fun to say, "why don't you read to me or your brother?" 

Squirt is having great success in potty training...mostly. The #2 hasn't come yet but I know if I'm patient, he'll get it. If our little potty chair/stool is in front of the big potty, he can even go pee all by himself (but I have to put his undies back on him). I think that's great progress! I'm kind of at my wit's end with the #2 - I even offer up M&Ms if he poops in the potty... to no avail. Ugh.
car butts are so cute and squishable!

Back to my bragging! Squirt is a smartie pants too - he's got his colors, letters, counting, and shapes down. And he's eager to learn. I'm also happy to report that he is responding well to the discipline methods in Shepherding a Child's Heart. I think it has helped me immensely become more patient with my discipline instead of spouting off at them in anger. Last week, he was very disobedient, especially at bedtime. Now he goes to bed almost without incident. It's great.
what's cuter than a car butt? Two car butts!

popping bubbles - those things are lifesavers

Do the Mario! Anyone else watch Super Mario Brothers Super Show? My kids love it!

How are your children succeeding this week? If you have boys, head on over to the MOB Society to brag on them! Lots of prizes up for grabs on the link-up today!


Mystic_Mom said…
How sweet...thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Super post! Super boys!! They grow up so fast!
~Pam~ said…
hi Randi!
Your little guys are so cute! Great pics. :-)
Have a happy weekend!

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